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Still Lake It Was A Dream Come TrueBuying A Run Down Farm In A Beautiful Vermont Town Is The Start Of A New Life For Sophie Davis She Moves Her Mother, Grace, And Her Half Sister, Marty, Out Of The City, Hoping The Change Will Help Both Women Sort Out Their Complicated Lives And For Sophie, Turning Stonegate Farm Into A Quaint Country Inn Is The Fulfillment Of A Lifelong Dream She Doesn T Even Mind That The Farm Was The Scene Of A Grisly Multiple Murder Twenty Years EarlierThen A Stranger Comes To TownWhen A Stranger Moves In Next To The Farm, Sophie Believes The Sense Of Peace She Has Built For Herself And Her Family Is Being Threatened Because There S Something Different About John Smith It S Clear He S Keeping Secrets And That He S Come To Colby, Vermont, For A Reason And That Reason Has Something To Do With Sophie And Stonegate FarmNow Her Dream Is Becoming A NightmareWho Is John Smith Why Does His Very Presence Make Sophie Feel So Completely Out Of Control And Why Is She Beginning To Suspect That This Mysterious Stranger Will Put In Jeopardy Everything She S Dreamed Of Maybe Even Her Own Life

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    4 Murderous Stars When Sophie Davis buys a rundown lakeside farm, she moves her parentless and rebellious almost 18 year old half sister and seemingly pre Alzheimer mother into what she hopes it to be the answer to her problems Sophie Davis, according to her sister Martie, is known as the Poor Woman s Martha Stewart She uses he

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    The prologue was really good, leading me to believe this would be one of Stuart s better offerings Unfortunately, things went downhill after a couple chapters Stuart s writing is so repetitive, her banter is much the same from book to book, and her villains aren t that great In fact, I guessed who the villain was in the first hundred page

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    I can read any Ann Stuart s books over and over again and will still be on tender hooks from start to finish of her stories Still Lake was first published in 2002 and I have read it a few times and my enjoyment is still the same as the first time.Sophie Davis is such a fabulous heroine she s so damm real is not afraid to eat her own awesome muffin

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    Dear Romance Novelists Please stop making condoms the enemy to perfect sex It s a dangerous myth to perpetuate This novel was otherwise an entertaining read, but I had to give it such a low ranking because of this issue The male squeeze was proud of his past promiscuity, and the heroine was a virginSo one can unpleasantly surmise what kind of other special

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    I thought it was an okay book I definitely enjoyed it.The premise is a great one, because the hero himself doesn t know if he s good or bad, yet you root for him from the very beginning view spoiler I mean, obviously he didn t do it It would be cool if he did, though hide spoiler

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    While this was not my favorite Anne Stuart book it was still a good book Sophie h moved her mother and little sister to Vermont and bought a big old house in order to eventually open a Bed and Breakfast After moving there she finds out that 20 years ago there was a serial killer that had taken the lives of 3 teenager girls This was right up her mother s alley as she is a fa

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    Its the summer of 1982 in Colby, Vermont and Thomas Ingram Griffin is arrested for the murders of three young women, all killed quite brutally Years later, Griffin returns to Colby and poses as a John Smith to finally put his past to rest, to find out whether in fact it had really been him who had gone on a murdering spree that fateful night when his life had gone so horribly wrong.

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    Romantic suspense is my favourite genre but till now I have only read one book by Anne Stuart Black Ice And, despite its great reviews, I wasn t really impressed That is probably the reason it took me than two years to read another book by this author and it was only because it suited one of my challenges.And I tried really hard to like this book but I just couldn t There were so many thing

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    Sophie Davis has bought her dream property and plans to convert it into a bed and breakfast It s idyllic setting besides the lake is perfect and just what Sophie has always dreamed of However, the same lake was also the sight a gruesome triple murder 20 years before Thomas Griffin was arrested for the murders when he was a teenager and then later acquitted, if only he knew whether or not he actually

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    Reading older books by an author you enjoy can be an important reminder that storytelling, like other skills, improves with practice Don t pick this up expecting the sexual tension, sharp repartee and redemptive f ing that got you hooked on Stuart s Ice series, or the pirate y fun of her recent historical romances It s a meh.

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