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Sunshine There Are Places In The World Where Darkness Rules, Where It S Unwise To Walk But There Hadn T Been Any Trouble Out At The Lake For Years, And Sunshine Just Needed A Spot Where She Could Be Alone With Her Thoughts Vampires Never Entered Her MindUntil They Found Her

About the Author: Robin McKinley

Peter Dickinson also a writer, and with whom she co wrote Water Tales of Elemental Spirits in 2001 and two lurchers crossbred sighthounds.Over the years she has worked as an editor and transcriber 1972 73 , research assistant 1976 77 , bookstore clerk 1978 , teacher and counselor 1978 79 , editorial assistant 1979 81 , barn manager 1981 82 , free lance editor 1982 85 , and full time writer Other than writing and reading books, she divides her time mainly between walking her hellhounds, gardening, cooking, playing the piano, homeopathy, change ringing, and keeping her blog.

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    Okay, so I seriously pondered over whether to give this book three stars or four In the end, I DID enjoy it so I felt generous and gave it four, but it s not without its faults.Once, when I was a little kid, my parents bought me my favourite ice cream There s actually only one kind of ice cream that I actually like and that s mint choc chip Only they bough

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    Here is a useful tip, should you ever find yourself face to face with a vampire they are living corpses that eat people They are not sun sparkling, abstinent forever teens Staying inside all day and being forced to personally kill all of your food doesn t bode well for your mental health not to mention the fact that you have been alive so long, you ve

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    Sunshine is definitely worthwhile if you like vampire lit, though this is a bit of an odd one This urban fantasy novel starts with a bang, one of my favorite beginnings in a fantasy novel Rae Sunshine Seddon is kidnapped by a gang of vampires, chained to the wall in an abandoned, isolated mansion, and left as a victim for another vampire, Constantine, who is also ch

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    This was a very welcome surprise coming out of my dire expectations I mean, a vampire romance Seriously Another Well stop scratching your head and stop moving on to another title This happens to be one of the good ones There are lots of elements that you ve seen before, I m sure, but it s all in how its written McKinley has been writing all kinds of fantasy for over thirty years She

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    I ve seen Robin McKinley accused of having only one plot variations on Beauty and the Beast This kind of reductionism, of course, can be extended to just about any story Some of us over a certain age even used to have test questions on this in Tenth Grade Literature What is the plot of this book A Man vs Man, B Man vs Nature, C Man vs.Universe Perhaps this one can be further reduced to Woman

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    since joel is being a slowpoke, i am going to write this review before i forget everything i was am thinking about it and it gets lost in too many books past.yeah, so i had no idea this book was about vampires.but, karen, you have voted for both elizabeth and mariel s review of this book, surely you read reviews before you vote surely you don t just insta vote and RUIN goodreads.com for the re

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    I didn t know much about this book going in vampires and cinnamon rolls that was about it Therefore, I, of course, was quite surprised to learn Sunshine was a hardcore urban fantasy novel Quite a departure for Robin McKinley known for her fairy tale retellings This book was nothing like she ever wrote before, that s for sure I didn t know she had it in her to write something so tech heavy, at times sexy and i

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    I have mixed feelings about this book It took me multiple attempts to finish it, but I m glad I did Someone compared this to Buffy and Angel as far as the romance aspects Do not believe that This book has some romantic aspects, but it s of a coming of age story although Sunshine is an adult when it starts She s coming into her powers that she never really understood The writing is very intricate and quite stream of c

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    Extremely enjoyable, I liked this book much than Twilight It was a while ago I read it, but I kept the hardback around, which says a lot since I am forced to be ruthless with what I keep after I read due to space.

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    I ve liked Robin McKinley in a low level way for the past ten years or so I really liked Beauty , The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword , and when I ve seen a new McKinley book I ve generally tried to pick it up and read it, for old time s sake I thought I was fairly familiar with her style and tone.Which is why I was completely unprepared for Sunshine Who knew McKinley had a dark, experimental, inve

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