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Supernova All S Fair In Love And AnarchyThe Epic Conclusion To Marissa Meyer S Thrilling Renegades Trilogy Finds Nova And Adrian Struggling To Keep Their Secret Identities Concealed While The Battle Rages On Between Their Alter Egos, Their Allies, And Their Greatest Fears Come To Life Secrets, Lies, And Betrayals Are Revealed As Anarchy Once Again Threatens To Reclaim Gatlon City

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOOK AT THAT COVER LOVE IT Also Did everyone read the excerpt on online Because it is really good Can t wait for November February 07, 2019WE HAVE A TITLE SUPERNOVA and our MC is named NOVA November 08, 2018 Okay, brace yourself for THEORIES This contains spoilers for the first two books If we don t fucking get the big reveal with Captain Chromium and Dread Warden and

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    First, can we like, acknowledge that Nova is looking like a whole badass in this cover tho Like yasss queen Do you Be the badass I know you can be.Second, SuperNOVA I m nothing if not complately here for this badass, superpowered Nova.Third, I have a theory Keep reading only if you want to hear it Ok, here we go I think Phobia was Adrian s creation He drew him into being because he had all those

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    I love this freaking cover sooo much I can t wait to hold it

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    If you don t think that I ll be reading this with the song,

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    this book s title is Supernova..the main character is a superheronamed Nova..

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    We have a cover I REPEAT, we have a cover It is absolutely stunning and my favourite in the series Nova is the QUEEN hi hello marissa meyer i will give anything to have an arc of this in my hands asap i will give my firstborn

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    ok this cover is

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    UPDATE 14th Feb 2019 oooooh it s called supernova I like it sigh Here we go againThe year long wait

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    The covers are gorgeous Blue and Red is my thing 3333333The series up to this far have been average however

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