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Tales of Mystery and Madness Such a great intro to Poe for kids Especially kids going through the goth phase What better time to discover Poe I read this book in middle school during my goth phase and I m so glad that I did It opened my eyes to a whole new world of books While Harry Potter was great, I feel that my next step would have been the terrible endless road of teen fiction It can serve a person well to discover some good old fashioned American Literature early in life. A Sweet Little Cat Drives A Man To Insanity And Murder The Grim Death Known As The Plague Roams A Masquerade Ball Dressed In RedA Dwarf Seeks His Final Revenge On His CaptorsA Sister Calls To Her Beloved Twin From Beyond The GravePrepare Yourself You Are About To Enter A World Where You Will Be Shocked, Terrified, And, Though You Ll Be Too Scared To Admit It At First, Secretly Thrilled Here Are Four Tales The Black Cat, The Masque Of The Red Death, Hop Frog, And The Fall Of The House Of Usher By The Master Of The Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe The Original Tales Have Been Ever So Slightly Dismembered But, Of Course, Poe Understood Dismemberment Very Well And He Would Shriek In Ghoulish Delight At Gris Grimly S Gruesomely Delectable Illustrations That Adorn Every Page So Prepare Yourself And Keep The Lights On Swoje pierwsze spotkanie z tym autorem rozpocz am od zbioru czterech kr tkich opowie ci Czarny kot, Maska czerwonej mierci, aboskoczek i Upadek Domu Usher w Historie te oczarowa y mnie, rozbawi y i wywo a y jednocze nie g si sk rk na ciele wystarczy o to, by przekona mnie do dalszej przygody z tw rczo ci Poe, a wr cz rozkocha o mnie w niej Na najwi ksz uwag i jednocze nie oklaski zas uguje j zyk jakim pos uguje si autor Pisz c o rzeczach makabrycznych, z ych, strasznych i odbiegaj cych od normy, potrafi ubra to w pi kne, kwieciste i barwne s owa Podczas czytania opowiada , odbiorca samoistnie zaczyna w g owie deklamowa je jak wiersze, albo bajki dla dzieci propos dzieci wbrew pozorom patrz c na ok adk nie jest to odpowiednia lektura dla m odszych, zdecydowanie ta makabreska przeznaczona jest dla uszu i oczu starszych czytelnik w Je li chodzi o same opowiadania to trzeba przyzna , e s one nietypowe i pomys owe Niby bajkowe, ale przepe nione szale stwem wariactwem i makabr Proste, ale z przes aniem Maj niepowtarzalny, mroczny klimat I na koniec jedna z najwi kszych zalet tej ksi ki wed ug wzrokowca czyli mnie ksi ka jest przepi knie wydana Twarda ok adka ju na wst pie zach ca ilustracj i jako ci , ale to co kryje w rodku przechodzi naj mielsze oczekiwania Wielki uk on w stron ilustratora Gris a Grimly Jego rysunki i komiksowa forma sprawia, e pozycja ta staje si wyj tkowa. 5 stars Gris Grimly s art is superb in this volume Of the stories included here, I particularly liked The Masque of the Red Death and The Fall of the House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe can be relied upon to bring on the creeps Hughly recommended Four stories are illustrated in this collection The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, Hop Frog, and The Fall of the House of Usher Gris Grimly s style is perfectly suited to Poe. In general I just have to say that the illustrations within this book are stunning Grimly s art work goes very well with the tone of Poe s stories About Poe s tales, let me tell you, that man had a twisted mind indeed Very excited to explore of his works in the future.The Black Cat The story was entertaning and creepy, like it s expected from the author I must say, I found myself loathing the main character and that s why I gave it three stars For some reason the story made me feel unhappy and angry so I don t think I will be rereading this one anytime soon.The Masque of the Red Death I think this one was my favorite tale It was very poetic no pun intended and I was very satisfied with the ending.The illustrations were particularly beautiful during this tale Colors and tones are important per se in this tale and Grimly did a really good job translating Poe s words.Hop Frog I found this story to be similar to The Masque of the Red Death in a way Had the same feeling of justice has been served at the end The Fall of the House Usher As you can see, this was my least favorite story from this collection It was wierd like all of Poe s literature, but it wan t a good weird for me, it was just boring Too many descriptions for my taste and I felt like nothing was really happening I didn t get any kind of ulterior message at the end either and I couldn t find myself invested in any of the characters. I have already read these tales by Poe before but I still enjoyed re reading them in this short collection, they re well written stories that capture your attention and all end in a satisfying way The book is also illustrated by Gris Grimly with some beautiful and charming art which works wonderfully well with the accompanying stories and adds to your enjoyment of them. When I was 15 or so, I really wanted to be angsty and gothic and dark and mysterious I bought this book of Poe s short stories and attempted to read it, but it didn t hold my attention at the time Now, many years later I dug it out and decided to give it another chance I read a few stories each night and they made for fun Halloween y type reading First off, everything I had known of and heard about Poe didn t really prepare me for how demented his stories really are I mean totally bonkers, bananas crazy Seriously, this guy must have been a fascinating dinner conversationalist with all of this going on in his mind Some of the stories were only a few pages long but Poe is a master at building up suspense and doom in a short amount of time and almost always wallops you with a sly or shocking twist ending That s truly an accomplishment in only 5 or so pages The stand outs for me were The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Facts in the Case of M Valdemar, The Pit and the Pendulum, and The Fall of the House of Usher, but I enjoyed all of the stories The angsty 15 year old in me was greatly satisfied and the adult me enjoyed the ride as well. First off, let me say this, if I haven t I m a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe His stories and poems woke my creativity made me appreciate the macabre and morbidity that transcended what people in his time grew accustomed to Austen, Dickens, etc Without him, I think we wouldn t have people like Tim Burton, Bram Stoker, Marilyn Manson, Neil Gaiman He was a man so underappreciated, so misunderstood and so before his time.With that said, with the added Gris Grimly illustrations seemed to deepen the creep factor I, also, took Neil Gaiman s advice and read Poe out loud, which made me firmly grasp his language, descriptions, imagery and metaphors which there is a lot of, in his stories I always try to read at least one Poe story this time of year my favorite one from this collection is probably Black Cat, with Masque of the Red Death, a close second.

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The name Poe brings to mind images of murderers and madmen, premature burials, and mysterious women who return from the dead His works have been in print since 1827 and include such literary classics as The Tell Tale Heart, The Raven, and The Fall of the House of Usher This versatile writer s oeuvre includes short stories, poetry, a novel, a textbook, a book of scientific theory, and hundreds of

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