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Elias' Proverbs A Parable Like Tale Of Spirituality, Religion, And Persecution Molyneux S Debut Reads Like Scripture, As It Tells A Story Of A Mysterious, Increasingly Popular Spiritual Instructor Set In The Ancient City Of Antioch, Some Two Centuries Before The Life Of Jesus Christ, The Tale Centers Around Elias, An Unassuming Teacher Who Awes His Ever Growing Audiences With His Eloquent Wisdom A Theologically Intriguing Novel That Mimics The Bible S Dramatic Presentation KIRKUS REVIEWA Stranger Appears In Antioch S Great House Of Prayer Speaking Words Filled With Power And Wisdom, Some Believe He Is An Angel, Others A Prophet But The Religious Leaders Reject His Words, Considering Him A Dangerous Fool And The Emperor Views Him As A Threat Soon The Empire S Capital Is Embroiled In Conflict Over The Stranger, Some Believing Him Good And Others EvilTo Find Out Go To Elias is a stranger who appears in the Great Synagogue He is able to recite Scripture by heart and then speak passionately to the assembly before mysteriously disappearing He appears the following Sabbath and once again recites Scripture by heart before soon disappearing once again By the following Sabbath, stories of the stranger have spread throughout Antioch and the Great Synagogue is filled to overflowing with not only worshippers but those who are curious about the stranger The character of Elias is both compelling, yet humble, easily attracting followers in his wake Some believe that he holds the keys to spiritual wisdom while others believe he is spouting blasphemy The Angel of Antioch is a book that is for a niche readership However, it nevertheless drives home the point that what humans cannot understand, they suspect and that religion breeds not only faith but also deep seated hate and suspicion, well exemplified by the following passage But most religious ritual is birthed from human superstition spells and incantations devised to manipulate celestial forces to do the will of women and men The books speaks truths in simple prose honest teachings for those readers willing to embrace it. Friend, most religion is a human creation Faith in the Mighty One is what matters most California author Daniel Molyneux has earned degrees in drama he also studied Shakespeare at London s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art , economics and theology THE ANGEL OF ANTIOCH is his debut novel, though his second book ELIAS PROVERBS is soon to be released Daniel s writing explores the mysteries of life and death, good and evil, sickness and healing, victory and defeat, faith and unbelief, science and supernatural miracle.In a telling introduction Reformers vs Religious Leaders Daniel states, Perpetual conflict rages between official institutional religious leaders, and itinerate outsiders who weld charismatic spiritual power but who lack organizational sanction Israel s kings and religious leaders were called to lead God s people into deeper relationship with their Lord Instead, institutional authorities repeatedly led the Children of Israel to worship idols, mistreat the poor and powerless, and pervert justice Whether prophets, apostles, saints, or reformers these charismatic outsiders suddenly appear throughout Scripture and history, conveying a renewed vision of spiritual depth, justice, mercy, love and peace, calling priests, kings, politicians and all people to repentance In the name of God they disrupt the status quo, challenging the institutional authorities who have gone astray He follows this with a poignant historical setting of Antioch, capital of the Selucid Empire, two centuries before Jesus of Nazareth and the schism between Greek culture and Jewish culture, ending with The events recorded in this book take place during Antiochus Epiphanes reign, but before his desecration of the Jerusalem Temple 1100 years after the Prophet Moses and 200 years before the crucifixion of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus the Christ What Daniel has achieved in this novel is a sense of what is faced by one who would speak truth to skeptics As the story unwinds we sense the faith, persecution, courage and violence faced by prophets teachers who challenge contemporary concepts The synopsis states, A mysterious stranger, Elias, appears in the Great House of Prayer speaking words filled with power and wisdom Some believe he is an angel, others a prophet, but the religious leaders reject his words, regarding him as a dangerous fool The emperor becomes uneasy as the Capital is thrown into turmoil because of the stranger s teachings Journey with The Angel of Antioch as he speaks proverbs, parables and insights Discover the power contained in a few simple words uttered boldly without fear, and the difference a single person can make While clearly within the realm of religious writing this novel is much it is an examination of what a man of insight and wisdom faces as he courageously questions ancient ideas and concepts Daniel has not only researched his period well, he has carefully concentrated on the psychology of religious thought and brings a fresh life into sacred teachings Few who read this book will fail to find deeply moving concepts for contemplation on the role of institutional religion versus open spiritual thought. Elias was a teacher spiritual guide who was first introduced in the author s book, The Angel of Antioch Elias appeared in Antioch, an ancient city in biblical times, speaking words of wisdom and offering guidance on life and its values Revered by many for his wisdom and considered a prophet or angel by some, religious leaders felt threatened and considered him a dangerous heretic worthy of persecution It is Elias wisdom that is showcased in the book Elias Proverbs, a book filled with exactly that proverbs Proverbs are defined as short, popular sayings that effectively express some commonplace truth or useful thought Elias Proverbs cover all forms of spiritual and philosophical subject matter such as Freedom and Bondage, Truth and Lies, Hypocracy, Winning Friends and Trust, to name a few While the book itself contains a wide selection of proverbs to nourish the reader s soul, the author, Daniel Molyneux, would have been better served to have given readers some background with respect to Elias in the form of a narrative introduction which could have then showcased the proverbs themselves.

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