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The Aquaman Archives 1 rather pedestrian stories of Aquaman although the art, primarily by Ramona Fradon, is excellent, the stories are repetitive and offer little character development or inquiry the volume ends with the first two Showcase appearances by Aquaman, and the full length stories are a bit better, but still aren t much, and forgettable in the end.this volume includes the first appearance of Aqualad. A Pretty Impressive Title, But Over The Years Perhaps No Other Major DC Character Has Moved Through So Many Titles And Gone Through So Many Retoolings And Relaunches He First Appeared In A Backup Feature In Fun Comics November , Moved On To Adventure Comics In For A Long Run, And Then Popped Up For A Brief Run In Detective Comics July And World S Finest Comics May He Was A Charter Member Of The Justice League Of America Not To Mention The Super Friends And Has Had Two Of His Own Titles And Three Limited Series He Has Even Had Two Completely Different Origins A Pretty Busy Guy, And It Certainly Isn T Over Yet The Stories Presented In This Archive Edition Mark One Of Aquaman S True High Points, Beginning With The Story Where He Really Entered The Silver Age Of Comics A Story That Just Happens To Contain A Revised Origin Volume One Of The Aquaman Archives Showcases Over Twenty Underwater Adventures By Some Of DC S Finest Writers, And Features Art By One Of The All Too Few Female Stars Of Comics, Ramona Fradon So Come On In, The Water S Fine Good short stories from 1959 61 It s a strange thing that Aquaman, with his outlandish powers and origins, had realistic adventures than most of his contemporaries Lovely Ramona Fradon artwork, too. These stories are dated and cheesy, but Ramona Fradon s artwork was fantastic and the print quality in this book really does it justice. One of the best volumes of the Archives series Ramona Fradon s art puts most to shame She s utterly brilliant, on the Carl Barks level.Also recommended are the Spectre, Black Canary and Dr Fate Archives They, along with Aquaman, are the cream of the crop I know I have the full collection. So far, Aquaman doesn t disappoint Never had all that much interest in the character previously was just looking for some light reading in my comatose exhausted state after a day with my toddler Most stories are writer unknown, but filled with Aquaman s ingenious ways of using his fish friends to help surface dwellers don t worry he also helps his finny friends when they re in trouble The best part, though, is the art by Ms Ramona Fradon who interestingly is credited on most stories, even when the writer is unknown , who leaves you feeling you re in capable hands during your undersea visit to Aquaman s world Highly recommend.

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