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The Art of Exceptional Living: 2 Spoken Word Cds, 120 Minutes Begin By Making Your Life A Work Of Art You Don T Have To Be A Super Achiever You Don T Have To Be Unusually Creative You Don T Have To Endure Great Obstacles According To Success Expert, Jim Rohn, You Don T Have To Do Exceptional Things At All Just Do Ordinary Things Exceptionally Well That S The Art Of Exceptional Living There Are Things You Can, Should And Must Do To Get Your Life On Track Of Success You May Not Be Aware Of It, But They Are Already In Your Heart In The Art Of Exceptional Living, Rohn Provides The Ideas And Inspiration That Lead To Unstoppable Daily Progress Using His Exceptional Powers Of Communication, He Helps You Through Difficult Subject Matter, And Teaches You How To Get Beyond Personal Setbacks To Begin Living According To Your Own Rules You Ll Begin By Following The Strategies Of Exceptional Living, Including Four Major Lessons That Must Be Mastered In Life The Most Common Self Imposed Limitations And How To Deal With Them How To Get A Miracle Going In Your Life The Foundation Of Good Financial Strategy

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    Nearly every house valued over 200,000 has a library in it Now why do you think that is Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and business genius, was almost a kinder, gentler Tony Robbins Originally from Iowa, he uses common sen

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    I can only say that this was the book that has changed my thinking about my life I actually had this book on CD, and because of me traveling with my job, i was able to listen to this book many times One day, it made sense that i should be e

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    I was first introduced to Jim Rohn in college, and he s such a fantastic motivator According to success expert, Jim Rohn, you don t have to do exceptional things at all Just do ordinary things exceptionally well That s The Art of Exceptional Living S

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    Jim Rohn it the most influential author whose material I ve consumed so far Be a student of Jim Rohn if you desire a higher order of thinking.

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    Loy Machedo s Educational Program Review The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim RohnThe Art of Exceptional Living is a 2 CD educational speech complied by Jim Rohn which has bits and pieces of his program which he delivered both from the recording studio as well as on sta

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    The reason I love this book so much, is because it is almost like The Best of Jim Rohn If you ever have a chance to listen to the audio book series of the same name, it is actually a collection of several of Jim s seminars put together in a sledge hammer of self revelation person

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    Jim Rohn is an excellent motivator who really helps you to understand its not the storms in life that truly matter but how you set your sail in that storm that counts

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    I listened to the audiobook version and while outdated, it has some relevant and helpful tips.

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    I only rate books that have literally changed my life or moved my five stars, but then I have a wide range of 4 star rankings, anything 3 or below I probably wouldn t ever read again, but a 3 star review might not mean I hated it, but it doesn t mean I liked it either Anyway, that is all besides the pointWhat

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    I ve listened to other Jim Rohn programs the past couple months This one and the others are quite repetitive same core ideas, same overall stories It would not be fair to say that if you ve gone through one program, you ve gone through the rest, but if you did not enjoy Jim Rohn in his other programs, it is unlikely yo

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