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The Best Lies Remy Tsai Used To Know How Her Story Would Turn Out But Now, She Doesn T Even Know What Tomorrow Will Look LikeShe Was Happy Once Remy Had Her Boyfriend Jack, And Elise, Her Best Friend Her Soulmate Who Understood Her Better Than Anyone Else In The WorldBut Now Jack Is Dead, Shot Through The Chest And It Was Elise Who Pulled The TriggerWas It Self Defense Or Something Deeper, Darker Than Anything Remy Could Have Imagined As The Police Investigate, Remy Does The Same, Sifting Through Her Own Memories, Looking For A Scrap Of Truth That Could Save The Friendship That Means Everything To HerTold In Alternating Timelines, Thelma And Louise Meets Gone Girl In This Twisted Psychological Thriller About The Dark Side Of Obsessive Friendship No one s eating that lollipop anytime soon Except maybe the dog Another thing How did that lollipop melt I need realistic covers When Remy and Elise meet their connection is instant Unbreakable Remy has always felt as if she lives in the shadow of her older brother and the constant fighting between her parents makes her want to escape so when the vibrant and electric, Elise, comes along she can t resist being lured into her world Elise is an enigma and Remy becomes infatuated with her They don t just love each other they need each otherElise was electricity I was the night She banished the darkness, she lit me upHowever while out one evening and after being brushed aside by Elise, Remy meets Jack Jack is everything she wants out of a relationship He s kind, caring, and thoughtful As their relationship heats up her friendship with Elise cools off and Elise is not pleased about itShe was gunpowder and he, a lit matchNow Remy finds herself in a police station being questioned by a detective about how and why Elise killed JackThe only question in these situations is who played what role We know Elise was the shooter We know Jack was the victim What were youA well written YA mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed I d recommend this to anyone that was a fan of Dangerous Girls 4 stars Thank you to Simon Schuster for proving a physical arc in exchange for an honest review.Quick note, this keeps getting listed in LGBTQIA upcoming novels for 2019 and I m completely confused This story is about obsession, abuse and an incredibly toxic friendship My guess is that people are seeing these girls calling each other soulmates and saying they love each other in intense ways and automatically throwing it into the LGBT category but there is never any talk or even hints or sexual attraction or romantic love This about two girls who are going through an awful time and cling to each other in a very unhealthy way and just how far they are willing to go to hold on to each other RTC, just thought I d comment on it because I thought it was going to be a totally different book on the way that it s been marketed in some places. Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the publisher, Simon and Schuster, via Edelweiss for an honest review Jack s blood is on my face and in my hair, on my arms and under my fingernails There was so much, the paramedics had rushed to me, checking for signs of trauma, but they couldn t see the hole in my heart.My name is Remy.I am seventeen years old.This won t last forever If you re looking for a book that will leave you feeling lost, confused, unsure of your current relationships, angry, sad and utterly devastated you ve come to the right place The Best Lies is a book that literally any and every person can relate to Whether it touches the angst in your stomach for never experiencing a friendship so true and heartfelt tickles the sadness in your heart for lost love or flicks awake the inner child slumbering deep inside you that can relate to the dire need for someone this book is going to rip your feelings out through your eyeballs and leave you so full, you ll be empty I am pain and pain is me First off, this book isn t going to be what you think Even from the quotes I have inserted throughout this review, you are going to be making assumptions as where this story will go And most likely, you re going to be wrong This book is about toxic relationships, mental health, obsessive behaviors, manipulation, family dynamics, love, friendship and of course lies It is beautiful and tragic, and embodies innocence so fiercely that you can t help but weep for every character I am alone now as I was then Remy Tsai is a straight edged and somewhat reserved character From the beginning I saw the patterns of how Remy would envelop herself into her relationships with friends or boyfriends She gave every part of herself up and quickly latched onto them if they said something nice to her, and then fully looked to them to fill her with happiness and love I found her character to be a lost soul, looking for others to tell her who she is or how she should feel about herself and the world For me, Remy embodies a typical teenager Desperately trying to discover who they are through the people they surround themselves with Hoping they will be remembered, loved and needed by others When Remy first meets Elise, it is in a moment of deep rejection and sadness for her She has just been dumped and is feeling alone and unwanted But then Elise is there Reaching out a hand and whisking her off into a spontaneous night of adventure and mischief And so begins their fierce friendship of love, truths, lies and painfully raw emotions Elise was electricity I was the night She banished the darkness, she lit me up Elise is an electrifying, exciting, daring and fierce character She is strong and courageous, stands up for herself and others, and sees herself as a vigilante put on Earth to right every wrong She is intoxicating and beautiful She is a character we would all love to be friends with, and even love to BE For Remy, being around Elise was like breathing in sunlight or Heaven s air Elise made her feel safe, wanted, important and necessary Which is everything that Remy never felt in life Elise liked that I needed protection, and I liked that she wanted to protect me We needed each other, we chose each other, and there was power in that Both of the girls also have difficult family lives they fight to keep hidden from the rest of the world Remy s parents are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship that involves nightly screaming matches, adultery and the continuous act of her father leaving their family, only to return again in a few days Elise was abandoned by her mother at a young age and left with an absent and angry father Both girls find camaraderie and solace in each other, and use each other as lifelines to survive each day in their own personal Hells I need you, Remy, she said softly What she was saying I love you After a moment I said, I need you, too But this isn t just a story of strength between two friends, or family dysfunction It is also a story of obsession and need I can t go too into detail without giving away all the best parts, but this story definitely takes a turn into a space of deep darkness and sorrow The relationships and friendships that once felt uplifting and whole, begin to crumble The common theme for many of these characters was their overwhelming need to be NEEDED It leaves you feeling irritated because they can t find love for themselves and have to seek it out in others But it also leaves you aching because you know EXACTLY what that need feels like To be wanted and accepted by others She wasn t magical She was magic itself and I was completely under her spell Obviously, this story ends tragically Remy s boyfriend is killed by her best friend and it is devastating But the reason behind WHY he is killed, is really why you want to read this story It is intricate, well developed, dripping in emotional turmoil, and embodies every feeling a teenager can have But just remember This isn t a happy story It will hurt you, and you will feel lost afterwards Just as I do now.So tread carefully A night tech comes into the room Are you okay he asks I answer honestly I don t know. wow I uhwowthe portrayal of toxic friendship was SO good and reading this was watching a trainwreck happening that you couldn t tear your eyes away fromdefinitely recommend Content Warnings view spoiler abuse, small hints of suicidal thoughts, toxic friendships, arson, murder hide spoiler I have some conflicting feelings about this, so I think I ll sleep on this one before a full review Heavier topics at least deserve that before they re approached in a book review. My full review is now up on my blog, The Quiet Pond Holy shit, friends This book CAME for me I didn t know what to expect but whatever expectations I had, The Best Lies took them, slapped me with them, and now I m just dazed and in awe of this book s brilliance Follows Remy, a teen whose boyfriend is shot dead by her best friend and she can t remember why Told in alternating narratives, oscillating between past and present day, this is a story about obsessive and toxic friendships and dysfunctional families, and is one heck of a psychological mystery thriller It s also about love, abuse, revenge, and the narratives we tell ourselves The characters are amazing fleshed out characters, twisted, awful, but as awful as it was, I empathised with them at times This book had me guessing throughout I could feel the gears in my mind TURNING when thinking about how this would play out and end and what it all meant The ending is incredible and just spot on I uh seriously read this but this book is pretty intense and dark, so be careful Trigger content warnings view spoiler emotional abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, manipulation, alcohol use, smoking, death, murder, frequent mentions of a gun, blood mention, suicidal ideation, intense and distressing familial conflict hide spoiler I am a complete sucker for hyper dependent female friendship stories that go every kind of wrong and this one is brilliant.Read it I finished this book yesterday as I flew to New Jersey to visit my best friend The irony isn t lost on me.Thank you to my GR friend, Michelle, for writing a review of this book that was so compelling I added it instantly and began reading immediately She was right, she always is 5 GIGANTIC STARS Enmeshed friendship on steroids Dead boyfriend Best friend holding the gun Dysfunctional familiesI can t remember the last time a debut stunned me as much as THE BEST LIES Sarah Lyu s first, of I hope many, YA novels dripped voice and heart thumping tension I wished I could have finished in one sitting.Lyu s gorgeous, smart writing had me highlighting many passages on my kindle, her words so profound With its intensity, THE BEST LIES reminded me of Eileen Cook s WITH MALICE and Abigail Haas s DANGEROUS GIRLS I never knew the reliability of Remy as a narrator, whether her obsession would lead to tragedy or if Jack deserves his fate I did know Elise was trouble from the get go and why Remy fell for her charm The rest I ll leave readers to discover as not to spoil one word.THE BEST LIES is the perfect mystery thriller and beach read.

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