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The Blind Assassin Margaret Atwood Takes The Art Of Storytelling To New Heights In A Dazzling Novel That Unfolds Layer By Astonishing Layer And Concludes In A Brilliant And Wonderfully Satisfying Twist Told In A Style That Magnificently Captures The Colloquialisms And Clich S Of The S And S, The Blind Assassin Is A Richly Layered And Uniquely Rewarding ExperienceIt Opens With These Simple, Resonant Words Ten Days After The War Ended, My Sister Drove A Car Off The Bridge They Are Spoken By Iris, Whose Terse Account Of Her Sister Laura S Death In Is Followed By An Inquest Report Proclaiming The Death Accidental But Just As The Reader Expects To Settle Into Laura S Story, Atwood Introduces A Novel Within A Novel Entitled The Blind Assassin, It Is A Science Fiction Story Told By Two Unnamed Lovers Who Meet In Dingy Backstreet Rooms When We Return To Iris, It Is Through A Newspaper Article Announcing The Discovery Of A Sailboat Carrying The Dead Body Of Her Husband, A Distinguished IndustrialistFor The Past Twenty Five Years, Margaret Atwood Has Written Works Of Striking Originality And Imagination In The Blind Assassin, She Stretches The Limits Of Her Accomplishments As Never Before, Creating A Novel That Is Entertaining And Profoundly Serious The Blind Assassin Proves Once Again That Atwood Is One Of The Most Talented, Daring, And Exciting Writers Of Our Time Like The Handmaid S Tale, It Is Destined To Become A Classic

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    So are you still trudging through the Margaret Atwood George, you should stop being so dismissive Have you ever read it Well, I think I got as far as chapter three Typical po mo cleverness with a story inside a story inside anyway, I decided I couldn t take any , so I gave up So do you want to know what it s about You re going to tell me, aren t you Only i

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    As seen on The ReadventurerI have to admit, I often do not get Margaret Atwood s books But I am pretty sure I got The Blind Assassin Otherwise how can I explain the feeling of sadness that is overwhelming me right now It s so hard to express what exactly this book is about any synopsis you read doesn t do it justice and explains nothing Mine prob

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    This is the first book I have dog eared since I was a child I generally find such behavior to be shameful in a major way, as I a cherish the hard text of a book, and see the decline of its role as a sacred object, the slipping away of its tactile comforts of touch, of smell, of PRESENCE, and our new found, technologically driven disregard of its certainty and nece

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    All stories are about wolves Anything else is sentimental drivel Atwood doesn t write sentimental drivel and I don t read it , and there are several wolves in this stunning book This is my tenth Atwood, and it s even better than any of the others I ve enjoyed The scope and variety of her work is impressive, but here, she accomplishes that within the covers of a single

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    atwood s Booker Prize winning novel is a slow and melancholy downward movement, one in which the melancholy becomes cumulative despite the sad and tragic tone, there are many paths to pure enjoyment present through the precise, judgmental, dryly amusing recollections of the narrator as she recounts her current life and her past life between the world wars through the inte

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    It s loss and regret and misery and yearn that drive the story forward, along its twisted road , Margaret Atwood towards the end of this book It describes the story of the Blind Assassin, which starts with the famous sentence Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge I m deeply impressed and affected by this book Without a doubt one of th

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    Let s forget about the tongue tied lightning.Let s undress just like cross eyed strangers.This is not a joke, so please stop smiling.What was I thinking when I said it didn t hurt I need to stop reading on trains I could feel the tears welling, the water rising, brimming, and then spilling over before anything bad even happened But I could feel it coming And I braced myself for t

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    The readers from Sakiel Norn, due to their long and drawn out labor, have been known to fall asleep during their readings Though it is not typical of the readers, even their most prolific colleagues would admit to having stolen a few quiet moments of rest in between pages The Blind Assassin, was an exception for one of the readers He dropped the 600 page tomb again and again o

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    I ll start with a bit of personal baggage, because my first exposure to Margaret Atwood s writing was The Handmaid s Tale, which I read when I was young because my parents had a copy That book is probably the best known of her early novels, which does her a disservice, as it seemed one dimensional, humourless and cold though I would almost certainly be charitable if I re read it now Thi

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    Margaret Atwood s The Blind Assassin is a fascinating and compelling read There are so many seemingly competing stories which add to the complexity of the narrator and her life They are also next to impossible to fully understand without the rest of the stories as strange and disjointed as they sometimes appear The result is that the reader stays somewhat lost until all the pieces fall into

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About the Author: Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master s degree from Radcliffe College.Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry, childr