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Bodysurfers These Stories Breathe Taut Yet Teeming With Life, They Are Shot Through With Gritty Phrases That Catch At One S Throat Sydney Morning HeraldSet Among The Surf And Sandhills Of The Australian Beach And The Tidal Changes Of Three Generations Of The Lang Family This Bestselling Collection Of Short Stories Is An Australian Classic The Bodysurfers Vividly Evokes The Beach, With The Scent Of The Suntan Oil, The Sting Of The Sun And A Lazy Sensuality, All The While Hinting At A Deep Undercurrent Of Suburban MalaiseFrom First Publication, These Poignant And Seductive Stories Marked A Major Change In Australian Literature From Penguin

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    Disappointing His characters repeatedly hurl themselves at life and lovers There is something very powerful and poignant in these stories ..so says one reviewer.For me though overall I found something ambiguous and essential lacking in the stories They let me down severely with too few satisfactory resolutions Maybe that is what short stories are supposed to be about to leave you wonderin

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    10 November 2015 minor edits and I have added a quote I had noted earlier my notes are on bits of paper everywhere, and I keep finding them, later Hrumfph.This collection started off with a thrill but gradually became repetitious and surprisingly distasteful The stories are linked thematically in two ways, perhaps three First and most obviously they are set on the coast, by the sea, a

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    This is really only a review for the title story of the book, as it s one of a list of short stories that I was given to choose from to read for school I ve not read the rest yet, though likely I will once I get the time.Of the four that I chose this one, Closer by David Malouf, Postcards from Surfers by Helen Garner and, for a bit of something different, The Landlady by Roald Dahl this is the on

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    I might ve rated this lower immediately after reading, but the collection has continued to resonate I picked up the Pocket Book edition on a whim during a layover in Sydney It s cultural treasure trove Drewe s portrayals of unattainable masculinity in Australia vividly evoked people I met during my travels For an American already perplexed by masculine identities in the States, The Bodysurfers shed w

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    This was a bit unexpected as I had not realised that this is short story collection I know there has been a tv series so I was a bit surprised as most of these stories have little to connect them apart from the beach setting they share I m assuming that the tv series is only loosely based on the book.The blurb says the stories follow a family through three generations but I really didn t pick up on a gen

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    Short stories, well executed, are like little intrusions into a life Wonderful stuff.

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    Some short story collections work really well when the stories are linked and in Western Australian literature there s a few examples most notably Tim Winton collections, particularly The Turning, in which he does a brilliant job of creating stories with their own impetus that still gain something from being part of a larger mesh of meaning While Drewe is a contemporary of Winton, his stories don t have the same

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    The Bodysurfers is a collection of interlinking short stories that predominantly follow the generational fortunes of the Lang family Most of the stories are set on either the west or east coast of Australia, with one set on the west coast of America It is not an exaggeration to claim that Australians have a strong connection with the ocean, with nearly all of the major cities lying along our coastlines Sun, surf and

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    And so continues Antipodean season Good I can see why this feels noteworthy here s the mostly Aussie beach a place we associate with joy and hedonism so in Australia than almost anywhere else, bar California where a couple of the stories are set Yet here it s a place of relationship breakdown, sleaze incest, even , deceit and emotional numbness The sea is always the backdrop, and it s generally not doing what it s supp

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    A book of short stories Yeah, it was okay But I found myself drifting away from these slightly older man stories themed loosely around the ocean To be honest, I chose it because I had run out of Winton and I wanted Winton Which isn t a fair way to read a book The story about a hippy that thinks he can beat the recession by saving energy is good Who knew that tampons and margarine could be used as DIY lighting.

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About the Author: Robert Drewe

Robert Drewe is among Australia s most loved writers of novels, memoir and short stories His iconic Australian books include The Shark Net, The Bodysurfers and Our Sunshine He is also editor of Black Inc s Best Australian Stories annual series Recently, he has revisited the short story himself, with a masterful new collection, The Rip Jo Case spoke to him for Readings about storytelling.