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Whereas the Qur an hasof the OT God of wrath an awful lot of Hell promises , the Hadith have the NT God of love and mercy.I still can t get over A isha s age, though To consider there are Hadiths about them washing after intercourse and Hadiths of her playing with dolls is just a bit uncomfortable All in all, incredibly important to read Hadiths, as Muslims cherish them greatly, and you won t get anywhere near a complete picture of Islam with just the Qur an. Going in I assumed this was the entirety of Hadith, but I think now it s just a selected number of them I m confused and somewhat annoyed That aside, the content of this collection isn t all that objectionable. Good Work. I have an affinity for holy texts, and I think that Islam has two very elegantly written texts the Qur an and the Hadith.Reading the Hadith, there were many quotes that stood out to me I really liked the line blessed be the strange ones And I related it to my pursuit of truth as a philosopher I found there to be many lines which showed a contrary attitude towards women a very reverent affection towards mothers, aunts, and wives Kiss her feet for their lies salvation Marriage is half of the religion etc.I appreciate the literary aspects of Islam, maybe because I am an aspiring Lawrence of Arabia I read the A thousand and one nights and appreciate it s contributions to mythology I was referred to read this book by my religious studies teacher and completed an associates degree in religious studies Overall, a beautiful read. This Selection Of The Sayings Of The Prophet Muhammad Was Made By The Internationally Respected British Muslim Scholar, Charles Le Gai Eaton The Book Of Hadith Captures Not Only The Practical And Profound Wisdom Of The Prophet, But His Human Side As Well Contains Arabic Text As Well The way is paved for us, how many will take the path The Book of Hadith: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad from the Mishkat al Masabih

About the Author: Charles Le Gai Eaton

Charles Le Gai Eaton Hasan le Gai Eaton or Hassan Abdul Hakeem 1 January 1921 26 February 2010 was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and raised as an agnostic by his parents He received his education at Charterhouse and at King s College, Cambridge He worked for many years as a teacher and journalist in Jamaica and Egypt He then joined the British Diplomatic Service.Eaton converted to Islam i

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