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The Breaks of the Game Among The Best Books Ever Written On Professional Basketball The Philadelphia InquirerDavid Halberstam, Best Selling Author Of THE FIFTIES And THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, Turns His Keen Reporter S Eye On The Sport Of Basketball The Players And The Coaches, The Long Road Trips, What Happens On Court, In Front Of Television Cameras, And Off Court, Where No Eyes Have Followed Until Now

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    The late, great David Halberstam followed the Trail Blazers during the 1979 1980 season, two years after their acclaimed victory over the Sixers The Breaks of The Game, the book that resulted, remains one of the best sports books I have ever read and a work that has easily stood the test of time.The author of than 20 books on topics as diver

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    The Cuckoo Man was Jack Nicholson, the movie star, a devoted follower of Laker basketball who had a seat right next to the Laker bench In the championship season, when Portland had played Los Angeles, Nicholas had thus sat only about three feet away from the last man on the Portland bench who, in this case, happened to be Lloyd Neal, and everythi

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    This book is a masterpiece It s the best sports lit sports history book I ve ever read So much was changing in the NBA in 1979 it was the birth of the modern league Young David Stern Magic and Bird were rookies Incorporation of the four ABA teams and its players Transition to a black sport, or at least a less white sport Crazy salaries for the young

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    Fascinating book It s a conversational history of the NBA until 1981, told through the lense of the 1979 80 season of the Portland Trailblazers As the team s season touches on various characters and issues, Halberstam pauses to explore them Great character sketches bios of most of the great players up until that point, the most interesting discussions I

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    I told my dad I was reading this book because its reputation precedes it as one of the best sports books ever written His matter of fact answer well, that s because Halberstam is one of the best writers ever 362 pages later, I can t help but agree He may not be a hoity toity modernist prose stylist like those names often thrown around as candidates for that

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    Wow This is a phenomenal book Halberstam gets into the nuts and bolts of not just basketball, but people, society, economics, and capitalism Halberstam is A a flat out great writer B a compassionate progressive soul C smart as heck D an amazingly astute observer of life and people.Writing about the Portland Trailblazers circa 1980, he delves into the Blazers pla

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    Truly a fantastic, fascinating book As a life long Blazer fan, I started the book with the hopes of understanding the roots of my hometown team What I found was an in depth examination of the NBA in a period of evolution and stunted growth, with the 79 80 Blazers as a vehicle to move the narrative forward Halberstam s coverage of racial, social, and economic actions

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    I bought this book because I read somewhere that it was one of the greatest sports books ever written Halberstam is a good writer and a master of the vignette He does a great job of giving a sense of his subjects in just a few pages Still, I m not that interested in Bill Walton, who figures large, and I wasn t familiar with a number of the players I did, however, become

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    GO TRAIL BLAZERS We re all becoming Trail Blazers fans next season We re all going to watch the games and then find some random book to talk about it on Hell, I watch the WNBA, the I realize its where it s at K When you get down to it, basketball, like politics, is all about aesthetics Great book It was perfect for me The Blazers are so good, they have the best sports boo

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    Halberstam is a really good writer He follows the Portland Trailblazers through the 79 80 season, talking extensively with coaches, players, etc Tells a pretty compelling story Remember that this is when Magic and Bird are just coming into the league, and noone was sure whether how long the NBA would survive Long, interesting story of the history of the TV contract Started with

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David Halberstam was an American journalist and historian, known for his work on the Vietnam War, politics, history, the Civil Rights Movement, business, media, American culture, and later, sports journalism He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 1964.Halberstam graduated from Harvard University with a degree in journalism in 1955 and started his career writing for the Dai