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Bringing Sixteenth Century Languedoc Vividly To Life, Kate Mosse S The Burning Chambers Is A Gripping Story Of Love And Betrayal, Mysteries And Secrets Of War And Adventure, Conspiracies And Divided LoyaltiesCarcassonne Nineteen Year Old Minou Joubert Receives An Anonymous Letter At Her Father S Bookshop Sealed With A Distinctive Family Crest, It Contains Just Five Words SHE KNOWS THAT YOU LIVEBut Before Minou Can Decipher The Mysterious Message, A Chance Encounter With A Young Huguenot Convert, Piet Reydon, Changes Her Destiny Forever For Piet Has A Dangerous Mission Of His Own, And He Will Need Minou S Help If He Is To Get Out Of La Cit AliveToulouse As The Religious Divide Deepens In The Midi, And Old Friends Become Enemies, Minou And Piet Both Find Themselves Trapped In Toulouse, Facing New Dangers As Sectarian Tensions Ignite Across The City, The Battle Lines Are Drawn In Blood And The Conspiracy Darkens FurtherMeanwhile, As A Long Hidden Document Threatens To Resurface, The Mistress Of Puivert Is Obsessed With Uncovering Its Secret And Strengthening Her Power The Burning Chambers

About the Author: Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse is an international bestselling author with sales of than five million copies in 42 languages Her fiction includes the novels Labyrinth 2005 , Sepulchre 2007 , The Winter Ghosts 2009 , and Citadel 2012 , as well as an acclaimed collection of short stories, The Mistletoe Bride Other Haunting Tales 2013 Kate s new novel, The Taxidermist s Daughter is out now.Kate is the

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    Kate Mosse has written her trademark gripping historical fiction packed with adventure, mystery, conflict and romance Here she takes us back to France s Wars of Religion and the harrowing blood letting that took place in that historical time period, bringing back echoes of my studies of these events in European History long ago when the established Catholic Church w

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    Wow, The Burning Chambers is epic historical fiction Taking place in France during the 1500s, our main character is Minou Joubert, a nineteen year old woman Minou is working at her father s bookshop a bookshop when she receives a cryptic letter stating She knows that you live At the same time, a young Huguenot, Piet Reydon, needs Minou s help to stay alive The religiou

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    The Burning Chambers by Kate Moss is a story of set in the 16th Century during the religious wars It s about family, secrets and lies I found this book slow to start with but I liked the characters Very atmospheric and informative of the times I would like to thank NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Nobody does the Languedoc like Kate Mosse I didn t realise the religious wars of France were just as viscious and prolonged as in Britain during the same time period Tudors and Stuarts I was very interested to read this as I have been to Carcassonne and so could clearly visualise the scenes set there and its surrounds.This is really the story of an everyday family living in

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    A very intriguing historical fiction read This takes place in the mid 1500 s during the time of the religious wars in France between the Catholics and the Huguenots Mosse did a remarkable job in portraying the atmosphere and the climate of those times as well as imagining a fast paced mystery that kept my interest a family with a secret I liked the strong female characters port

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    Ecclesiastes 3 1 8 was what was read out at my Mother s Funrel in May 09 is at being of the book.This starts in 1862 in Franschhoek at a grave the rest is in flashback to Carcassonne in the Winter 1562, Toulouse Spring 1562 Puivert Summer 1562 during the Wars of Religion set around the Host ,transubstantiation as opposed to consubstantiation The hundreds of thousands of people who

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    What I wanted from this book was a historical mystery, what I got was a historical romance Now, it s a decent romance, if a bit sappy for my liking, with the Romeo and Juliet style dividing line provided by the French Wars of Religion As a fascinating and dangerous period, it effectively sets up the Catholic Huguenot conflicts that are layered through the story, both in smaller chara

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Kate Mosse has returned to what she does best, the French Languedoc period, mixed with a dash of mystery, twists and violence As usual it s Mosse s apparent passion for this period of history that shines through here, with vivid descriptions of an extremely volatile time in French history The story is highly atmospheric, wh

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    I absolutely loved Kate Mosse s Languedoc trilogy Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel and the atmospheric The Winter Ghosts The author returns to the setting of previous novels Carcassonne but this time without the dual time structure of Labyrinth and Sepulchre Instead the reader is plunged into the sights and sounds of 16th century France, a time of religious strife between the Catholic Chur

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    Tl dr gallic shrug Kate Mosse is back with a new series focusing on the persecution of Huguenots in France It looks like the series will track not just the beginning and the infamous massacre, but also the migration of those who survived to other European countries and eventually colonial Africa primarily South Africa, it seems This is a fantastic idea for a historical series it focuses on a

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