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The Captain Long before this peace loving Quaker author wrote the likes of The Peaceable Kingdom, he had a succession of WWII novels based on his sea going experiences with The Captain being the most polished It explores the interactions of men and women under stress to include the notions of trust and loyalty. This is the third or fourth time I read this in as many decades It s still excellent. I have always thought of this book as one of my most favorite book After rereading it for the first time since the 60 s I got a fresh perspective on why this particular book struck such a strong cord with me The story of the young Dutch tug boat Captain on an extremely hazardous trip, acting as a rescue ship for a convoy en route to Murmamsk while under almost constant attack form German air and U Boats His description of the war action is vivid and compelling and coupled with the struggles that he faces as Captain in gaining the confidence in and authority over his small crew and then coping with the progressive and debilitating fear that he had to deal with makes this book a masterpiece Jan de Hartog dramatically illustrates the horrors of war and the impact on those seeing humanity at its worst So many years ago can t reviewbut love everything by this author The story of a very young Dutch sea captain who finds himself at the helm of the world s largest ocean going tug, escorting a convoy of ships through the hell of war After attack from U boots and bombers, ships are sunk, and men are killed Written in the first person, the captain provides a vivid and personal account why the Allies fight was a just one He provides detailed accounts of life on a tug boat, and recounts the horror of the wanton slaughter and destruction of war These details don t overwhelm, they provide a framework for a thoughtful and gripping presentation of the mental agony that accompanies war Each of his men struggles with fear in a different way, and he addresses each of them as best he can Eventually, he realizes that the symptoms of fear and the symptoms of a rejection of brutality might be hard to distinguish There are a couple of wartime love stories, some political military intrigue, it s a great read de Hartog is a Dutch born writer who was one of my Dutch immigrant mother s favorite authors Here is what she wrote about him, after a visit to Middletown s great library From there I spent a quality hour and a half in the fabulous public library There, I was happy to find a novel by one of my favorite authors, Dutch born Jan de Hartog, a great writer who, persecuted by the Nazi s during World War II, fled to England and eventually the U.S.A , and switched from writing powerful Dutch to writing equally powerful English. One of my all time favorite books. The tugboat is a Holland rescue ship on a British convoy up and around the Arctic Circle that goes to Russia on one side and Canada on the other The first person narrator is the Dutch captain This is a totally absorbing story with a strong anti war message The only winners are the lucky ones who don t get killed What makes it different and fascinating is its stress on the interpersonal strains between members of the same team, be they subordinates, foreign allies, military shrinks, or the ship designers It deals with the psychological trauma and soul shattering effects of getting hit by the U Boats and planes at the same time Lots of inside stuff, tricks of the trade, keep it interesting throughout Recommended highly for a leadership academy. Since my father, named Jan but changed to John as he grew older, was a Dutchman like DeHartog, perhaps I felt a special kinship to this author I wrote a fan letter to him when he was very old and he kindly inscribed in trembling hand a bookplate which I had enclosed to be pasted in my copy of this book.All his sea books are dramatic and many follow the same character as he rises in the ranks of the merchant marine and Dutch Navy in wartime.A sweet, tough sailor. Years ago when my mother moved out of her last house, she cleverly unloaded a considerable collection of books on me They caused a little family friction at times since one contingent would like to dispose of all we are unlikely to read and another thinks we should keep all we might sometime read Guess which side I m on.There are some that truly generate no interest But then there are surprises, books which don t hold much promise but turn out great The latest one we discovered is The Captain It s an incredible chronicle of a converted tugboat used to rescue sailors from sunken convoy ships in the North Atlantic in World War II.More important, it is the story of a man s growth from innocence to fear to terror to cowardice to finally conscience and understanding of the inhumanity of the wanton, mass destruction of human life in modern warfare The Captain presents a convincing argument for conscientious objection to war.I find it hard to take a position that pacifism is the only answer under all circumstances Would I willingly submit to Nazi rule or live under Idi Amin, Hussein or any of the other tyrannical dictators who thought nothing of killing innocent people No But for me, the need must be a direct threat on what we hold dear, not some politician s concept of a vague threat to our politics or economy Those struggles call for constructive, not destructive, action De Hartog might ask, are we any better than those butchers when we send our citizens out to be killed This is a book well worth reading. The Book Centers Around The Specialized Ocean Tugboat Trade InHarinxma, Then A Young Tugboat Officer, Escapes To Britain The Kwel Company Has Managed To Get Away Much Of Its Fleet And Personnel, One Jump Ahead Of The Advancing Germans, And Sets Up To Continue Operations From London Harinxma Gets His First Command, At An Earlier Age And Under Much Difficult Conditions Than He Would Otherwise Have Had, Specifically Acting As A Rescue Boat For The Often Suicidal Allied Convoys To Murmansk

About the Author: Jan de Hartog

F.R EckmarJohannes Jan de Hartog was een Nederlandse schrijver van romans, toneelstukken en filmscenario s, vooral gekend om zijn romans over de scheepvaart.In het begin van zijn carri re schreef hij, onder het pseudoniem

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