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The Cattle King At The Age Of , Sidney Kidman Ran Away From Home With Only Five Shillings In His Pocket He Went On To Become A Horse Dealer, Drover, Cattle Buyer And Bush Jockey And He Also Ran A Coach Business Above All, Kidman Created A Mighty Cattle Empire Of Than A Hundred Stations, Fighting Droughts, Bushfires, Floods And Plagues Of Vermin To Do So His Enterprise And Courage Won Him A Huge Fortune And Made Him A Legend This Book Is An Inspiring Tribute To The Remarkable Life Of Sir Sidney Kidman The Cattle King

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    Another in depth, narrative biography from Ion Idriess at which he excels This time it is Sir Sidney Kidman 1857 1935 , known as The Cattle King .Kidman ran away from home at 13 with little money and broken down, one eyed horse He is a boy with drive and determination, tremendous will power, and an ability plan out strategic moves in advance He appears to have some sort of photographic memo

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    One of my all time favourite books, so it was lovely to re read after so many years The Cattle King tells the classic Australian story of Sir Sidney Kidman who runs away from home at the age of 13 on a one eyed horse His life story gives us an insight into the hardships and adventures of the pioneering cattle men and women of Australia and reminds the reader of how the early settlers once lived

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    This is a rather old style biography, complete with some artistic licence on the dialogue and descriptions and some sections especially regarding Indigenous Australians that would be phrased quite differently today.But, despite all that, assuming you can wade through an awful lot of descriptions of cattle stations, at its heart, The Cattle King, is a tale of an early Australian entrepreneur, Sidney

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    I purchased this paperback on the 4th July at the Australian Stockman s Hall of Fame at Longreach.When we entered the museum we watched a documentary and Sir Sid Kidman was mentioned I thought wow he sounds like an interesting fella So when we got to the gift sourvenieer shop and there was a book about him, I just had to buy it.Once we got back to our camp that afternoon I immediately started reading it

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    I had over the years heard a great deal about Ion Idriess but had never come across any of his works Apparently some of his first editions are highly collectable So I was really pleased to locate a copy of the Cattle King Finally I could see what all the fuss was about The Cattle King is a somewhat fictionalised account of Sidney Kidman s life from young man to significant land owner in Australia We meet Ki

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    I recently travelled through Central Australia and read this upon returning home to NSW I don t think this book has aged well and struggled to get to the end Having seen the land upon which this man decided to raise his cattle empire, I question his being labelled a bush legend The impact on the native flora, fauna and local people that he and his ilk caused were always on my mind as I read this I felt sorry fo

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    Sidney Kidman may have run away from home aged merely 13 with only five shillings in his pocket, but his foolishness ended there This story of his life is amazing He was clearly intelligent, ambitious, tough and calculated, but also demonstrated a very kind heart Some of today s most successful businessmen could learn a thing or two from Kidman s legacy I must pick up another of the fifty books Idriess wrote in his

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    It s interesting to have descriptions of the way of life when Australia was really only just getting a sense of itself But it became a series of transactions which distracted me from engaging with S.K as a person In the end I started to think of him as a bit of a know it all and got bored Disappointed that I didn t enjoy it .

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    A classic, but not very in depth Idriess was always going to write a heroic tale, and of course, it is, with droughts, clever thinking, crooks, shysters, love really the whole panoply of human endeavour Still, Kidman s life was pretty amazing, but this audio version seemed a bit light weight.

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    enjoyed this book as I have just visited many of the places mentioned Makes history interesting.

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Ion Llewellyn Idriess, who won the Order of the British Empire was a prolific and influential Australian author.He wrote over 50 books between 1927 to 1969 Idriess was able to convey an image of Australia that few of its nationals could recognise but that all of them could love and be proud of From the pearling ships off the port of Broome, to the mighty Inland of Australia where all of Western