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The Dragon's Eyes Audible listener here.This book has performed a 180 vs the first which was awesome and in my opinion it jumped the shark, it turned into Daddy daycare Every time a kid gets tossed into the mix with a Sci fi or Fantasy book it turns into a total mess The Narrator Todd Menesses did a awesome job like he always does in the Audible verse. Three Years After Saving The Earth And Duran, Dylan Faces All New Challenges Kiro Has Disappeared, The Iadnah Are Turning Against Their Guardians, And To Top It Off, A Creature As Old As The Gods Is Wreaking Havoc On Earth Other Strange Occurrences Are Happening Throughout The Universe, And Dylan Will Have To Investigate Them In Order To Uncover The Truth Mordon, Having Finally Freed Himself From His Father, Agrees To Help Dylan In His Endeavors The Further He Gets From His Homeland, However, The He Discovers Terrifying Secrets That Had Been Hidden From Him Together, Dylan And Mordon Must Protect Than Just Earth They Will Have To Explore New Worlds, Garner The Trust Of The Gods, And Save Their Friends As Well As A Mysterious Child Through It All, They Must Battle An Evil As Ancient As The Gods Ultimately, this was just boringI thought the first book was reasonably good, but slow and contained numerous typos I only made it through the first half of this second book I just didn t care any Too many similar protagonist POV s Eventually, if I hadn t read the POV header at the beginning of the chapter, I wouldn t have been able to tell them apart They are all male, super powerful, well meaning, kind to strangers and children Yawn Some of their biggest challenges involve diapers Yawn They have little warning when danger strikes, yet they are saved by their own unwitting actions or by a little girl in a white dress Huh The danger is always short lived, always at the end of a chapter and they are inexplicably fine at the beginning of the next Yawn There are cute animals Yawn There are many, many typos I read it through Kindle Unlimited Glad I didn t pay for it. I still like this story What I like is that the author doesn t dwell too long on every incident If someone is powerful then that person will succeed By letting him do so, the story progresses better What could be different is the use of repetition, that can get a bit annoying at the end.Will still listen to the others when they are available This is really a good read It answers questions from the first book The Guardian s Grimoire Lots of adventure, magic, and monsters Surprising things going on every time the characters turn around Definitely a book you don t want to put down The only problem with this book is that it leaves you wanting I ve heard the third book is due out soon, and that s a good thing A convoluted turn off until the endMaybe I m opposed to time travel in books or something, because I really disliked that part of it I didn t enjoy the book until the last 15 20%, thought I was done with the series until then. I have finished narrating this book and it is now available on Audible.com or.com Good continuation of the first book with a nice cliffhanger at the end Oxford writes my kind of heroes They are smart, snarky, funny, and TRULY good people She populates her stories with great characters and truly treacherous villains This one could have had a little menace Dylan had gotten so powerful nobody poses much of a threat any and he is such a good guy even the psycho gods are easily won over but it ended up being such a feel good read that I m having trouble finding much to complain about Don t pick this one up if you re in the mood for a dark turn.. Great series This is a great series I love the characters They all fit in so well with each other I find I can t put this book down, and now I want to get right into the next book I recommend to fantasy lovers

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