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The Guinevere Deception I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.OMG OMG OMG Arthurian mythology is what I was raised on And by Kiersten White SIGN ME THE HECK UP just imagine this cover in a hardcover copy ARC RECEIVED Drop everything, starting immediately BOTM YA choice for November 2019Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. SCREAMS AN ARTHURIAN RETELLING ASDA1 SDKSD FGH AKSDLJASDKAS D Y D SFK ASIQWPJOPCXJVLWMFPQKFQ Svsd my poor broke college ass will drop out because im going to be fucking screwed over by all these AMAZING NEW 2019 RELEASES Can Merlin be young and have dark raven hair and adorably large ears That was not a finite or controlled magic It was a wild and dark and dangerous magic It was a violent magic, undoing the record of a life and giving it to someone else. A couple of earlier books aside, Kiersten White is a fave of mine I enjoyed her historical fiction that reimagined Vlad the Impaler as a woman And I Darken I enjoyed her Frankenstein retelling The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein and, against all odds, I enjoyed her Buffy spin off Slayer So I m surprised that this one didn t work for me I love Arthurian mythology and White s feminist spins on old tales, so what could go wrong Firstly, I think this book kept us in the dark for way too long So long that it became not interesting for me All we know is that Guinevere is not the real Guinevere but a changeling witch, sent by Merlin to protect King Arthur We spend so long not really knowing where the story is going, though Guinevere s goal of protecting Arthur feels open ended and not tied to any real conflict This means that she spends a lot of time wandering around, chatting with familiar characters like Mordred and Brangien, and not doing much of anything Even when a touch of drama appears, she is hurried off to safety If the growing romance was supposed to be the main point of tension, I didn t really get a sense of that Arthur was so bland and forgettable though arguably all the characters were.I also did not feel like this story was taking place in the 5th 6th centuries There was very little to capture the feeling of the time and place, which is the exact opposite of what I would say about the author s And I Darken trilogy I guess I also just don t believe that feminism is rewriting history to pretend sexism didn t exist, which it felt like this did The way women are treated felt untrue to the times And it is so jarring when Guinevere, who is supposed to be a 5th century lady , says I doubt a bowl of piss will be one of the weapon offerings at the tournament Not to mention the fact that this word dates to the 14th century yes I checked cos it sounded weird , a good 800 900 years too late for the Arthurian legend.There are a couple of twists that of course I won t give away, but I will say that the first one was so obvious I guessed it as soon as the view spoiler knight appeared on page with their face covered I knew it was a woman hide spoiler From New York Times Bestselling Author Kiersten White Comes A New Fantasy Series Reimagining The Arthurian Legend, Set In The Magical World Of Camelot There Was Nothing In The World As Magical And Terrifying As A GirlPrincess Guinevere Has Come To Camelot To Wed A Stranger The Charismatic King Arthur With Magic Clawing At The Kingdom S Borders, The Great Wizard Merlin Conjured A Solution Send In Guinevere To Be Arthur S Wife And His Protector From Those Who Want To See The Young King S Idyllic City Fail The Catch Guinevere S Real Name And Her True Identity Is A Secret She Is A Changeling, A Girl Who Has Given Up Everything To Protect Camelot To Keep Arthur Safe, Guinevere Must Navigate A Court In Which The Old Including Arthur S Own Family Demand Things Continue As They Have Been, And The New Those Drawn By The Dream Of Camelot Fight For A Better Way To Live And Always, In The Green Hearts Of Forests And The Black Depths Of Lakes, Magic Lies In Wait To Reclaim The Land Arthur S Knights Believe They Are Strong Enough To Face Any Threat, But Guinevere Knows It Will Take Than Swords To Keep Camelot FreeDeadly Jousts, Duplicitous Knights, And Forbidden Romances Are Nothing Compared To The Greatest Threat Of All The Girl With The Long Black Hair, Riding On Horseback Through The Dark Woods Toward Arthur Because When Your Whole Existence Is A Lie, How Can You Trust Even Yourself THE FIRST BOOK IN THE CAMELOT RISING TRILOGY dnf at 98 pagesListen, NO ONE isupset than me about this Kiersten White s And I Darken is one of my favorite books, so naturally I was absolutely ecstatic about a new retelling trilogy from her But after 100 pages of The Guinevere Deception, the only feeling I have towards the book is overwhelming boredom.I don t mind slow reads I know some people don t like them, but I have no issue with them as long as there s something to keep intrigued be it the characters, atmosphere, world building, or even a really solid sense of suspense But I m 1 3 of the way through this novel, and unfortunately, nothing has hooked me In fact, this feels a bit young, definitely on the younger end of YA than the older end.I wanted so badly to love this, friends I even did some skimming towards the end, just to see if there was some twist or surprise that I needed to see play out But I m just not into this And I m low key kinda devastated about it.Pre release review 3 6 19 do you ever see a cover SO BEAUTIFUL you weep because same, my friend, same.HIT ME WITH THAT HYPE This cover is beautiful so beautiful I just want to stare at it all day.Isn t it crazy how I keep adding Kristen White s books to my tbr when I haven t read a single one A little bit But, hey They all sound amazing And I keep swearing that I ll find time to read them soon Also, White s personality Love her I think her sense of humor is just like mine And yes, I ll keep adding her books to my tbr just because of that I don t feel ashamed.

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