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When Robert Maxwell Is Assassinated By An Unknown Agency, Conflicting Interests In The Arms Trade Threaten All Out WarEx SAS Corporal Pete Slater Is Trying To Make A New Life For Himself As A Teacher, But When He Is Accidentally Caught Up In An Attempt By Terrorists To Kidnap One Of His Pupils, He Finds Himself Sucked Back Into The World Of Undercover OperationsA Mission To Kill An Arms Dealer In Paris Leads To A High Speed Chase Across Europe And Into Eastern Europe There Slater Discovers The Connection Between Robert Maxwell, The Arms Industry And The Origins In Nazism Of The Government Agency Who Employs Him The Hit List

About the Author: Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan was born in 1961 in a village near Newcastle In 1984 he joined the SAS During his ten years in the Regiment, he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also Sniper team commander of the anti terrorist team.During the Gulf War, Chris was the only member of an eight man team to escape from Iraq, of which three colleagues were killed and four captured It was the longest esca

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    Hit List is a stand alone thriller by Chris Ryan, and follows the fortunes of Neil Slater, a former SAS soldier struggling in his transition to civilian life He is dumped as sports master at an exclusive boy s school outside London after foiling a kidnap attempt on a Saudi student single handed using extreme force, and joins a London agency providing bodyguards to the rich Slater soon discov

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    Another stand alone Ryan adventure, this sees the former SAS man in the familiar terrority of murky British intelligence and secret groups trained in the art of killing His hero, Nick Slater, is yet again a different face on the main old character, basically Ryan himself, a character who has just left the SAS and who struggles to survive with normal, everyday civilian life Having read his later

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    I ve yet to meet a Chris Ryan novel I haven t enjoyed, and The Hit List is no exception The twists and turns are unexpected Once, about three quarters of the way through, I figured the story must be about to end so what on earth could be in the next 100 pages Quite a lot, as the story took off in a seemingly totally different but perfectly logical direction.A possible downside if you re looking fo

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    I really enjoyed this book I actually picked it out at the airport had forgotten the book I was currently readingahhh and wanted something that was action adventure with a spy or military feel I haven t read anything in this genre for ages, but given my new series is going to have loads action and covert operations I thought I d better see what s out there at the moment.The Hit List was fast paced w

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    Once again, Hats off to CHRIS RYAN One of the excellent masterpiece among the milatry action novels written till now.Other readers say that it was quite predictable in many parts of the story but I did nt feel it even 1%.But the suspense was not really as good as expected but not bad too It was much better than the previous read of this author THE WATCHMAN The plotting , action is very good, unexpected

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    I have no idea what this was about

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    weer een spannend boek, je wordt meteen meegenomen in het verhaal en het laat je niet los tot het eind Je moet alleen geen zwakke maag hebben, de verhoormethodes zijn vaak wel erg uitgebreid en beeldend beschreven.

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    Brilliantly writtenI have read most of this authors work always brilliant full of suspense and action I originally came from Hereford and know all the places mentioned really well do can enjoy reading all books very good well written highly recommended

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    een spannend boek, vond het jammer dat het einde zo snel was

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    Svi n , ak n , tav oddychovka.

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