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The Hunger of Sejanoz (Lone Wolf, #28) A Visit To The Fabulous Court Of Xo Lin Is Disrupted When News Of The Invasion Arrives At The Venerable Emperor S Palace In Pensei The Evil Autarch Sejanoz Of Bhanar Has Launched A Sudden And Devastating Attack Upon Xo Lin S Ancient Realm With The Tyrant S Armies Swarming Across His Borders, The Aged Xo Lin Is Forced To Flee His Imperial Palace And Seek Sanctuary In The Distant City Of TazhanIn The Hunger Of Sejanoz, Your Mission Is To Escort The Aged Emperor And His Entourage Safely Across The Great Lissanian Plain To Tazhan Will You Succeed In Your Perilous Task Or Will You And Your Charges Fall Victim To The Merciless Forces Of The Autarch

About the Author: Joe Dever

Joe Dever was an award winning British fantasist and game designer Originally a musician, Dever became the first British winner of the Advanced Dungeons Dragons Championship of America in 1982.He created the fictional world of Magnamund as a setting for his Dungeons Dragons campaigns In 1984 he released the first book of the Lone Wolf series of young adult gamebooks, and the series

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