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The last kids on Earth Yikes Town I was really enjoying this until the protagonist called dibs on a girl as if she was an object he could claim ownership over and not an actual human being with agency over her own feelings Did his friend tell him that s not how girls work Sure But this was not a strong reaction and the protagonist did not back down from this bullshit stance until his friend proved to him that he was not trying to steal his girl GROSS The silver lining is I read this for a tween book club and you can bet your toxic masculinity britches that we are going to be discussing this moment at length Men are not entitled to a girl s affections or attention, in any capacity for any reason and it s shit like this that makes them think otherwise It is glossed over in the text and that is not good enough Not near enough. My youngest daughter has kind of fallen out of reading, so for this past Christmas I bought her a bunch of books in the hopes of getting her excited about reading again Well No dice She still hasn t picked any of them up So I thought maybe if I gave them a try she d be a little interested Not sure yet how that s going to work out overall, but I really enjoyed this one, even if she never reads it.Jack is an orphan in foster care who has FINALLY made a friend at his most recent school when, wouldn t you know it, the end of the world comes Pretty much all of the adults and people in positions of authority are gone Most of the other kids are gone Jack spends his days fixing up a treehouse into the ultimate monster fighter lair and searching for his friend, Quint, and his crush, June.This book is so cute, with perfectly integrated artwork This isn t what I would necessarily consider a graphic novel, but I m pretty new to the genre it s primarily writing, with the artwork adding to the story.The story is completely from a male point of view, even down to Jack s determination to rescue June, whom he calls a damsel in distress Fortunately, the author turns some of these expectations on their head, making for a much richer story.I would definitely recommend this for kids or adults, and I think it might be a good one for reluctant readers It says in the author bio that he has worked on shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time I m using that info in my next plan of attack to get my kid to crack open a book I suspect that might do the trick Ever Since The Monster Apocalypse Hit Town, Average Thirteen Year Old Jack Sullivan Has Been Living In His Tree House, Which He S Armed To The Teeth With Catapults And A Moat, Not To Mention Video Games And An Endless Supply Of Oreos And Mountain Dew Scavenged From Abandoned Stores But Jack Alone Is No Match For The Hoards Of Zombies And Winged Wretches And Vine Thingies, And Especially Not For The Eerily Intelligent Monster Known Only AsBlarg So Jack Builds A Team His Dorky Best Friend, Quint The Reformed Middle School Bully, Dirk Jack S Loyal Pet Monster, Rover And Jack S Crush, June With Their Help, Jack Is Going To Slay Blarg, Achieve The Ultimate Feat Of Apocalyptic Success, And Be Average No Longer Can He Do It SexistI was put off by how sexist this book is I understand it is from the point of view of a 12 year old boy, but really, come on We need to do a better job of teaching boys what girls are like if this is how they really think.First of all, the only girl character in the book doesn t even make her entrance until page 156 of a 225 page book Good grief.Secondly, the main character, Jack, spends the entire time questing for her His ultimate feat is to rescue June, because in his mind she is a damsel in distress and if he saves her she will instantly fall for his heroic charms As damsels do right Doesn t matter that she barely knew him before the monster apocalypse, or that all interactions with him, she made it known how annoying she found him All that does not matter because he is the hero and she is damsel.Thirdly, when she finally does come into the picture, she tells him that she doesn t want saving and he should go away His response is this does not jibe I need time to convince her His tactic is to ignore her wishes, and figuratively twist her arm until she agrees to go with him.Oh and lets not forget, he also gets into a fight with his best friend and ends up calling dibs on her When his friend protests and says That is not how girls work Jack s response is That is how dibs work His best friend agrees that she is Jack s girl and is not trying to steal her So now she is reduced to an object that you can call dibs on Not a person with feelings, thoughts, and opinions that matter What the deuce Lastly, when all of them, Jack, June, and two other boys, get into a big monster battle at the end, they all must fight for their lives I say all of them, because all of the kids were involved in some way After all was said and done, Jack thinks to himself the most important thing is I did it He is not referring to killing the monster, he is referring to saving June, the damsel He says she wasn t a damsel, and didn t need rescuing, but I managed kinda do it anyway and that is cool So in his mind, the only really really important thing is that he rescued his crush from a situation he himself created so now he is the hero who deserves the affections of said girl.This is so wrong.I can see many boys enjoying this book because of the monsters, guts, action, and adventure However, if your boys are reading this book, make sure to talk to them about how to treat, respect, and think about girls as people not objects Please. Max Brallierin Maailman viimeiset tyypit WSOY, 2019 on toiminnant yteinen varhaisnuorten romaani, jota on mainostettu lauseella Neropatin p iv kirja kohtaa Walking Deadin , ja onpa takakanteen saatu kehuva sitaatti Jeff Kinneylta.Vauhtia ja vaarallisia tilanteita piisaa kun kolmetoistavuotias Jack yst vineen yritt selviyty hengiss hirvi iden kansoittamassa kotikaupungissaan ja pelastaa samalla ihastuksensa kohteen Vaikka mukana on zombeja ja muuta kauhukuvastoa, on p paino kuitenkin huumorilla, joka ei kyll ole n in aikuislukijasta mitenk n erityisen oivaltavaa tai ratkiriemukasta Ripaus kunnianhimoa ei muutenkaan olisi tehnyt kirjalle haittaa, sen verran kliseisi polkuja tallataan.No, lukipa kirjan kuitenkin ihan kivutta, ja uskon kohderyhm n voivan innostua romaanista, viimeist n siin vaiheessa kun Netflix sarja ilmestyy kuvioihin.Suomennos ei miellytt nyt minua kaikilta osin Meihemi Ja miksi ihmeess kurvipallo, kun kierteinenkin on olemassa Suositellaan nelos viitos kuutosille ja miksei viel seiskoillekin Nykyisell n on tuntunut, ett kirjavinkatessa saa suht isoillekin koululaisille ottaa mukaan aika lapsekkaita kirjoja tyyliin viitoset lukevat Risto R pp ji ja Elloja. I bought this book for one of my little sisters this past Christmas and she didn t read it, so I was like, fine I ll read it Apocalypse is big right now and so are sassy male leads like Percy Jackson Jack Sullivan is a sassy male lead and this book is about an apocalypse The thing that makes this series different is that it is illustrated, not like most kids books where there is a picture that goes along with the text in The Last Kids on Earth, the pictures are a part of the story, maybe a comic book novel crossover I can t imagine how much planning it took to get the text and images to line up correctly so the image could be an appropriate size and fit in the right spot of the story so the words in the picture continue it As an adult reading this, I could predict most of what was going to happen and the plot didn t get my heart racing, but I think as a kid, I would have enjoyed this a lot. Received a copy at BEA 2015 now is this the kind of book I would usually pick up No, and if it were straight text I would have skipped it but the graphics broke up the story put a clever pace on the end of the world story that I found it entertaining and engaging The YA crowd should love this rag tag bunch who manage to stay alive on their own barely. Pe la trei diminea a am nv at c teva lucruri utile valabile pentru Apocalipsa Mon trilor Biscui ii Oreo sunt buni chiar i atunci c nd sunt expira i Iron Man nu e real, dar Robert Downey Jr este Fetele furioase sunt mai nsp im nt toare dec t orice bestie Mirosul de b ie i e mai r u dec t mirosul de zombie Mon trilor nu le place s fie njunghia i n frunte. I remember thinking, UM THIS CAN T BE REAL IT MUST BE A PRANK A JOKE A REALITY SHOW RIGHT So I said to Quint, UM THIS CAN T BE REAL IT MUST BE A PRANK A JOKE A REALITY SHOW RIGHT But it wasn t.Meet Jack Sullivan Zombie hunter, monster slayer, late blooming, slow developing 13 year old He s riding out the monster apocalypse from his tree house, and is doing his best to keep busy.He s set himself achievements, like Mad Hatter Steal the hats off five zombies.Outrun Beat a zombie in a footrace.Say Cheese Take a photo with someone you knew before they got zombified.House Hunter Explore 50 different abandoned houses.And, most importantly Damsel in Distress Find and rescue love interest, June Del Toro.Of course, he needs to get back in touch with his best only friend Quint, and avoid being eaten by Blarg the giant, intelligent monster that is hunting him down but those are just details.He s Jack Sullivan, Post Apocalyptic Action Hero He s got this.The rest of this review can be found here LOVE THIS BOOK A sort of chapter book graphic novel hybrid, similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid in format, featuring ZOMBIES, and a hilarious protagonist It s like the trifecta of kid lit AWESOME After a monster attack destroys the town of Wakefield and transforms most of its citizens into zombies, one of the last survivors is 13 year old, Jack Sullivan, self proclaimedzombie fighting, monster slaying, tornado of coolWhen Jack s not battling the undead, he hangs in one of literature s BEST settings a treehouse complete with a crossbow, rocket launcher flatscreen TV My 9 year old self is screaming with jealously fuckkit, my 30 something self is envious During one of his daily fights for survival, which includes hand to hand combat with a ROLLING BALL OF ZOMBIE yes, you read that right rolling ball of zombie Jack manages to locate two of his fellow classmates His scientist best friend and the School Bully Yipes Given this is the apocalypse and all, school tensions are thrown aside and the three join forces to rescue a fourth classmate who s trapped in their decimated school Problem is it s surrounded by a MASSIVE ZOMBIE HOARDE I m not kidding when I say this book is funny It s LOL, side splittingly hilarious the entire time The scare potential of the monsters is reduced by the humor and reluctant readers will find this book both compelling and accessible This installment is the first in a series The follow up, The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade,has been released and a third book is headed our way in September I book talked it when I visited six local elementary schools in June and it s been FLYING off our shelves Kids LOVE it.

About the Author: Max Brallier

MAX BRALLIER is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of than thirty books for children and adults, including the middle grade monster zombie series The Last Kids on Earth.Under the pen name Jack Chabert, he is the author and creator of the Eerie Elementary series and authored the New York Times bestselling Poptropica Vol 1 Mystery of the Map.Max is also the creator of Galacti

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