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The Lost Hero Jason Has A Problem He Doesn T Remember Anything Before Waking Up On A School Bus Holding Hands With A Girl Apparently He Has A Girlfriend Named Piper His Best Friend Is A Kid Named Leo, And They Re All Students In The Wilderness School, A Boarding School For Bad Kids , As Leo Puts It What He Did To End Up Here, Jason Has No Idea Except That Everything Seems Very WrongPiper Has A Secret Her Father, A Famous Actor, Has Been Missing For Three Days, And Her Vivid Nightmares Reveal That He S In Terrible Danger Now Her Boyfriend Doesn T Recognize Her, And When A Freak Storm And Strange Creatures Attack During A School Field Trip, She, Jason, And Leo Are Whisked Away To Someplace Called Camp Half Blood What Is Going On Leo Has A Way With Tools His New Cabin At Camp Half Blood Is Filled With Them Seriously, The Place Beats Wilderness School Hands Down, With Its Weapons Training, Monsters, And Fine Looking Girls What S Troubling Is The Curse Everyone Keeps Talking About, And That A Camper S Gone Missing Weirdest Of All, His Bunkmates Insist They Are All Including Leo Related To A God

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    4.5 5 stars Great book, I loved the Roman aspect to it and CANNOT WAIT to learn about all the Roman stuff in the next book because I can already tell it s going to get CRAZYYYYYY

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    Re read in 2017 so I can FINALLY finish the rest of the series Original Review THAT ENDING WAS SOOO GOOD I NEED THE NEXT BOOK ASAP PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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    EDIT So, uh, I was kind of maybe extremely delirious when I originally wrote this, but I find it kind of awkward entertaining, and since so many people have liked it, I guess I ll leave it up THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS If you were lame enough to click the show button even though the Goodreads thing automatically says spoilers u

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    B 79% Good Notes It treats memory as the primordial stew of personality a precious, bubbling cistern of affection, anguish and intrigue.

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    Probably SPOILER ALERT, but nothing you couldn t have figured out in the first few pages.According to Goodreads, 97% of people liked it But the 3% will rise Prepare yourself for the first yet negative review of this book.I was so excited for this book to come out But then I read it, and was very disappointed Just to clarify, I LOVED the original Perc

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    A one on one buddy read with my wonderful friend, Audrey Yay, finally got me a buddy I liked this book than the first few Percy books but I m not sure I m going to continue with either series I will probably move on to Magnus I was telling a friend, I m pretty sure what ruined Percy for me was watching the movies before reading the books I don t even remember

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    Well, I finished re reading all the Percy Jackson the Olympians books, so now I m attempting to re read all the Heroes of Olympus books as well mostly because I wanted to refresh my memory before The Blood of Olympus comes out After that, no Percy Jackson sobs So yeah, I ve now finished re reading this one which was a good idea, because as I read it I realized I d forg

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    I read almost of this book in a relax mood But the ending It was killer Shocking When I realised what actually happened and craving for , the book ended That was painful OVERVIEW New characters are being introduced Jason, Leo and Piper Jason has lost his memory Finds himself in a school bus where Leo and Piper claim to be his friends But he doesn t remember them They get attacked

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    Seven half bloods shall answer the call,To storm or fire the world must fall.An oath to keep with a final breath,And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. New prophecy New characters New adventure Same, EPIC world Meet our new demigods Jason, Piper and Leo.Jason is the mystery in this trio, see he doesn t remember anything, not even who he is A God has stolen his memories.Piper has

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