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The Naturalists Daughter Cooper is a favourite and much treasured author of mine Cooper s ability to bring little known aspects of Australian history to life through her novels is an impressive feat In her latest Australian historical fiction treat, Cooper highlights the discovery and controversial classification of a quintessential Australian mammal, the platypus, in The Naturalist s Daughter.Tea Cooper s latest, The Naturalist s Daughter, begins in the era of the early 1800 s, in New South Wales Rose Winton is her father Charles apprentice Charles is a naturalist, specifically working on a pioneering study of the platypus At the time, an egg laying creature that feeds milk to its young was unheard of The platypus was classed as a scientific conundrum When Charles falls ill, it is up to Rose to step up her duties and cross the other side of the world, to London In London, Rose must present her father s work to the Royal Society, revealing revolutionary scientific information on the platypus However, it will take Rose all the strength she can summon to honour her father s prestigious work The impact of the journey Rose takes has a lasting impact on future generations Nearly 100 years later, public library worker Tamsin Alleyn makes the journey to the Hunter Valley to collect a precious sketchbook, provided by an unknown figure to the Mitchell Library When Tamsin arrives, the old sketchbook delivers much than expected It has also caught the eye of an antiquarian bookseller, by the name of Shaw Everdene Although suspicious of Shaw s agenda, Tamsin decides to work with him to uncover the true scientific value of this sketchbook The Naturalist s Daughter merges the personal histories of two very colourful female figures and in this process, paints a fascinating portrait of a much loved Australian creature, the platypus.What an intriguing main topic for a narrative and a highly original slice of Australian history writer Tea Cooper has selected to cover in her latest novel, The Naturalist s Daughter I greatly admire the skill, thought and care that goes into the production of Cooper s Australian historical fiction novels The Naturalist s Daughter is another fine example of Cooper s talent From the beginning to the end of the novel, I was completely enthralled by the rich and textured history I was presented with by Tea Cooper.The central topic of the novel, the platypus, is utterly enthralling and never before have I read such an informative piece of literature on this Australian creature The beauty of this novel is that all the interesting facts, observations and key features about the platypus are combined within an engaging narrative By the time The Naturalist s Daughter came to a close, not only did I feel better educated about the platypus, I couldn t wait to make plans to view a platypus with the new set of information I gleaned from Tea Cooper.The Naturalist s Daughter isn t just about the platypus, it also follows the story of two very determined women, ahead of their time, performing acts that were outside the box for women of their respective eras Cooper highlights the difficulty women of both her 1800 and 1900 based narratives faced, by existing in a male dominated world, especially in the area of scientific knowledge and discovery I greatly admired Rose s decision to firstly travel to England without her father Secondly, I thought Rose was extremely fearless in her attempts to present her father s findings to the Royal Society, especially in her pursuit of winning figurehead Joseph Banks over The controversy and fierce debate of awarding classification of the platypus was covered very well by Cooper I also loved Rose s interactions back home with her father, she clearly had plenty to contribute to the field of research into the platypus The other protagonist of the novel, in the 1908 narrative, Tamsin Alleyn, is just as powerful in her own right Despite the fact that these two strong and female protagonists lived 100 years part, Cooper ties their stories together in a harmonious way Equally interesting are the male characters that flesh out the pages of this story They are wonderfully complex, such as Rose s father Charles in the earlier narrative and Shaw in the 1908 based storyline All the characters featured in The Naturalist s Daughter are portrayed with a sense of intimacy, which I appreciated very much.Tea Cooper s latest novel offers the reader a great combination of genres Readers who make the wise choice and select The Naturalist s Daughter to read can expect a touch of unusual natural history, romance and drama The use of the sketchbook containing early illustrations of the platypus provided a beautiful air of mystery and intrigue to the novel I will admit that this object completely drew me in to the unfolding story I loved how Tea Cooper carefully connected this sketchbook to her leading characters, across the two different timelines.The Naturalist s Daughter is an outstanding, as well as ardent tribute to one of Australia s icons from the natural world, the platypus It is a smoothly written novel, with plenty of history, especially of Australia s heritage and the scientific world, interspersed throughout an arresting narrative Tea Cooper has outdone herself with her latest and greatest novel to date, The Naturalist s Daughter I wish to thank the publisher, Harlequin Books Australia, for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Agnes Banks, NSWRose Winton Wants Nothing Than To Work With Her Father, Eminent Naturalist Charles Winton, On His Groundbreaking Study Of The Platypus Not Only Does She Love Him With All Her Heart, But The Discoveries They Have Made Could Turn The Scientific World On Its Head When Charles Is Unable To Make The Long Sea Journey To Present His Findings To The Prestigious Royal Society In England, Rosie Must Venture Forth In His Stead What She Discovers There Will Change The Lives Of Future Generations Sydney, NSWTamsin Alleyn Has Been Given A Mission Travel To The Hunter Valley And Retrieve An Old Sketchbook Of Debatable Value, Gifted To The Public Library By A Recluse But When She Gets There, She Finds There Is To The Book Than Meets The Eye, And Than One Interested Party Shaw Everdene, A Young Antiquarian Bookseller And Lawyer Seems To Have His Own Agenda When It Comes To The Book And Tamsin In An Attempt To Discover The Book S True Provenance Tamsin Decides To Work With HimThe Deeper They Delve, The Intricate The Mystery Becomes As The Lives Of Two Women A Century Apart Converge, Discoveries Rise Up From The Past And Reach Into The Future, With Irrevocable Consequences It took me quite a while to settle into this book, which I was keen to read, given a number of positive reviews from fellow Aussie Readers The first 20 30 pages seemed patchy to me and I felt unclear whether I was reading a romance, an historical fiction or Feeling the need to persist, I kept reading and found that it eventually settled down into an engaging piece of historical story telling, which contained a great mystery Having read many historical novels with two time periods, I was intrigued that this book presented times in the early 1800s and early 1900s, whereas most novels using this narrative device offer a modern day perspective along with the historical It worked for me to some degree, and I liked the 20th century protagonist Tamsin My heart belonged, though, to Rose, the strong willed, brainy, determined young woman whose commitment to the scientific truth brought her up against the British Establishment in 1810.Rose s mission was to promote her ailing father s life long investigation into the nature and habits of the Australian platypus, a creature so unfamiliar to the scientific Establishment in England that the pundits refused to believe it existed They called the specimens and drawings a grand hoax The parts of the book that followed this thread really appealed to me.The mystery surrounding the origins of the sketchbook which contained all those significant scientific observations was intriguing, and some of the minor narrative elements held my attention However I found some aspects of the story tipped over into melodrama That style may appeal to some readers, but I found it rather cheesy And the putative link between Rose and Tamsin a century apart struck me as a bit contrived.I was not entranced by Tea Cooper s writing style It seemed a bit patchy, with some well written, almost lyrical passages, interspersed with some incredibly clunky paragraphs Lots of poorly constructed phrases, such as an elegantly clad foot, which surely should have been elegantly shod I don t want to be too picky but the misuses jarred.Having said that, I did enjoy the book overall and think it is a pleasant mystery, one that does not tax the brain too much A solid 3.5 stars. What a wonderful book My favourite kind fiction based on fact, great characters, beautifully written, and the fiction part of the story two women a century apart built by the author into a rather fabulous story An I thought I was not a fan if romance stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this historical fiction novel I loved the dual timelines, and couldn t wait to see how they tied together I learnt a lot about the platypus and always enjoy learning about Australia back in the day I highly recommend this novel.Thank you to Netgalley and Harlequin Australia , TEEN MIRA for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review We must always record our evidence It s the only way In 1808 at Agnes Banks in NSW, a young Rose Winton is fascinated by her father s work Charles Winton is a naturalist, studying the platypus or mallangong, as it is known by the local indigenous people Charles Winton has been corresponding with Sir Joseph Banks, then President of the Royal Society, about the mysterious animal Charles Winton s ground breaking research, accompanied by sketches, provides much information about the platypus than anyone else has yet documented Charles Winton is invited to present his findings to the Royal Society but becomes ill and is unable to sail to London He sends Rose in his place there are family connections Rose can turn to Ask all the questions you can think of and remember the Royal Society motto Nullius in Verba Take no one s word for it In 1908 in Sydney, NSW, Tamsin Alleyn is a young woman working at the Public Library She s sent to Wollombi in the Hunter Valley to retrieve an old sketch book which has been gifted to the Library by an elderly woman The journal is said to belong to Charles Winton, and if it s genuine, it may be of great significance Two stories, separated by a century Two young women, much independent than is usual for the times Two mysteries to be explained While the reader will quickly understand where the sketchbook came from, the question of ownership needs to be resolved, as does how the sketchbook ended up in Wollombi For part of the story, the reader has information than Tamsin I was engrossed by this stage I wanted to know how Tamsin would trace the history of the sketchbook I wanted to find the links between 1808 and 1908 what happened to Rose, and what about the presentation to the Royal Society To write about the story could spoil it There is than one mystery in this novel in both 1808 and 1908 as well as an occasional melodramatic flourish to hold the reader s attention I really enjoyed the characters of both Rose and Tamsin, and the way in which Ms Cooper presented this story This is the first of Ms Cooper s novels I have read, but it certainly won t be the last Jennifer Cameron Smith I have read a few of MS Cooper s books and loved them but I have to say that this is just the best so far what an amazing story set across a century here in Australia and England, the characters are strong and are alive there is a mystery that crosses the century that was amazing as it was unravelled and the two woman are fabulous they showed such courage, I had a very early morning as I finished this one.Where do I start Maybe with Rose Winton I loved Rose and her strength and courage she worked so hard alongside her father Charles Winton one of the colonies first naturalists studying the native platypus in its environment and this was in Agnes Banks New South Wales 1808 Rose is a young girl than but years working with her father taught her how to draw and paint and learn, she lived with her Pa and Mam a convict transported for theft but there were secrets that were kept and when they come out people s lives are turned upside down but Rose shows such strength when it is needed.It is now 1908 and Tamsin Alleyn is working for at the public library in Sydney and is asks to take a trip to The Hunter Valley and investigate a sketch book that is supposed to belong to Charles Winton, Tamsin meets a solicitor Shaw Everdene who is working for the family who supposedly owns the book, this starts a journey of investigation that is so intriguing when one discovery leads to another and Tamsin and Shaw get closer.This book has left me speechless I practically gulped this one down in one sitting it is so good two woman a century apart linked like you would not believe I loved the strength that these two showed and with the help of the men who jumped in and added to the journey was amazing, of course there is the history of the platypus and the settings, MS Cooper you have knocked my socks off with this one I cannot highly recommend it enough I loved this one. A fabulous journey into the nineteenth century world of scientific and naturalist discoveries, a time when The Royal society in London, headed by Sir Joseph Banks, was at its most powerful It was men who understood the complexities of science, not women, but Tea Cooper has challenged this erroneous belief with her story of Rose Winton and Tamsin Alleyn At first it was difficult to know whether this was a love story, or a story of two unconventional, determined women fighting for recognition in the midst of prejudice and sexism On finishing the book I decided it was both and that s what I so loved about it.It begins in Australia in 1808 with Charles Winton s obsession with studying the ornithorhynchus animus, also known as the platypus His daughter, Rose shares his obsession and together they study and record in words and pictures the movement and habits of this strange animal One hundred years later a young woman researcher, Tamsin Alleyn, receives documents from The Royal Society in London which hint at journals and records kept by Charles Winton which she believes hold answers to one of the great natural mysteries of the time.When a message is received at the Mitchell Library bequeathing them a journal belonging to Charles Winton, Tamsin is sent to a small country town to retrieve it A continuous series of events prevent her taking possession of the journal, which increases her determination to uncover the mystery surrounding this book The story swings between two centuries and two women, Rose and Tamsin, as each follow their passions Rose s to convince the Royal Society her father has not fabricated a hoax and Tamsin s to pursue possession of the valuable journal and unearth Rose s story This is a book rich with history, intriguing scientific facts, twists and turns and a satisfying ending The characters are complex and well developed and the surroundings intimately portrayed I felt as if I was on a quest with the characters to discover all the half hidden, long forgotten pieces of an enthralling puzzle and couldn t stop reading until they were all in place A definite must read. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Books for the opportunity to read and review Tea Copper s The Naturalist s Daughter.This is the second book of Cooper s that I have been privileged to read and review and having loved The Currency Lass I couldn t wait to read this book The Naturalist s Daughter did not disappoint, I was enthralled from the moment I started to read it.Cooper has that wonderful ability to seamlessly blend historical fact and fiction together in order to create a piece of work that holds your interest from beginning to end.This book is the tale of two Australian women, 100 years apart, the elusive Ornithorrhyncus anatinus, commonly known as the mallangong, or platypus, a sketchbook, Colonial Australia and female convicts, the disbelief of the Royal Society in London that a creature such as the platypus could be real, dark rites and unanticipated family connections.Charles Winton is the naturalist, Rose Winton his daughter, together they observe and document the strange creature known as the platypus In 1808 Charles is summoned by Sir Joseph Banks to London to present his findings at the Royal Society, but fate intervenes and he is unable to attend Rose agrees to go in his stead with the precious sketchbook and platypus taxidermy Nothing could have prepared her for what she faces on arrival.100 years later in 1908 a young librarian, Tamsin Allen, from the Public Library in New South Wales is sent to visit a Mrs Quinleaven who lives just outside a small town in the Hunter Tamsin is advised by her superior that Mrs Quinleaven wishes to donate a sketchbook that she states belonged to Charles Winton to the library.However on her arrival Tamsin is shocked to discover that Mrs Quinleaven was buried that morning, and her estranged daughter Mrs Rushworth has no knowledge of any supposed donation, and has no interest in honouring her late mother s wishes anyway And then there is the mysterious Shaw Everdene who seems to be the point of liaison between herself and Mrs Rushworth, clearly is as fascinated by the sketchbook as she is and as interested in determining its authenticity.As Shaw and Tamsin work to determine the provenance of the sketchbook, and how it came to be in Mrs Quinleaven s possession the intricate the mystery becomes, and the Tamsin is determined to ensure the book takes it rightful place in the Library.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written Australian historical fiction, with the added benefit of learning about that strange enigma and Australian monotreme, the platypus. I have been most impressed by this beautiful novel written by the talented Australian author, Tea Cooper 1808 Agnes Banks, NSW Rose Winton lives in a rural setting with her father Charles Winton, an eminent naturalist who is studying the platypus They work closely together and love each other very much When their world is turned upside down, Rose must be brave and venture alone to ensure her fathers research and discoveries are duly recognised.1908 Sydney, NSW Tamsin Alleyn works at the Mitchell Library in Sydney and has been tasked with travelling to the Hunter Valley to receive an old sketchbook, gifted to the library What she discovers is a book of questionable value but one that opens up the proverbial Pandora s Box of intrigue and mystery Who does the book belong to Was there than one contributor I was initially sceptical at the thought of a book based on the study of the platypus of all the subjects one could base a story on, the platypus didn t seem to be of great interest to me However, Tea has masterfully wound an intriguing story, spanning two lives a century apart and developed an intriguing tale of scientific discovery, family units, colonial Australia, history, mystery, scandal and a touch of romance The cover artwork is also of a wonderful design A true representation of the location, Agnes Banks and appearance of the character Rose Winton.Thank you Tea Cooper for sharing your talents for writing I have visited your website, signed up to your newsletter and look forward to hearing of your next literary ventures Thank you also to Harlequin, HQ Fiction and Beauty Lace Book Club for the opportunity to read this wonderful novel.

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Tea Cooper writes Australian contemporary and historical fiction In a past life she was a teacher, a journalist and a farmer These days she haunts museums and indulges her passion for storytelling.

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