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The PLayboy Sheikh Jessel the selfish dick and Daisy his neglected wife.I just didn t feel the love The story felt uneven and kinda of nonsensical at times.So Jessel is one of those H s who has loved and lost and it turned him into an egotistical self centered ass Basically, he s a user And he uses Daisy She is pretty young, just 20 and falls head over heels, despite all the evidence that he is a player She speaks Arabic but doesn t tell him this and so gets to hear all his despicable disrespect for her He talks to his lover on the phone in Arabic WHILE SITTING NEXT TO HER than once before and after they marry He has so little respect for her But she still marries him So she s kind of an idiot too There are also third party villains and he is oblivious to everything until it is too late.She ends up leaving him and it was a fine set down on her part My favourite part of the book really view spoiler They spend years apart and it is unclear if he s been looking for her the whole time or not But she really hits rock bottom and he isn t there to save her Of course, this being a harlequin, she is pregnant with his baby and 4 years later he finds not just her but his son as well He has been celibate since she left him and he was publicly humiliated by the press much deserved SO when he finally finds her, he is contrite, but I honestly don t know why he looked for her I didn t get the feeling he really loved her at all He had inexplicable urges of lust for her is that supposed to equate to a love he didn t recognize at first I guess his divorce with her wasn t legal, but still hide spoiler The supposed hero is a big son of a bitch He s just emotionally and physically destroys our heroine.He still loves his wife dead.He breaks all promises that he does for her.He keeps lovers and while he s having fun with them forget completely of our heroine.It just keeps letting her disappointed and neglected repeatedly.But she loves him and is still eluding herself.When she rebels he just threatens her father and her too.He humiliates her publicly on several occasions.He rapes and hurt her on her wedding night and by the time he reaches the orgasm he calls the name of the dead wife.I couldn t see any reason for our heroine love this liar and cheater.She is nearly dead and from there she really see the true character of him and walks away.She gets screwed completely and still discovers she is pregnant with twins.She is poorer but she moves forward and intends to raise her kids away from the sordid surroundings of the Palace.But 4 years later due to injuries she suffered in the attack she is hospitalized and the supposed hero finds out her whereabouts.I liked her attitude of not forgiving everything immediately and go back to him only because of the children.Only two years later and after seeing that he s really changed is that she says she loves him again.But I confess that I was not convinced and much less I was captivated by the hero I didn t like him and I wish she had moved on with another man.She would never be Teramila his heart was buried with her forever but she would have to do Ah, yes, the lovely Meila Cancel my reservation at Park Lane Have my pilot ready the jet Inform Meila we will be dinning in Paris this evening Notify Le Meurice to have my suite ready Also, have them reserve my usual table, please He would not want her he still loved his Teramila.Mr Armin did not show up to take her to tea when he promised he would Nor did he get in touch with her to cancel their arrangement She waited for hours for him, thinking he could have been in an accident and hurt Two days later she knew why She saw him on the telly He was in Morocco on business, with two beautiful women by his side.Kamil knew he had not gone out with Miss Daisy, because he was in Morocco, spending off work hours with the lawyer called Susie.but at that moment he was enjoying the company of the younger lawyer Susie, and when it became clear that she would be in his bed later that night, Daiserlie went right out of his mind again Daisy could not believe she had not heard from Jessel He had done it to her again cancelled another dinner appointment without a by your leave, and causing her humiliation.Unfortunately the paparazzi were outside the restaurant, and snapped shots of him and Susie going in before he could hide his identity It was bad enough when they had caught him and Susie leaving the hotel in Paris early in the morning, with his hand on her bottom The picture in the papers the next day was very explicit Go away, please, I have nothing to say to you You are not an honourable man Obviously that was why he had never kept their appointment he was with another woman when he had sworn he was not in a relationship.he would wait and pay a visit to Morocco and the lovely Susie on his return She would put an end to his sexual drought.He would need to take the helicopter to his meeting with the owners of the island in Morocco, and he could still meet with Susie.How dare she ask him to be faithful He was a king.He had lied to her again.Today was her wedding, and Daisy had never felt so sad Why was she going through with this marriage when she didn t trust Jessel any Because he had threatened to throw her father in jail, saying he could rot in there, the choice was up to her That s why she was marrying him.This was the day he had married his beloved Teramila, and no foreign woman was ever going to take her place.He felt her maidenhead split and heard her scream He froze This couldn t be right If she was having an affair, she should not be a virgin You re a virgin he asked Na am, Teramila, then he climaxed Daisy was rigid with shock He had called for his dead wife he had an orgasm was she supposed to have one as well How would she know if she did All she knew was that he had shamed her again and she could not stem the tears.He was appalled that he had totally forced his new wife to have sex with him How could he have treated her with so little respect Tears slid down her cheeks as she thought of her wedding night.stood watching her ex husband kissing the woman and it made her feel nauseated Jessel broke the kiss and was running a caressing finger down Susie s cheek when he saw her look over his shoulder and her face go white He turned and saw his ex wife, her nurse, and the other patrons watching him.My God, it was her birthday, her twenty first birthday, and again he had not remembered it.Twins Daisy had to have a Caesarean birth as the twins were too big to deliver normally. Ok I am trying to wrap my mind around the way the H was throughout about 90% of this book He lied, cheated on the h many many times, bullied her into something she did not want and practically raped her on her wedding night only to call out the name of his first wife This guy was horrible I need boogie s skillet for this dope head But the fact that he went for 4 years with out her and he grew was his only saving grace with me I did truly feel that by the end of the book the H did grow up and see the way he was, was not a good thing I just wished that the ending of the book was not so rushed to get to the end maybe another 10 pages with an epilogue would have been nice. This was one book that I really loved to hate the H in Jessel pursued Daisy for marriage Not because he loved her No he wanted a biddable wife so that he could continue with his other woman He needed an heir but not the commitment of a wife But Daisy was just what the sheikh ordered But she was not what she seemed She understood and spoke his languae fluently She fell in love with her sheikh only to have him divorce her She had to listen to him love talk to his mistress while on her honeymoon She held it in I will be reading this one again only so that I can root for Daisy and how she gets back at him Dorothy Forturne has great potental as a writer I was hooked. 3 all for the heroine starsSo, I adored the heroine She was strong and was not afraid to put the Hero in his place regardless of his stature Plus she didn t rush into a relationship with the Hero and it wasn t insta love However, I m confused as to why she actually accepted his proposal when just the day before he was having a sexual conversation with his mistress right in front of her he was speaking Arabic not realizing she knew Arabic BUT when she accepted she expected him to be faithfulsadly he was not even though he said he would be It was ultimately her naivety that made her blind She was what made the book for me and kept me reading through all of the Heros assholish behavior Finally what totally won me over for hershe didn t immediately get over his behavior or indiscretions She didn t immediattly take him back either While I wasn t happy she slept with him right upon his return she withheld part of herself She didn t commit to him fully for 2 years She was a real rarity.Also a thing that kept me reading was that the hero faced consequences for his actions that is a rare in romance He brought great shame on himself and his country honor is HUGE I his culture and he show himself to be a very dishonorable King He was publicaly shamed and people took her side He didn t get away with his behavior The Hero was a true bastard in all senses of the word I ve only read one other cheating hero who was as bad as him and I hated that book This Hero embodied the main reason I don t read Sheikh books mistresses are not only accepted but are expected He stated he would be faithful to the heroin after the proposal but didn t uphold that commitment He lied to her numerous times and hurt her numerous He made a mockery of her The bigger issue with him was that HE knew he was hurting her He was aware of his actions but couldn t get it together enough to treat her right She affected him like no woman had in a long time his words He wanted her but like I said before just couldn t and didn t want to get it together It wasn t until she walked away and he was confronted with his mistreatment of her, was shamed by his people and the public, AND lost one of his most trusted advisors that he got it together and did what was right by her He restored honor to HER name by revealing the truth and disproving the allegations against her, he cleared house of the trash in his council, and worked to restore honor to the monarchy He was also celibate for the 4 year separation Now, to the part of the story that some may have a problem either her in regard to some of her actions She kept the knowledge of his children from him I however have NO issues with her actions He was horrible to her, divorced her BECAUSE HE THOUGHT SHE COULDNT HAVE CHILDREN yes, you read THAT right She was unaware she was pregnant when she left and after again being publicly humiliated by him and his mistress AGAIN it totally but him in the ass though so no worries she chose to raise her child to be a better person that their father by not allowing him or his advisors around and wellI don t blame her My other issues is that we did not get to see the Heros growth into a better man We were told about it We didn t see him work to right public perception of her, we didn t get to see him work to restore honor to the monarchy or his name There was a 4 year gap when all of this happens and we didn t get to experience it That experience would have went a long way to redeem him but we didn t get it We only got 2 3% of the book with him being a changed, honorable man.Now one of the best moments in the bookthis was her final goodbye and she did it in a beautiful way Daisy rose unsteadily from the chair and bent her head, asking, Well, well, well, if it isn t the adulterous king with his gang of bullies Is this an official visit You could hear a pin drop in the sudden silence Apart from Mr Kamil, gentlemen, and I use that title loosely to you all, what do you want Jessel took a deep breath, and dismissed his PA Kamil bowed and backed away to leave the room Before he reached the door, he looked at Daisy, at her white strained face He knew something unpleasant was about to take place The senior elder spoke to Daisy Have you been made aware of your medical condition She wobbled a bit as she forced herself to continue standing Are you speaking to me she asked the elder He nodded in acknowledgement Am I still your queen Again he nodded Then you will remember your place and address me as such It s well known the king has no respect or support for me That doesn t mean you should not For the last time I will ask you what do you want By this time she was wobbling badly Please sit, Daiserlie, do not distress yourself It is time for a Talaq Please, come sit You are very unsteady on your feet, and we would not like you to have another injury Do what you have to do and get this over with Say it all at once Jessel was stunned He looked at the elders Am I allowed to say the Talaq all at once, like she says You are the king You can say what you like to this unfaithful woman It is your right Jessel stood in front of Daisy and said the Talaq three times Do you make a habit of character assassination, Daiserlie, or just mine What proof have you of my assumed infidelity and supposed lies he demanded His voice was hard, as was the stance he had taken against her, but she would not let him denigrate her any She had finally found her backbone Noting her white face and trembling body, he reached out a hand to her Get away from me You no longer have the right to touch me any You lost that right when you not only rejected me as your wife, but treated me as your whore Talk about rats deserting a sinking ship You don t even know if I can have children or not, but you prefer to listen to these bad advisers You should be proud of yourself You knew I was a virgin when you forced yourself on me, and then you called me by your dead wife s name The only person being unfaithful in this farce of a marriage is you As for my proof, how about when I phoned you at five am and Susie answered You swore with this lot of degenerates that you were in London, but the fagjr was calling the faithful to prayer They don t do that in London Also Halima showed me pictures Amadin had taken of you both in the villa in Morocco Even before that, there were the constant sexual phone calls when we were in the desert, when I had to listen to your dirty sex talks with your mistress You swore an oath to me you were not involved with another woman Ha, fool me for believing you You re so twisted you could not lie straight in bed if you tried You looked me in the eyes and swore you were in London Well, that takes care of your fidelity and lies So much for your oath of honour This country will never have honour while it s run by a narcissistic king like you who dwells in the past How do you expect to have a marriage and children in today s situation when you are living in the past with your dead wife and child It s the same with this council of greedy liars, who only want to line their pockets at the expense of the people I am thankful you didn t lie and say you loved me Now get out, all of you You make me sick Daisy was shaking as she delivered the tirade to them Turning away, she sobbed, Please leave The silence in the room was thick with disbelief as Daisy delivered her speech to them all perfectly in their mother tongue Sheikh Jessel Armin Bin Al Bukea Needs An Heir, And He Has His Sights Set On Daiserlie Thorpe Daisy To Her Friends , A Young, Na Ve English Girl, And Yes, She Would Be Perfect He Could Continue With His Current Lifestyle, Uncluttered By Emotions That Had Died With His Beautiful Young Wife The Only Flaw In His Plan Is That He Has Neglected To Tell Daisy It Is A Marriage Of Convenience As She Falls In Love With Her Sheikh, Only To Find Out His Heart Is With Another

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