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The Princess Bride What Happens When The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Marries The Handsomest Prince Of All Time And He Turns Out To Bewella Lot Less Than The Man Of Her Dreams As A Boy, William Goldman Claims, He Loved To Hear His Father Read The S Morgenstern Classic, The Princess Bride But As A Grown Up He Discovered That The Boring Parts Were Left Out Of Good Old Dad S Recitation, And Only The Good Parts Reached His EarsNow Goldman Does Dad One Better He S Reconstructed The Good Parts Version To Delight Wise Kids And Wide Eyed Grownups EverywhereWhat S It About Fencing Fighting True Love Strong Hate Harsh Revenge A Few Giants Lots Of Bad Men Lots Of Good Men Five Or Six Beautiful Women Beasties Monstrous And Gentle Some Swell Escapes And Captures Death, Lies, Truth, Miracles, And A Little SexIn Short, It S About Everything I m sorry Kate s favorite book, but I must destroy you Two stars Yep, I am one of those people Cynical Have no heart Have no good taste in books Just want mindless action and independent sword wielding women as main characters Don t like overpowered men Nor women, for that matter Don t believe in love at first sight Hate damsels in distress Hate perfection You get the point.Do you see why I didn t like the book Do you Well, if you ve read it you probably do If you didn t, then go ahead and read it I dare you to read it The Princess Bride started out as an entertaining read Bill Goldman s part in the story was a pleasant surprise, even though he didn t seem like the kindest person out there, I found myself immersed in the story When the so called introduction ended and the actual Princess Bride story began well, my enthusiasm started to decrease TheI read theit decreased What were you expecting from a book called The Princess Bride my husband asked Well, I thought it may be a parody of all those cheesy romance books that are way too popular than they deserve Maybe I thought it was a new take on those romances, something that would make me say Gee, this is one good romance novel I sure feel silly for bashing the genre so much in my reviews I wantedor less the same true love conquers all story but with better characters Yes, the characters are the ones who made me dislike the book My main problem is Buttercup Oh god how can I express the amount of hatred I feel for this girl A gif Would it be appropriate Sure, why not She was such a fucking idiot I can t believe it I feel sad to know that the great super ninja assassin Westley fell for her because she s so hawt Don t worry, I hate Westley just as well, but the thought of everyone wanting to get Buttercup only because she s incredibly beautiful makes me very angry Yes, I know things were like that back then Yes, I know this is not a new idea Too many books have this fairest of them all crap But that doesn t change the fact that it makes me angry Foam at the mouth Rage Want to tear things into pieces and then burn them Yes, burn everythingButtercup was what he thought of Her autumn hair, her perfect skin, and he brought her very close beside him, and had her whisper in his ear throughout the burning I love you I love you I only left you in the Fire Swamp to test your love for me Is it as great as mine for you Can two such loves exist on one planet at one time Is there that much room, beloved WestleyBarf.I can swallow this fairest of them all shit if the character has a purpose other than making beautiful, and hopefully male, babies.Well. Buttercup didn t Surprised No, you shouldn t beWoman, Westley roared, you are the property of the Dread Pirate Roberts and youdowhatyou retoldWestley is the Dread Pirate Roberts so yeah There you go Westley well my main problem with the dude is that he is overpowered Sure, the ending made up for it, he did end up being a zombie and all that ick, try kissing him now Buttercup so he is not as perfect as one would think Nice try, Goldman Nice try.No The dude is still too overpowered He is a wannabe ninja who can master any art on his own and can train his mind into standing the most intense of pain Take that sensei No one can be better than the all awesome Westley NO ONEWhich pain will be least endurable The physical, or the mental anguish of having freedom offered if the truth is told, then telling it and being thought a liar I think the physical, said the Prince I think you re wrong, said the Count Actually, they were both wrong Westley suffered not at all throughout His screaming was totally a performance to please them he had been practicing his defenses for a month now, and he wasthan readyDude Two words Get real.I think the reason why I couldn t enjoy this is the fact that I m old and bitter Ok, not as old as you would think, I m merely 25 atm, but I think I would have enjoyed thisat an earlier age The Princess Bride needs a decent amount of innocence in order to strike home.On the other hand, I wouldn t let any children near it It s slightly too violent and full of fucked up people But that s just me. If you haven t read this book, then all I can tell you is to go out, get it, and read it Now Don t bother with the rest of this review, you ll thank me later It has Fencing.Fighting.Torture.Poison.True Love.Hate.Revenge.Giants.Hunters.Good men.Bad men.Beautifulest ladies.Snakes.Spiders.Beasts of all natures and descriptions.Pain.Death.Brave men.Coward men.Strongest men.Chases.Escapes.Lies.Truths.Passion Miracles For a start.It s one of the greatest love action revenge stories ever abridged by a modern author Well, it seems that Mr Goldman felt that the original story, as written by the immortal S Morganstern, was a little too dry for public consumption, as well as damaging to treasured childhood memories, so he went through it and put together this good parts version, and the world is a better place for it 1 Of course, the big gag is that there never was an original version of the book There never was an S Morganstern, the greatest of the Florinese writers Goldman s father may have read books to him as a child, but he never read this book to him The entire thing is a fiction, beginning to end, but Goldman sells it really well He tells the tale of how he blossomed as a boy going from being a sports obsessed disappointment to a ravenous bookworm, all thanks to this book He talks about trying to give the same gift to his son, who manages to make it through one chapter before giving up in exhaustion He talks about the great shock of discovering that his father had done something utterly brilliant he had skipped the dull bits and left the exciting parts intact.Knowing that all of this is false certainly doesn t detract from the story It s a story about a story, and the effect that a story can have on a young mind Or any mind, for that matter It s about how stories can teach us lessons that only later we understand such as how life is not fair and how stories can change us in ways that we never expected It s about our relationship with fiction, and with the world around us In his fictional childhood, Goldman learnedabout the world from the process of watching the story unfold than he did from the story itself And so this book is a story about stories The actual story is just bonus.Which brings me, of course, to the film Let me say that this is one of the very, very few instances where I will put the movie up on par with the book 99.9999 repeating percent of the time, the book is better than the movie This is one instance where they are equal in nearly every measure I m sure a lot of this has to do with the fact that Goldman wrote the screenplay for the film, so not only is the story intact, but a great deal of the dialogue is almost verbatim from the book It was gold in print and gold on the screen The hardest part about reading the book is trying not to hear Andre the Giant, Christopher Guest, Robin Wright and all the other fine actors and actresses in your head as you read.So, whether you read the book or see the movie, you re in for a treat And as you read, just remember the books that molded you into who you are today Think about the stories that taught you life s lessons before life got around to doing it Think about them and appreciate them, and remember that every book is a lesson, one way or another 1 This is a fun type of meta fiction, writers writing autobiographically about writing about books that never existed I find it interesting that The Princess Bride can sit comfortably shoulder to shoulder with House of Leaves. It s amazing that I ve never found time to read this book before I have seen the movie, but it was years ago and I only really remember the one thing that everyone remembers The real strength of this book is that is just ticks every box imaginable It s a fairy tale, full of action, romance and revenge, and it has that timeless quality that the best fairy tales seem to carry It was published in the 1970s but it feels like it should be a thousand years old, passed down from generation to generation It s non stop adventure, comedy gold and full of some of the most memorable characters I ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.Goldman s writing style for this novel works so surprisingly well For one, it s such an unusual idea to write a retelling of a story by a fictional author Goldman claims his father read him the S Morgenstern classic as a child and then proceeds to tell us the abridged version with all the good parts It s strange how well his constant sidenotes actually add to the story, rather than take us out of it I think maybe it s the little kids inside most readers who remember the magic of being read a story as a child Because while this is a fantasy story with magic and princesses, it s also a bittersweet tale about how a father introduced his son to the world of stories.And I found it hilarious I want you to know how rare it is for me to find a book that successfully combines silly humour with dramatic action and adventure I ve struggled with authors like Terry Pratchett because I felt the humour took away any serious investment I may have had in the story But this book quietly mocks itself on every page and it works so well At first I wondered if I would be rolling my eyes at the whole notion of Buttercup as the most beautiful woman in the world , but Goldman rolls his eyes for us with the comic portrayal of obsession with beauty and true love The characters here are so rich and vivid that it s hard to imagine that they don t exist somewhere in an alternate fantasy world Everyone remembers and loves Inigo Montoya and the pretty faced Westley, but I was surprised by Buttercup My memory of the movie seems to have done her a disservice because I remembered her as a typical, beautiful princess But no, Buttercup is fierce and brave She might be silly and naive at the start but she grows and develops with age She doesn t sit back and let things happen to her, which I like.Honestly, this was a delight to read I can t believe I waited so long.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr First of all, anyone who s rated this less than 5 stars is just wrong, very wrong I know this because I was recently instated Master of all Opinions where mine is the most rightest The StructureI guess the real place to start with this book is with its structure You may have noticed that the actual title is The Princess Bride S Morgenstern s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure The Good Parts Version Abridged by William Goldman.Whew That s a mouthful.But that s also the genius of this book You see, S Morgenstern s Classic doesn t actually exist, only this abridged, Good Parts version, created wholly by William Goldman This may not be the first time I expound upon the genius of this narrative.The Princess Bride begins much like the movie William Goldman gets sick and his father comes in to read him this story Only in the book, we don t jump right into the story, we go to the future of Goldman s life where he talks about things that actually happened in his life, but also some thing s he s made up.For instance, Goldman talks about writing for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which he did do But he also talks about his fictional psychotherapist wife that took some research Finally, about 40 or so pages in, we get to the actual story And it s almost exactly like the movie, or at least I should say that nothing is left out of the book that s in the movie except the performances, but I ll get there And that s how it should be, Goldman did write the screenplay.During this time, Goldman explains that the book is actually extremely boring in parts and while he was young, his father only read the good parts Instead he skipped the pages and pages of explanations of Florintine the actual story taking place in the fictional Florin ancestry, which is also explained as Morgenstern being satiric The story begins and just like in the movie, there are multiple interruptions, but in the book they re made as editorial notes Again, this is where the genius of this setup comes in He s able to comment on his own story, add things that the story alone cannot do, even point out things he finds oddin his own story.An example of Goldman pointing out what he finds odd is that throughout the story not the editorial notes , there are always interruptions in the form of parentheticals For instance she examined herself pore by pore in her mirror This was after mirrors I ll leave the lad an acre in my will, Buttercup s father was fond of saying They had acres then Then, rather than continue the argument they had arguments then too , they would both turn on their daughter These were found throughout the book and always made me laugh, but Goldman has an editorial note explaining that if the parentheticals bother you, you should skip them The Good Parts and The MovieIf you re like me, you ve seen the movie so many times that you can quote just about everything, and I m terrible at quoting movies The movie itself follows the book excellently and even exceeds the book in many ways It s so very rare, but the already excellent characters such as Fezzik and the Man in Black are almost across the board improved upon in the movie.I mean, how do you get any better than Andre the Giant and Billy Crystal s performance of Miracle Max I was reading the exact same words that Crystal says, but it was almost flat in the book, whereas in the film, Crystal makes them come alive.But the benefit of the book is, as usual, the fact that you get inside the character s heads and backstory Before each of the famous fight scenes between The Man in Black and Buttercup s three kidnappers, we are let in on the backstory of each These are great We see what actually happened with Inigo and why he seeks revenge and becomes the greatest swordsman in the worldwell, Spoiler Alert almost We find out that Fezzik is even big for a Turk who average 15 pound babies and how he was a competitive fighter who had to learn how to lose to make the crowd like him And best of all, it goes into his obsession with RHYMING Then there s Vizzini , the self proclaimed genius and orchestrator of this most unstoppable team of the world s best.Yet another thing I loved about this book, Goldman s obsessed with numbers and lists Buttercup starts out as not even in the top 20 of the most beautiful women in the world, but quickly jumps to the top Prince Humperdink is the best hunter in the world Buttercup and Westley s kiss is better than the top 5 kisses ever had.This just adds to the epic and fairytale feeling of the story, it can t getnoble than the best of the best, but at the same time, the whole numbering thing is just another comical aspect of Goldman s writing the fact that people would even have a list or the ability to measure such things I love it.Do I needexamples of the genius of this work The wit, the charm, the characters that are larger than life, this is easily one of my favorite books of all time.5 out of 5 Stars This wasn t even a debate Buttercup s Baby The extra short story included in my edition of The Pricess Bride Non spoiler, tl dr review skip it, don t mess with the classic story view spoiler This is a short story and addition to the 30th anniversary edition of the book I m never a fan of these sorts of things To be honest, it just messes with the purity that is the original and can leave you with a sour taste in your mouth The Matrix the movie should have been left alone along with things like Ender s Game and Dune It really is okay to leave people with a sense of wonder and imagination at what could have happened instead of milking things for all they re worth.With that said, this wasn t a terrible addition, it was just unnecessary It deals with the time after the ending of The Princess Bride when everyone lives happily ever after The first chapter is Fezzik Dies, so already you re world is shattered Buttercup s baby is stolen and Fezzik is chasing the culprit, but then it never really goes back to this, it goes to a couple chapters that only slightly fit together even admitted by Goldman , but which explains how they get to someone running away with Buttercup s baby.Before this story is an explanation of how this story came about in the fictional way, not an actual explanation and it involves how Stephen King was actually going to do the abridgement, but left it up to Goldman I guess I just don t get these parts.I m sure this is better for people who have read the story ages ago and come back to something new, but reading them all together just messed with the original too much hide spoiler

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