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The Princess Diaries The First Book In The New York Times Bestselling Princess Diaries Series By Meg CabotMia Thermopolis Is Pretty Sure There S Nothing Worse Than Being A Five Foot Nine, Flat Chested Freshman, Who Also Happens To Be Flunking Algebra Is She Ever In For A SurpriseFirst Mom Announces That She S Dating Mia S Algebra Teacher Then Dad Has To Go And Reveal That He Is The Crown Prince Of Genovia And Guess Who Still Doesn T Have A Date For The Cultural Diversity Dance The Princess Diaries Is The First Book In The Beloved, Bestselling Series That Inspired The Feature Film Starring Anne Hathaway And Julie Andrews

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    There s a reason why this series has such low ratings but has been read by so many people.It has a unique concept Unpopular high school girl becomes a princess overnight A dream come true for many girls just not Mia.Mia is struggling , and her struggles are hella entertaining Of course, her struggles consist of being single, unpopular, forced to go to princess lessons with her dreadful and one di

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    If you ve seen the movie version, this book takes up about the first third or maybe half of the movie from what I remember , but don t let that fool you into thinking nothing much happens in this book.Mia Thermopolis lives in Manhattan with her artist mother Helen, going to a private school called Albert Einstein High and spending the summers with her father and his mother at her chateau in France

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    THIS BOOK IS A MODERN CLASSIC.Honestly, I read this book in middle school and I still like it Can you believe that This book is so good that it makes current brilliant cool me agree with twelve year old me, who loved Justin Bieber and thought Aeropostale graphic tees were the height of fashion It s miraculous Also I m amazing Just thought I d clarify that in case my previous statement hadn t

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    I first read this series YEARS ago but thought it was time for a reread with A Royal Wedding coming out this summer I simply loved it I thought maybe since I m so much older I wouldn t like it as much, and that maybe I d get annoyed even. Freshman Mia can be a little dramatic but I didn t It was perfect Excited to continue reading on until the new book comes out In some ways, I actually feel like I

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    I never got around to reading this when I was the protagonist Mia s age, and since the book and movie series became so popular, I recently decided to take a trip back to childhood and finally read this book It was a quick read, thankfully, but I didn t find it nearly as endearing as the movie version which is substantially different from the novel The book seemed awfully light on plot and substance C

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    Honestly, this book was a complete surprise for me I had never read it I know, I know and I loved it So smart and clever and totally kick butt feminist This book was so ahead of its time when it was first published I don t know but I would guess there was backlash lol I can t wait to pick up the next one and I definitely recommend the audiobooks as well Anne Hathaway narrates the first three and she d

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    4 starsThis was way funnier than I thought it would be Mia is hysterical, and Meg Cabot s writing style is right up my alley I m looking forward to reading the gazillion other books that are in this series

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    Say hello to Mia Thermopolis, 14 years old and frustrated with teendom and it s innumerable woes.To jot down a few of her frustrations 1 She is the tallest girl in her class, has feet like skis, is gawky, geeky and has a chestline that is flatter than a surfboard.2 Her mouse brown dishwater blonde hair is triangular in shape and has a rampant life of it s own.3 She is a child born of wedlock, the offspri

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    Review to come.

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