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The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, and the Fight That Changed Basketball Forever With Unerring Insight Into The Deeper Truths Of Professional Sports, John Feinstein Explores In Riveting Detail What Happened One Night In December When, As A Fistfight Broke Out On The Court Between The Houston Rockets And The Los Angeles Lakers, Kermit Washington Delivered A Punch That Nearly Killed All Star Rudy Tomjanovich The Punch Now Legendary In The Annals Of American Sports Radically Changed The Trajectory Of Both Men S Lives And Reverberates Throughout The National Basketball Association To This Day Feinstein S Compelling Investigation Of This Single Cataclysmic Incident And Its Aftermath Casts A Light On The NBA S Darkest Secrets, Revealing The True Price Men Pay When They Choose A Career In Sports

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    outstanding little known piece of basketball history

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    the best and only sports oriented book i ve ever read so, with that in mind, i would highly recommend this engrossing book good read for a sociologist, historian, social justice oriented mind the timing of this historical event is very relevant to the story, but it s also about two very good basketball players and one moment that changed both the

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    One act of senseless violence changes everythingfor the two men involved and professional sports Rarely does a single act have such wide repercussions.

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    One cold December night in 1977, the sports world would be rocked to its core It was about two weeks into the 1977 1978 NBA season, and the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers were involved in a close, chippy game Near the beginning of the second half a small skirmish erupted Soon, a Laker landed a punch on a member of the Rockets, and All Star

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    A very interesting, eventful, detailed book based on a true story in December of 1977 This book takes place in Los Angeles, California in an NBA game between the LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets About 1 minute into the third quarter, a fight broke out between the two teams Rockets power forward Rudy Tomjanovich ran into the fight in an attempt to b

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    Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy gets sick That was basketball legend Rudy Tomjanovich learned on one of the darkest nights in NBA history.The Houston Rockets were playing the L.A Lakers Kermit Washington, an L.A Laker hired largely as an on court enforcer bodyguard for Kareem Abdul Jabar, gets in a fight with the Roc

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    I loved this book I think the author did a fine job of presenting both perspectives while showing the requisite sympathy for Rudy T.

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    In 1977, Rudy Tomjanovich and Kermit Washington became entwined in a single punch that would change not only their lives, but how professional basketball is played today Because the punch dislodged Tomjanovich s skull and nearly destroyed both men s careers, the scuffle never settled as a dusty bit of NBA trivia Instead, it nearly superseded both men s

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    In the book The Punch, by John Feinstein, a life changing fight breaks out during a Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets basketball game In the month of December, in 1977, L.A Lakers power forward Kermit Washington sent a near death blow to Rudy Tomjanovich s face The sound of the punch was resonant, and could be heard all the way in the back of the ar

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    Book Review By Ceashia MillerBook Title The Punch Book Author John Feinstein Main Idea The main idea of this book , is to explain what had actually taken place between Tom Kermit during their NBA career.Attention Grabber Did you know that the force of the punch Kermit Washington Threw To Tomjanovich s face , forced his skull to move out of place Body Dec

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