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The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex ATrillion Industry, The US Nonprofit Sector Is The World S Seventh Largest Economy From Art Museums And University Hospitals To Think Tanks And Church Charities, OverMillion Organizations Of Staggering Diversity Share The Tax ExemptCDesignation, If Little Else Many Social Justice Organizations Have Joined This World, Often Blunting Political Goals To Satisfy Government And Foundation Mandates But Even As Funding Shrinks And Government Surveillance Rises, Many Activists Often Find It Difficult To Imagine Movement Building Outside The Nonprofit Model The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Gathers Original Essays By Radical Activists From Around The Globe Who Are Critically Rethinking The Long Term Consequences Of This Investment Together With Educators And Nonprofit Staff They Finally Name The Nonprofit Industrial Complex And Ask Hard Questions How Did Politics Shape The Birth Of The Nonprofit Model How DoesCStatus Allow The State To Co Opt Political Movements Activists Or Careerists How Do We Fund The Movement Outside This Complex Urgent And Visionary, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Is An Unbeholden Expos Of The Nonprofit Industrial Complex And Its Quietly Devastating Role In Managing Dissent

About the Author: Incite! Women of Color Against Violence

Mission StatementINCITE Women of Color Against Violence is a national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and their communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing.Vision StatementINCITE is a national, activist organization of radical feminists of color that is mobilizing to end all forms o

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    First of all, I am a hard bitten, cynical development professional who, for the past ten years has worked to raise money from foundations and individuals in support of hospices and, now, orgazations assisting people with developmental disab

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    Wow I love books that completely change my way of looking at the world This is the kind of book that you can t help bringing up in conversations for months after it s over.This is great for anyone who is working for social change, and is still try

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    At times I start getting really, really burnt out on radical leftist complaining This is one of those times, probably because I ve read too much of it recently for school.I don t know So far this book reminds me of that great cartoon from years ago of th

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    I found this book really validating to read Having worked in social services for the last couple of years I was really starting to feel like their was something wrong with the way things were being done, and I was constantly frustrated with the lack of accounta

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    How do we know if we are being co opted into contributing to a ruling class agenda and just providing social service, or if we are truly helping people get together We cannot know ourselves We cannot know just from some people telling us that we are doing a good job

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    I am just going to point everyone to

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    This book is great It is a collection of essays and some of them are fabulous My favorite was an essay by Paul Kivel called Social Service or Social Change which you can read online here is also a really exciting essay by Alisa Bierra of Seattle s own Communities Against Rape and A

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    This is a pretty wonderful collection of essays, put together by INCITE Women of Color Against Violence, covering the rise of the Non Profit Industrial Complex and it s vampiric and co opting effects on radical movements for social change Some of the essays are compelling than others, bu

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    one of my absolute favorites i reference it often pretty much everything Incite does is magic.

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    I really wish that I had read this 4 5 years ago much, much earlier in my nonprofit career It s given me a lot to ponder in regards to my questions about what happened to the social justice movements of the 1960s and 1970s, and the current state of mass movements in the United States It is critical tha

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