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The Rivalry: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and the Golden Age of Basketball I liked the book, it was an easy read I also found it a bit simplistic The Rivalry touches a lot of things but doesn t go in depth on any of them. A great biography and early history of the league. Chamberlain was deceased when this was written, and Russell refused to be interviewed He s therefore limited to third parties, which doesn t help much with issues such as why Russell and Chamberlain didn t speak to each other for a couple of decades after their careers ended Stronger on topics such as Russell s resentment of racism in Boston, on which there s an extensive paper trail Sports Illustrated articles he wrote, etcThe author had not been a basketball writer or expert, so his game recaps are limited to very superficial, non analytic descriptions and then West got hot and made his next 10 shots, and the Lakers cut the lead to four with 2 minutes left , and the macro analysis is just the same thing everyone has always said about these two Chamberlain the amazing athlete and better scorer, Russell the better defender and teammate and winner.Main enjoyment of this book for me was therefore as a period piece Fun to remember watching those Sunday ABC games of the week when I was a little kid, and it seemed to be Celtics 76ers about half the time One tidbit I d lost sight of was how common it was in the 50s and 60s for pro basketball fans to throw stuff eggs etc at visiting players and coaches Why was that tolerated, and how did it end By the time of the Malice at the Palace, someone s dumping beer on Ron Artest triggered a riot and was widely condemned as an outrageous act, but 40 years earlier this would have been SOP I was following pro basketball that whole time, and this change escaped me Was there some sort of public campaign a la tobacco control to get people to stop doing it Like a game where your team is down by 20 points after the 1st quarter and they claw their way back for a win, this book did the same.It started out slow and tedious Reading like a school textbook, taking way too much time introducing Russell Chamberlain, and going off on too many unnecessary tangents.But after the initial growing pains, it rebounded nicely and flowed very smoothly, describing not just the action on the court, but also detailing a very interesting and entertaining in depth and behind the scenes look at not just these two players, but the growth of this new league as well. I really enjoyed this book John Taylor really did his research about not just the rivalry between Bill and Wilt but also what it was like playing basketball in those times when the NBA just started and especially during the civil rights movement This story has so many fascinating characters, including Bill, Wilt, Red Auerbach, the city of Boston and so many , that make it an incredible story.I started reading this book because I love basketball and love talking about the endless and almost pointless GOAT conversations Who is the greatest of all time Who has the most rings Who is the most dominant Who is the greatest center of all time It s impossible but fun to imagine Bill Russell with 11 rings, an 8 championship streak and also winning his last two while also being a player coach will never be beaten again ever Wilt scoring 100 points in a game averaging 50 pts a game in two seasons, leading in total assists in the league as a center one year, 2 rings, and just being the most physically impressive person the world has ever seen way than Shaw We will never see any players like these ever again John Taylor does an amazing job over the time span of this book to go into detail about what motivated each player and how close each one of the championships were to have gone the other teams way And while after reading this book I realized it s impossible to compare any player from the modern NBA to the players during this era because of what the had to go through and endure during their time I don t know how they accomplished so much having to put up with all the racism during their time Not being able to eat or sleep where the rest of the team did on the road or having fans cheer for you in the stadium but wouldn t allow you to buy a house in their neighborhood, is just crazy to think about nowadays I can t imagine Jordan or Kobe or Shaq putting up these amazing numbers while their cities despised them Teams couldn t even have a lot of black players because they were afraid the fans wouldn t support their teams if they did and the teams would collapse It s just a testament to their greatest and how all of them pursued during the adversity And interesting to see how all of them handled it in different ways Russell just wanted to win championships and Wilt just wanted to be known as the best ever by setting all the records Even Oscar Robertson became Mr Triple Double These guys are amazing and John Taylor I feel captured it all perfectly Great sports book Definitely glad I didn t add Chamberlain to my All NBA team. Okay, but not greatThis was a decent read about my favorite era of basketball, but I felt that the author was a little slanted against Wilt.The narrative offered was the same tired account that was prevalent back in the 60 s, that Wilt was a stat chasing loser and Russell was the heroic less talented winner.Nobody loves Goliath.The author seemed to emphasize Wilt s flaws, while downplaying Russell s flaws.But still an okay read if you love this era of basketball. Well written dual biography of two complex individuals, but also a fascinating history of the early NBA. In the the story The Rivalry written by John Taylor the main person is Wilt Chamberlain who had a very prideful and cocky attitude towards others and basketball For example, Wilt thinks that he is the best player ever in the history of basketball and said things like, I m the only important one on the team, the others don t matter at all Taylor 107 Wilt Chamberlain was the top pick in the 1959 draft from Kansas He stood 7 feet tall and he was so athletic that every single team so desparately wanted him As Wilt Chamberlain s view of himself in basketball was of being the best player, his team does not preform well to the expectations because he dominates his teammates Other things he said about his basketball career was, I always dominate my teammates, and I feel like they do nothing for the team Taylor 282 Later on, while he becomes older and matures he realizes that if he has good relationships with his teammates and gets them working in the system that the team can go very far Back in what the author calls the golden age of basketball, if you had a very skilled Big Man or center then your team would do very well One of Wilt s rivals was Bill Russell Now it doesn t say this in the book but by clues you can tell that these two men hated each other s guts Bill Russell played for the championship Celtics coached by Red Auerbach The Celtics in the 50 s and 60 s won eight straight championships Bill Russell was a dominant center and he and Wilt talked a lot of trash to each other For instance, Bill once said to a reporter, He s had a good teacher, and I don t mean Coach Hannum It s me Taylor 292 From this small quote you see how big the rivalry was Whenever Wilt and Bill faced off in a game it got aggressive, and sometimes even physical as both of them threw some brutal punches and blows at each other Both of them are some of the best that the game of basketball has ever seen, and their legacies will always remain in history As the years went by Wilt changed his attitude very much from being a prideful man to always thinking of his teammates and other people This well written book captivated me with its interesting facts of The Goilath Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and the game of basketball What I learned from reading was that back in the early days of basketball there was no three point line, and they sometimes banned people from dunking because they often shattered the backboards due to the poor design of the rims Also, as the new NBA started up in the 40 s and 50 s the games were not well attended and therefore they were not profitable In the book you also would notice how the black players were treated during the time Even if they were the league s greats like Bill and Wilt, outside of the arena they were discriminated against I would recommend this book to anyone that has a strong passion for the game of basketball, and loves history The game of basketball has changed over the years, and it is hard to imagine what changes will take place in the future. A BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN ACCOUNT OF THE NBA S GLORY DAYS, AND THE RIVALRY THAT DOMINATED THE ERAIn The Mid s, The NBA Was A Mere Barnstorming Circuit, With Outposts In Such Cities As Rochester, New York, And Fort Wayne, Indiana Most Of The Best Players Were White The Set Shot And Layup Were The Sport S Chief Offensive Weapons But By The s, The League Ruled America S Biggest Media Markets Contests Attracted Capacity Crowds And National Prime Time Television Audiences The Game Was Played Above The Rim And The Most Marketable Of Its High Flying Stars Were Black The Credit For This Remarkable Transformation Largely Goes To Two Giants Bill Russell And Wilt Chamberlain In The Rivalry, Award Winning Journalist John Taylor Projects The Stories Of Russell, Chamberlain, And Other Stars From The NBA S Golden Age Onto A Backdrop Of Racial Tensions And Cultural Change Taylor S Electrifying Account Of Two Complex Men As Well As Of A Game And A Country At A Crossroads Is An Epic Narrative Of Sports In America During The sIt S Hard To Imagine Two Characters Better Suited To Leading Roles In The NBA Saga Chamberlain Was Cast As The Athletically Gifted Yet Mercurial Titan, While Russell Played The Role Of The Stalwart Centerpiece Of The Boston Celtics Dynasty Taylor Delves Beneath These Stereotypes, Detailing How The Two Opposed And Complemented Each Other And How They Revolutionized The Way The Game Was Played And Perceived By Fans Competing With And Against Such Heroes As Jerry West, Tom Heinsohn, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, And Elgin Baylor, And Playing For The Two Greatest Coaches Of The Era, Alex Hannum And The Fiery Red Auerbach, Chamberlain And Russell Propelled The NBA Into The Spotlight But Their Off Court Visibility And Success To Say Nothing Of Their Candor Also Inflamed Passions Along America S Racial And Generational Fault Lines In Many Ways, Russell And Chamberlain Helped Make The NBA And, To Some Extent, America What They Are TodayFilled With Dramatic Conflicts And Some Of The Great Moments In Sports History, And Building To A Thrilling Climax The Final Series, The Last Showdown Between Russell And Chamberlain The Rivalry Has At Its Core A Philosophical Question Can Determination And A Team Ethos, Embodied By The Ultimate Team Player, Bill Russell, Trump Sheer Talent, Embodied By Wilt Chamberlain Gripping, Insightful, And Utterly Compelling, The Story Of Bill Russell And Wilt Chamberlain Is The Stuff Of Sporting Legend Written With A Reporter S Unerring Command Of Events And A Storyteller S Flair, The Rivalry Will Take Its Place As One Of The Classic Works Of Sports History From The Hardcover Edition

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