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The Seal of Surya (The Scrolls of Aryavarta #1) A vey fast paced mytho thriller based on the times of Suryavanshi s ancestors of Lord Ram This is one of the fictions based on ancient Indian subcontinental history much before Ramayan and Mahabharata While most of the authors have based their work around those two great epics, the effort of author of this work to write a thriller on times before the Ramayana is commendable The book in general have a fluid story and no unnecessary paragraphs have been written.Must read for all Indian mythology fans. It was a quick read Silimar settings as Meluha but, thats it, the similarity ends there In Meluha the protagonis takes three books from start to finsih but, here everything is wrapped up in about 200 pages So, it seems a bit rushed and you will end up wantingThe title Seal of Surya doesn t do much justice either, sure most of the book is about the events surrounding it but, it didn t quite have the awe and wonder of the ring from lord of the rings May be its unfair to compare it with a magical ring That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was defintely a page turner The first book of Meluha was a hard thing to digest, i had to put it down several times The second one was amazing, the third was just bad Seal of surya falls between the first and second books of Meluha trilogy.Please bear in mind the Seal of Surya is grounded in reality ie, the fictional characters tread along the known path of human history There are no atomic bombs and such, no mythical elements, everything is as close to real world and times as possible Thats the most amazing part of this and is nothing like Meluha.Finally, i wish there wasabout Nivritti, Sarmi, Urvasi, Ila and my favorite Nimi Hope author coversabout them in his blog I really look forward to the next book which is authors first take from female persperctive I am tired of reading history from predominantly male perspective Also, please make the next book much bigger 200 is too little.PS Looking forward to see how this compares to Scion of Ikshvaku Different stories set in similar worlds. The Seal Of Aurvan Surya Is Lost The Solar Tribes Are Without A Ruler, And The Return To Aryavarta Has Resulted In A Confederation Where Hitherto There Was A United Clan Hood Rakshasas, Gandharvas And Yakshas Threaten The Nascent Cities Of Aryavarta, And If Their Rise Is Not Checked The Solar Tribes May Lose All They Have GainedAnd Thus Rises Ikshvaku, The Son Of Manu And Descendant Of Surya He Forms Aryavarta S First Kingdom And Unites The Solar Strength Against The Anaryas Rakshasas, Gandharvas And YakshasBut The Seal Of Surya Is Still Missing, And Ikshvaku Will Need To Find It To Put His Claim And Authority Beyond All Doubt This Is The Tale Of Aryavarta S First Dynasty, The Suryavansha, And Its First King Ikshvaku Manava Nothing Special At many places i found the story line similar with Meluha. I must say, this book is spellbinding Credit goes to author as well as publication house for such an amazing novel Do not miss this novel Go, Get it and Read it Also, Do not miss to visit www.ScrollsOfAryavarta.com to knowabout the incredible universe.Most interesting parts in this book are,Ikshvaku s first fight to prove him as King within Suryavanshi lineageDiscussion between Ikshvaku and HaryashvaDiscussion between Ikshvaku and Narantaka.Meeting of Nimi with Narantaka More On A Barrel Chested AttemptThis book felt so much like a toddler it started to growslowly but got its pace for sure then followed a cycle of losing it and finding it The beginning was weird, very slow and boring but over time it slowly found its voice The novel was not really great but it does have its good points At some points, the story was very predictable one spy in Ikshvaku s army really You don t think it will be the bad guy who has been forcibly made to serve in the army And the whole primogeniture arc did not pack the punch as the author intended It could have been made better.Also, the author seems to be in love with two words Barrel Chested and Hirsute to the point that it has become a standard for measure where the people are being referred as being most barrel chested. The story is all about a young Suryavanshi prince named Ikshvaku The book describes how ambitious he is about uniting all of Aryavarta and bringing it under one King s rule His rule, how he establishes himself as the first Solar King in generations, his endeavours to make everyone to submit to his suzerainty and how he gets back the Seal of Surya that was lost since centuries, to legitimize his lineage claim to kingship We are talking about a King who lived over thousand years ago the birth of Lord Ram Honestly, the first time i came across the name Ikshvaku is when I read the Scion of Ikshvaku book by Amish Tripathi The author has begun well with his first book in this series by giving life to an era which is quite unknown to many of us through a simple and neat story The book does deal with the kinship between Suryavansha Chandravansha and the endeavours of a Chandravanshi prince Pururava, who is Ikshvaku s nephew as well in good detail All in all, a very compelling read. As interesting as the concept and story line were, I just wish the writing style was a littlecompelling It took me a while to get used to the writing, but all in all I would say it was a quick and interesting read I m looking forward to reading the next book, even if it s just to learnabout the history For someone who s keen on learningabout ancient history, I genuinely appreciate the endeavour that Pandey has undertaken In a world of grandmothers not always being available to divulge our generation s want of knowledge of our own ancestry, I applaud Indian writers who publish it for all to read The Seal of Surya is absolutely amazing Waiting for next one The Ring of Soma..Great going Mr Amritanshu Pandey. This Aryavartha series is set with Surayavanshis and Somavanshis similar to Meluha Series.But Meluha series covered all the aspects like lifestyle of people, technologies used and everything.Seal of Surya of Ayravartha series is a story only about a Warrior king who happens to be Iskshvaku a well known Suryavanshi name is the only thing that holds the reader to go on This book din t captivate and appeal the readers t0 complete the series unlike Meluha series.

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