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The Trouble With Harry (Noble, #3) I gave this book three stars but it slike a 2.75 kind of book, to me at least I read this book because someone on a FB group I m part of posted an excerpt that I thought was amusing I d never read this author so I thought I d give it a shot There were moments, though few and far between, that I enjoyed the book But mostly I just couldn t wait to finish, there is just something in me that can t leave a book unfinished no matter how much I dislike it I found it all to be outlandish and silly The heroine was extremely annoying and hero okay at best Don t get me started on the ridiculous butler Oh, and the children, were in no way wild but loveable, which I think the author was trying to make the reader think The only characters I was at all interested in was Thom and Nick, but that was completely left unresolved Is there a book for them Oh, and the names of the calisthenics That was so irritating But the thing that really got me was the scandal I understand why the heroine is considered ruined, considering the time period But I don t understand how it s her fault, unless she did it against her parent s wishes not that we would know because we were never given any real background on how it came about But if not and she did what was expected of her, marry a man and then go to his bed, how is it her fault when she finds out he lied Shouldn t her father have looked into it When the truth came out shouldn t he have called this guy out If she married him and there are records and witnesses then how did she do anything wrong I don t know, I m just babbling now It just bothered me Not a great read for me but I know others found it funny and enjoyable. Katie MacAlisterWARNING Don t eat or drink while reading this crazy, mixed up, Brady Bunch on steroids MISadventure Frederica Pelham, Plum, was ruined her first Season, when she married the deceitful Charles de Spencer For 6 weeks, Plum lived in his bed and then learned that his was already married She was called his whore, banished from her family and she never did anything wrong Plum did learn about passion, so she wrote the scandalous book, Guide of Connubial Calisthenics, under the pen name of Vyvyan LaBlue and was able to support herself and her niece, Thom Now she is 40, near poverty and has no rent money, when her dearest friend, Del, talks her into answering the advertisement for a wife Plum decides what does she have to lose and she still wants a child of her own Harry Haversham, the Marquis of Rosse, is a widow with 5 hellions, India, Digger his heir apparent , twins Anne and Andrew and last, but not least McTavish His staff is full of kooky and quirky characters, like the flamboyant butler, Juan He needs a zoo keeper or a wife for his clan and with the help of his trusted man of affairs, Temple, an advertisement is put in the local paper Harry just needs to interview Temple s top choices, easy right Harry loves Plum s body and Plum loves having a roof over her and her niece s heads, so they agree to tie the knot, after a 5 minute interview He never tells her about his family and she never tells him about Charles or her book On their wedding night, they are so close to ripping the clothes off one another, when McTavish runs in to the room with his dead animal and then all Hades breaks loose, as each hellion interrupts them, one by one Poor Harry never gets his wedding night and Plum just gets a headache Plum is shocked the next morning, when all 5 kids, are watching her wake up and she decides she will be the best mom and wife in the world This whole family is one accident after another, animals, large and small, wander through the house, mashed potatoes fly at dinner and Harry hides in office, with government business Plum does tell him about Charles and he is very understanding and says his title will protect her Harry and Plum have an amazing Calisthenics relationship, but he does NOT want any children, but Plum will just keep him busy with their Calisthenics Harry packs up his clan and they head out to London for his government work and Plum prays her scandalous past would bite Harry in the bootie In London, a mysterious nemesis of Harry is afoot and causing all kinds of mischief and danger Poor Plum s past comes back and threatens her new family, and this mother bear will protect all her cubs, even to her own death How can Plum make Harry understand that not all women die in childbirth Can Harry s title protect Plum s past Will Plum be unmasked as Vyvyan LaBlue Can Harry discover who wants his family hurt or dead Will Plum and Harry s love be enough to save them all How long will it take for Vyvyan LaBlue s next book This book had me ROF and hyperventilating with laughter Ms MacAlister writes one outrageous situations after another Her cast of hellions were such troublemaking, energetic and loveable kids Plum is such a great and understanding mom and she always leads with her heart Poor Harry was so burned out and Plum is his little energize bunny The book of Calisthenics had positions like, Bull elephant at Hadrian wall and Acolyte worshipping the High Priest, I have to ask, where can I get one from All her characters are special to her, no matter how small or large, they are This tale she weaved made me laugh, cry, SNAUGH, cough up my spleen I didn t need it anyway , get that tingling feeling that makes my toes curl, stab my Kindle, throw pillows at imaginary foes and just have an absolutely freaky fantastic Friday night Ms MacAlister receives my highest score of 5 fingers up and 10 toes and I am throwing in my slightly moldy pompoms, too NetGalley ARC given for my honest review. He Is Plum S New Husband Not Normally A Problem, But When You Consider That Harry Advertised For A Wife, And Plum Was Set To Marry His Secretary, There Was Cause For A Bit Of ConfusionHe Has A Title Plum Has Spent The Last Twenty Years Hiding From The Ton, And Now Harry Wants Her To Shine In Society HorrorsHe Doesn T Know About Her Shocking Secret How Is She Going To Explain About The Dead Husband Who Isn T A Husband And Who Now Seems To Be Alive AgainHe S Fallen In Love With Her And Yet, The Maddening Man Refuses To Confide In Her For Plum Knows The Real Trouble With Harry Is That He S Stolen Her Heart Annoying characters half way through I pretty much hated Harry s children and the heroine was an idiot , a very silly plot and choppy writing repeatedly telling important developments instead of showing made this book increasingly something I just wanted to be over The humor was broad, generally missed its mark, and overpowered the weak mystery subplot, destroying any real interest I had in the story I did finish the book and there were moments where the story was interesting, saving this from a one star rating. This book was a lot of fun Sadly this wasn t for me It started out quite refreshingly hilarious, the widower advertising for a wife I started to get a little worried when the heroine had apparently written a quite scandalous sex book, but I hoped to take it in stride This was just too slapstick y for me I must admit I haven t been able to finish So if I missed the story taking another turn, please tell me. A singularly great and affectionate parody of regency romance, this book reworks the guidelines of conventional romance lit Spectacular humor as well. a madcap romp Entertains, occasionally saucy, with a delightful, if somewhat wild cast.Mind you I did think I d fallen into the set of St Trinians with the antics of Harry s children An out of control group of wild things , hell bent on wreaking havoc and careening all over the pages throughout chapters and definitely into Plum s heart, if not ours.Harry, the Marquis of Rosse, and formerly a spy for the English Government and Plum Lady Frederica Pelham are an arranged marriage Arranged by themselves that is, to meet their specific and rather particular needs Even that has it s humorous side Harry needs a mother for his raggedy bunch of children Tormentors and monsters to a fine degree Plum needs a roof over her head and a home for herself and her rather delightful niece Thom She desperately wants a husband and a family and finds herself with all in no short order.Years ago Plum has been unknowingly married to a bigamist, and then scorned by polite society To earn a living she took the nom de plume of Vyvyan La Blue and wrote a very shocking book, The Guide to Connubial Calisthenics This was considered so obscene it was banned I imagine it as equivalent to, if notdaring than, The Joy of Sex I it s day Plum gave wonderful sounding titles to the various positions, like Gallant Knight at a Blind Maiden s Mercy What a hoot this story is I particularly like Juan the hot headed Spanish butler.Thom her niece is a gem and Nick the burglar is great But Harry is a whirlwind of activity Knowledgable yet winning, he and Plum both get so muchthan they bargained for.With blackmailing, death attempts, the antics of the children and Plum s endeavouring to hide some of her past, all descends into mayhem that might or might not be sorted.A NetGalley ARC This book is Absolutely wonderful I love the humor and the way Katie writes Her sex scenes are just enough All through the book Harry H and Plum h talk to each other about what they what to do to each other from the sex guide, that Plum wrote, butHarry doesn t know that until the end The positions have crazy names but wethe reader never get any details how to do them.your imaginations have to step in LOLThe children 5 of them and their antics are so funny Plum is always telling Harry what the children did when they went to ie the fruitery and made all the fruit roll around or the glass place and now the children will be paying for it out of their allowances their father gives them She is always trying to keep the children in line I could just picture her getting ready to pull her hair out One of the scenes was so funny..Nick Harry s Godson who is dresed as a beggar in disguise rescues the children in the Serpentine.only to find out what needed rescuing was little white mice sitting on the boats the children were sailing and started to sink Sooo funny when he says, Mice I jumped into the water fully clothed to rescue mice No one asked you to, Thom Plum s niece she s raised since she was 15..now 20 said indignantly I distinctly heard you say, Save them, they re drowning If that isn t asking me to save them Them being the mice, Thom interrupted I didn t know you were screaming about the mice I thought you meant the children were drowning it was a logical mistake, considering the evidence I giggled out loud through this whole book At the end when Plum gives birth she tells Harry, You can t imagine the sort of pain you feel in labor It s indescribable, it s absolutely indescribable, it s so bad you want to set your hair on fire just to distract yourself from the consuming, absolute horribleness of it all Then she tells Harry, If you impregnate me again, I will take your scrotum, pull it over your head, and LOL.soooo good. Initial ThoughtsThis book was a hoot This book focuses on Harry and Plum Harry, feeling lonely after the death of his wife 5 years earlier, advertises for a wife Plum, ostracized by the ton after an unfortunate marriage to a bigamist, answers the ad and finds herself married to Harry, the Marquis Rosse Both have a few secrets he, his 5 hellion accident prone children, and she her past marriage and her very popular book Guide to Connubial Calesthenics Lots of wacky situations, coitus interruptus kids seems to know , and an eccentric cast of characters made this an entertaining read The Review Katie MacAlister writes the funniest historical romance.The Trouble With Harry is the third book in her Noble series You really don t have to read the previous books to enjoy The Trouble With Harry Each book can be read as a stand alone book.The Trouble With Harry focuses on Harry, the Marquis Rosse Harry has been a widower for five years and decides that it s time he remarried His five children run amock and they need a mother Harry longs for companionship Being the practical sort, Harry places an ad for a wife Enter Plum, a woman with a scandalous past Her previous marriage was a sham and she was ostracized by the ton Plum has nothing to lose, so she applies to be Harry s wife The two hit it off immediately and Harry arranges a quick marriage Harry has not told Plum about the children and she withholds the secrets of her past.I enjoyed this book immensely Harry and Plum were perfect together There s some serious chemistry between these two, unfortunately five mischievous children have a way of interrupting those tender moments Plum has a pretty interesting secret about her past She s written a best selling scandalous book Guide to Connubial Calesthenics. I had to chuckle at some of the names of the exercises Heron Alighting Upon a Still Pond and Leda and the Swan are some of the creative names Just trying to visualize some of them made me giggle The funny thing is, Harry has read the book and is waiting for an opportune moment to introduce Plum to some of the ahem exercises.Plum takes everything in stride and jumps into her role as mother to the five hellions head first The children are a force to be reckoned with I loved all of their pranks It s kind of hard to imagine livestock traipsing through a stately mansion, but the kids pulled it off Harry takes a different approach to parenting When the kids are in trouble, Harry hides in his office The kids warm up to Plum quite quickly and Harry is amazed.For added comic relief, the books in this series always seem to have a strange eccentric character or two, or three This book has Juan who outdoes himself with his overly dramatic protection of Plum For some reason, I kept picturing him in a toreador outfit Oh, Noble s pirate butler Crouch makes an appearance as well.The Trouble With Harry was a lot of fun to read If you enjoy some slapstick comedy with your historical romance, then this book would be right for you The series is being re released by Sourcebooks Casablanca Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews Check it out

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For as long as she can remember, Katie MacAlister has loved reading Growing up in a family where a weekly visit to the library was a given, Katie spent much of her time with her nose buried in a book Despite her love for novels, she didn t think of writing them until she was contracted to write a non fiction book about software Since her editor refused to allow her to include either witty

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