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The Ultimate Betrayal This is a book that was begging to be written With humane, happy, and sustainable meat popping up everywhere, someone had to set the record straight.While virtually any alternative to factory farming is an improvement for animals, this new wave of small scale operations is not as humane or sustainable as you ve been mis led to believe.Hope Bohanec does a noble job describing and detailing the true nature and actual practices of this deceptive movement Even the backyard chicken craze is not as benign as you might think.The book covers the full range of alternative meat production, including so called sustainable seafood.Interestingly, while Bohanec is certainly a strident critic of the humane meat movement, she does express support for legislative reforms of the factory farming system, such as battery cage bans In contrast, many vegan advocates criticize those who are working to ease the suffering of animals in factory farms, creating an unfortunate and counterproductive division in the animal rights movement.There is room for a second edition or second book on the humane meat issue But this is an important addition to the ever expanding list of books about our horrible food system. Drawing On Peer Reviewed Research, Worker And Rescuer Testimony, And Encounters With The Farm Animals Themselves, The Ultimate Betrayal Discusses The Recent Shift In Raising And Labeling Animals Processed For Food And The Misinformation Surrounding This New Method Of Farming This Book Explores How Language Manipulates Consumers Concepts About Sustainability, Humane Treatment, And What Is Truly Healthy It Answers Important Questions Surrounding The Latest Small Scale Farming Fad Is This Trend The Answer To The Plentiful Problems Of Raising Animals For Food What Do The Labels Actually Mean Are These Products Humane, Environmentally Friendly, Or Healthy Can There Really Be Happy Meat, Milk, Or Eggs With Case Studies And Compelling Science, The Ultimate Betrayal Increases Awareness Of The Issues Surrounding Our Treatment Of Animals, Global Health, And Making Better Food Choices The Ultimate Betrayal Is A Well Rounded And Thoroughly Researched Book That Touches The Heart With An Honest And Unflinching Look At The Reality Behind Humane Labels With Real Life Examples From Multiple Viewpoints And Thought Provoking Philosophical Underpinnings, The Ultimate Betrayal Is A Must Read For Anyone Interested In Ethical Food Choices Dawn Moncrief, Founder, A Well Fed World Pet peeve When you are publishing a book, make sure you get rid of all typos and grammatical errors There were several in this book Sheesh.Not a perfect book, but there are a lot of good points here Well worth reading In the same way that one cannot own humans and traffic their bodies for profit in a humane way, it is impossible to humanely profit from the lives and bodies of animals Thewe reduce our consumption of animal products, the better life will be for animals, the planet, and our own health Let s create a compasionate sic , healthy, and thriving world together You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know William Wilberforce No Such Thing as Happy MeatsGood information but author was a bit overly sentimental I understand being compassionate toward the animals that are suffering However, I don t believe that people who eat meat should be villianized for making that choice I personally have found that I feel better and far happier when my meals do not include any meat Still, it is a very personal choice And we are fortunate to still live in a country where we have the freedom to make our own choices. There was a lot of information that I already knew but a lot I didn t I had no idea how bad eggs are for you I also didn t know that chickens are so clever I also had no idea how much dairy contributes to suffering Reading this has made it clear to me that I need to remove dairy from my diet. I m definitely reading this a couple years late, but the buck had so much information and so much insight into the industry It s hard not to be moved and invigorated by the knowledge gained reading this book. I will have to reread this book to do the review. Oh this book is so so close to being what I wanted, yetThere are too many places where the author uses opinion as fact, and does not provide her resources Which I will copy right now, as I don t have my full notes available There are several grammatical errors that make me cringe sited instead of cited, for example this is tragic to me because a book that is this important needs to be read, re read, and proofread for such simple fixes One could easily dismiss the whole book with well, if the author can t be be bothered to check her grammar, how can I trust anything she says Although my primary reason for being an animal advocate and vegan is for the non human animals themselves, Bohanec probably could have started her book off with a chapter on environmental issues or false labeling, because those are the areas where this book shines That all the labels people put on animal carcasses humane, cage free, natural, etc have no governmental regulation behind them they are industry created and industry approved That is pretty big information, and while I am rather cynical about people, there must be some who resent being lied tothan they enjoy the taste of animal flesh The beginning of the book focuses on the emotional lives of animals and why it may be consideredof a betrayal to animals to raise them humanely and then kill them I understand her point killing those we know and love seems a bigger crime in one way than does killing a stranger This is a very tricky tightrope to walk, and Bohanec does it fairly well, but I think it could have been improved She quotes Marc Bekoff and a couple general studies It may be that she was trying to keep the book to areadable length under 300 pages , but I feel this section should have been expanded for skeptics Thescientists and ethologists she could find to bolster the argument of animals feelings, I think, the better Particularly perplexing is the last part of the book, where she tries to focus on good news and positive things connected with veganism, and drags out the same tired old information VEGAN CELEBRITIES WOW Okay, it s true that many people are celebrity obsessed, and if these people are vegan, it could maybe inspire someone to look into veganism Except Bohanec keeps interchanging plant based with vegan Folks, those are not the same thing You can eat plant based and still exploit animals by wearing their skins or using cleaning supplies tested on them, by attending circuses and visiting aquariums That s not the same as being vegan, which eschews exploitation as best as possible but this best as possible means making an effort, even if things are uncomfortable or difficult at times Most vegan celebrities are not Further, the proof she offers of the number of vegans in the US world comes from one study by the Vegetarian Resource Group from 2011 If this is true, super But findevidence I actually have my doubts about this number, as I do about the number of people leaving off eating animals I have seen USDA statistics on this, and even if the numbers are dropping nationally, exports seem to be increasing It is not that I like or want this It is that if we try to persuade others by partial truths, our word is as good as nothing, and the important, critical messages become suspect How to inspire hope in a movement like animal rights is a difficult one, but we won t get there by making things sound better than they are If I am wrong, please, please tell me Offer meproof than the Vegetarian Resource Group from 2011 I love that she includes fish, though So many times books like this ignore fish and other ocean animals, so that is a huge positive I also feel inspired to make known the issues involved with the labeling and I love that she includes stories of individual rescued animals throughout the first section I think it is a brilliant addition, something positive that allows readers to make connections they might not otherwise make.I do wonder how many meat eaters actually care enough to read this book That is just a problem with animal advocacy, though In the end, this book is still worth reading. Nothing new in this book it describes vegan moral dillemas and advocating plant based diet like a dozen similar works that are, in my opinion, better sources of information like Collin T.Campbell Altough it advocates veganism mainly for moral reasons, it never mentions bees and honey, which are, by vegan standards, also sentious beeings that deserve our respect and be free from opression. This book was eye opening for me I learned a lot not only about the plight of our farmed animals, but on the issues such as global warming and the causes behind it Very important information within those pages I feel that I aminformed

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