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The Wallflower Wager To An Undaunted Wallflower, He S Just The Beast Next Door Wealthy And Ruthless, Gabriel Duke Clawed His Way From The Lowliest Slums To The Pinnacle Of High Society And Now He Wants To Get EvenLoyal And Passionate, Lady Penelope Campion Never Met A Lost Or Wounded Creature She Wouldn T Take Into Her Home And Her HeartWhen Her Imposing And Attractive New Neighbor Demands She Clear Out The Rescued Animals, Penny Sets Him A Challenge She Will Part With Her Precious Charges, If He Can Find Them Loving HomesDone, Gabriel Says How Hard Can It Be To Find Homes For A Few Kittens And A Two Legged DogAnd A Foul Mouthed ParrotAnd A Goat, An Otter, A HedgehogEasier Said Than Done, For A Cold Blooded Bastard Who Wouldn T Know A Loving Home From A Workhouse Soon He S Covered In Cat Hair, Knee Deep In Adorable, And Bewitched By A Shyly Pretty Spinster Who Defies His Every Attempt To Resist Now She S Set Her Mind And Heart On Saving HimNot If He Ruins Her First 2019 Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo Next Door Neighbor Bookstagram Dare at her best Ridiculously funny, heart warming, and poignant You re guaranteed to love it if you ve loved her previous books And if you haven t yet tried Dare, this works as a stand alone despite featuring characters from previous books The Wallflower Wager has the following Slytherin Hufflepuff pairing heroine that is literal manifestation of sunshine and kindness Duke of Ruin hero who is a real softie underneath Overprotective friends who get put in their place y all, let Penny kiss whoever she wants without unnecessary unwanted interference Found family okay, those overprotective friends aren t all bad A discussion of how virginity isn t a measure of worth or something that can be ruined Oh no, a carriage accident What could possibly happen now That s right, sharing a room at the inn A suite of rooms is still forced proximity Regency version of Schr dinger s cat Whorehouse parrots Don t ask A goat that may or may not be breeding spoiler it s breeding A housekeeper slash vampire slash witch slash ghoul slash succubus Three Men and a Goat BabyCW TW protagonist suffered abuse as a child Another Tessa Dare novel ABOUT AN ECCENTRIC SPINSTER ANIMAL LOVER WITH A HOT GRUMPY ENGLISH PEER WE HAVE SEEN AGAIN AND AGAIN IN ALL OF HER BOOKS WHO DOESN T HAVE A JOB BUT HAS ABS AND IS GREAT AT SEX COUNT ME THE FUCK IN BABYOH MY GOooOOOoOD THAT COVER FUC ME COVER OH LORDY THATS A BEAUT COVER HOLY SHITE GAH I JUST WANT A MAN TO LOOK AT ME SWEETLY N DO THAT WITH ME LITERALLY CRYING RN K BYE me looking at dat cover while im single in the lib procrastinating on my essay wearing an oversized graphic tee eating 4 bars of chocolate Lady Penelope Campion has a heart for wild and wounded creatures but this Duke won t be tamed found on Tessa Dare s website cackles for 5 minutes straight 5 STARSI m so in love with The Wallflower Wager, this is the best I fall in love with everything and esecially the characters I couldn t get enough of them.I laughed,I swooned and I melted with these two.Tessa Dare delivers a sweet,heartwarming and steamy romance Penny and Gabe are my favorite couple.I love their banter, they have an amazing chemistry.I laughed a lot with these two.Their dialogues were fun,entairten and sweet.There were some really hot and intense moments too to make you swoon Penny is such a sweetheart, I loved her so much.She was kind,sweet and so lovely.Gabe is sexy, handsome and I loved how he felt for her.This one has all the sweet feels.I highly recommend it After the Duchess Deal this is my new favorite in the series

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