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Trading Christmas Loved the book, and loved the movie. Personal ResponsePersonally, I thought that Trading Christmas was a great book I thought it was a great book because it was a Christmas book, which I love because I love Christmas I also thought that this was a great book because it was really funny I really loved the character, Bernice Brewster because she made me laugh every time that she was in the book My favorite part about Trading Christmas was the epilogue because I loved how Ray and Emily got married and also, how Charles and Faith got married The one thing that I did not enjoy about this book was that I noticed a couple of typos I noticed that there were two spaces in between two words, a couple of times There was also a paragraph in the book that the font size was a little smaller than the rest of the book That bothered me a bit because I guess that I have O.C.D when it comes to typos Other than that, Trading Christmas was a great book and I can not wait to watch the movie.Plot Summary Trading Christmas starts off with Heather telling her mom that she will not be able to come home for Christmas Emily is not very happy about this, so she decides that she is going to surprise Heather by going to visit her for Christmas instead Emily does not know this, but Heather is actually going down to Florida with her boyfriend for Christmas Emily talks to her best friend, Faith about this and Faith tells Emily that Heather is a grown up now and that maybe Heather does not want to spend Christmas with her mom Faith thinks that Emily is mad at her for telling her that and she did not want Emily to be alone for Christmas, so Faith decides that she is going to surprise Emily for Christmas by going to visit her for Christmas Charles Brewster is one of Heather s professors and he hates Christmas, so he decides that he is going to go away for Christmas Emily and Charles make arrangements to switch houses for the Christmas season Charles thinks that Leavenworth is a prison town, but when he arrives in Leavenworth, he finds out that it is just the opposite Leavenworth is a town that loves Christmas Charles just wants to get the textbook that he is writing done, so he just shuts himself into a room so that he can work on it Emily arrives in Boston and she meets up with Heather Heather breaks the news to Emily that she is going to spend Christmas with her boyfriend in Florida Emily is devastated and now she does not have anything to do for Christmas Then, Faith gets off of her flight and the rental car that she was supposed to have, has to be used by a bunch of elves and Santa Santa and his elves decide that they are going to give Faith a ride to Emily s house because they were using her rental car Faith shows up at Emily s house and Emily is not there There is a man there instead Faith is disappointed because she traveled all that way and Emily was not even there Charles lets Faith stay with him in Emily s house under one condition, Heather has to cook the food Heather agrees, so she gets to stay with Charles Then, Charles brother, Ray shows up at Charles house because his mom sent him there Bernice Brewster sent Ray because she called Charles and a lady answered the phone Bernice was worried but happy at the same time, so she sent her other son to go and check it out Ray and Emily hit things off right away and Ray does not want to leave Emily lets Ray stay with her in Charles house Meanwhile in Florida, Heather is not having a very good time Her boyfriend likes to take control and his friends are not very nice to Heather Heather decides to break up with Elijah Heather goes back to Boston and she finds out that her mom has a special friend Heather is not very happy, so she walks out and she talks to one of her old boyfriends Ben and Heather get back together and they have Christmas dinner with Emily, Ray, and Bernice In Leavenworth, Charles and Faith have Christmas with Santa and the elves Everybody had a great Christmas Then, in the epilogue, Charles and Faith are married and Faith is pregnant and Emily and Ray are married Heather and Ben are still together, but they are not married yet RecommendationI would recommend Trading Christmas to people that love Hallmark Christmas movies I would recommend this book to them because this book was made into a Hallmark Christmas movie This book was a love story, so I would recommend it towards ladies that like love stories Trading Christmas is the perfect book for ladies that love to read love stories that take place during the Christmas season.P.S I did not have the audio CD, I actually read the book by myself. Emily Springer, Widowed Mother Of One, Decides To Leave Leavenworth, Washington, To Spend Christmas With Her Daughter In BostonCharles Brewster, History Professor, Curmudgeon And Resident Of Boston, Wants To Avoid Christmas Altogether He Figures A Prison Town Should Be Nice And Quiet Over The Holidays Except He S Thinking Of The Wrong Leavenworth Through An Internet Site, Charles And Emily Arrange To Swap Houses For The Holiday So Emily Goes To Boston And Discovers That Her Daughter Has Gone To Florida And Charles Arrives In Leavenworth To Discover That It S Not The Prison Town It S Santa S Village The Place Is Full Of Christmas Trees, Christmas Music AndelvesMeanwhile, Emily S Friend Faith Kerrigan Travels To Leavenworth To Visit Her And Instead Finds Charles The Grinch Then Charles S Brother, Ray, Shows Up At His Home In Boston To Discover That He Isn T There But Emily IsThrough All The Mix Ups And Misunderstandings, Amid The Chaos And Confusion, Romance Begins To Emerge In Unexpected Ways Because Everything Changes At Christmas Debbie Macomber s Christmas books are always cute and heartwarming Trading Christmas was no different I enjoyed listening while I knitted a Christmas gift. First, I don t read mainstream, popular authors unless the premise sounds SO incredibly good This one did a stodgy professor swaps homes with a widowed empty nester, and neither end up where they hoped to be But it was too pat, to quick, and too over the top The about face the prof makes is ridiculous, the funnies in the story were SO contrived, and even the characters Santa and six elves X mess version of the seven dwarves for Snow White to travel with C mon.Worse, I found out it was made into a Hallmark movie, so I went to watch the preview Thirty seconds long, it sucked, even at that Not happy, Bob This may possibly bet the funniest, most unique Christmas story that I ve ever read Macomber throws her cast of characters into some very unique situations that you can t help but laugh at She creates an inescapable world for her readers to revel in Macomber s descriptions and narrative are so vivid that you cannot help but picture everything At the same time everything remains realistic and in the moment Macomber s brilliant cast carries this story forward without a hitch Getting to know these characters was a uniquely thought provoking time As a reader you get to know the main characters and the supporting cast alike I quite enjoyed getting to know them Overall this was a captivatingly hilarious read that I d definitely recommend. First published as When Christmas Comes this 2004 2015 book is quite similar to the Hallmark Movie version of Trading Christmas Two strangers who are having a miserable time trade houses at Christmastime This leads to their meeting up with two other strangers and romance blossoms in the snow Boston and Leavenworth Washington not Kansas provide lovely seasonal settings with some humorous episodes The subplot on a sunny Florida beach provides interesting contrast and it ends up with everyone having the best Christmas ever. I listened to this book to begin with on my way back from University in the car and have worked my way through the rest of it this week.I really enjoyed listening to it and loved the way the narrator made the characters come alive.We meet five great characters, a mother, a daughter, a best friend and two brothers who all learn so much from Christmas adn what the season really means.A great book to read or listen to. Typical latter day Debbie Macomber, unfortunately In this case the movie was better thanks to the charm and the appeal of the actors And instead of the wacky charm of the movie character of Faith, we have a nice woman, with absolutely nothing compelling or interesting or amusing about her Same with all of the other characters Very stale The actual plot had a lot of promise some scenes were mildly amusing, but could have been laugh out loud funny Debbie s tone with the reader is as a kindergarten teacher with her 5 year olds over explaining, keeping it simple so we understand, and repeating constantly lest we forget It s almost insulting It s too bad, because she used to be one of the best Many of her old Silhouette Special editions were worth rereading several or times. I wonder if Hallmark has turned this into a Christmas movie Of course, it s that kind of story Macomber doesn t do that bad a job of it, considering she churns out so many books each year In this one she paints Boston, New York, and Leavenworth, WA as romantic holiday spots On the other hand, she makes Florida seem like the last place you d like to spend Christmas.

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