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Trayis (VLG, #11) Not my favorite in the series, but I still enjoyed the story I thought Trayis and Shay were a cute couple and I m glad he helped her see her self worth. Trayis is the first book that I ve read in Dohner s VLG series Though that doesn t mean she s a new author to me I enjoy her paranormal romances immensely This one definitely didn t disappoint either I went in without even reading the blurb Maybe I ll try other parts in this series. Born of a Lycan father and human mother, Shay has been bullied for most of her life for her heritage and inability to shift As the lowest member of the pack, her life is constantly at risk as many in the pack feel she is inferior and an abomination though she also couldn t live in the human world as she d be at risk to be exterminated as a rogue No Her life is what it is and she s ok with facing a future without a mate serving the pack At a meeting of pack leaders hosted by her pack s Alpha, Shay takes a bold step to approach Trayis, her Alpha s brother visiting from Alaska All she wants is one night of passion to feel like a desired woman without the awkwardness that would happen if he lived locally.One night of sex with her childhood crush before he returns to his own pack Things don t go as planned when Trayis discovers a secret she s been keeping and decides to extend his visit Newest installment in the VLG series that could be read as a standalone For those who need to know, this book and series does include adult content erotic romance between the main characters Fans of Ms Dohner will be happy with this newest installment that follows a predictable story line Personally, I feel the series has lost it s focus since the death of Decker as the author struggles to give purpose to the series moving forward Again, that s a personal feeling and open to debate Tayis Shay A case of strong Alpha male who comes across a vulnerable down trodden female taking a personal interest in her and her situation I did struggle to feel these two were a fated couple vs opportunistic mates as there really wasn t enough emotionalism to back up the chemistry between the two Further, the white knight role Trayis plays in this story was protective and nurturing with a side of whoopie sex than a true Earth shattering Mother Nature providing one s true and fated mate sort of thing Secondary characters All add various degrees of value and worth to the world building and support the main characters There is an evil bad guy element that I foresaw early in the story in a predictable fashion My issues were that the overall story was enjoyable and features some hot times between the main characters but overall didn t reach the bar that I look for in providing a surprise or two or unexpected story line element I didn t see coming This is a book to check out if you like a bullied character who meets someone who values them enough to fight for them and cherish them enough to give them the future they deserve. 4 1 2 stars, I loved this book just like I havre really loved this series I started this book and it was like I never left this world Laurann Dohner created. I enjoyed this story Though, Shays pack is full of dumbasses I don t know which ones pisses me off The bully ones, or the ones, who acts like she s some fragile thing, that can t survive a freakn breeze.I liked Trayis a lot I was curious about him from the first time he appeared in the series He was really great as a clan leader, but he is even better as a mate The way he was with Shay He was so supporting and loving Instead of clipping her wings, he wanted her to soar And after all this years living in the pack who looked down on her because of her mostly human side, that was what she needed so much. 4.5 Stars Shunned by her Lycan pack, half breed Shay accepts a dare to put the moves on visiting VampLycan Trayis, a shifter she s had a crush on and who is one of the few people who is nice to her Trayis is than happy to oblige and take her to bed It s only supposed to be a one night stand, but soon Trayis is the one looking for the happily ever after Can he help Shay overcome her past and take a chance on him This book offers what author Laurann Dohner does best creating hot alpha heroes who are nice guys and not alpha holes and feisty heroines in need of a little tender loving care A fast paced, easy to read romance. Trayis NOT travis XD Loved this couple not necessarily on of my favorites but they were so good together and it was such a sweet read The only problem I had with this book was that until halfway thru I thought his name was travis instead of trayis and every time I here the name travis i think of some back woods hill billy which made it hard to set the mood for me once I realized I was reading his name wrong instant relief lol it was smooth sailing from there Just on click this bish you won t regret it. I had to admit this series is not half as good as New Species series Infact I really dislike the first three books from this series.However this is Ms Dohner s books, one of the Author who made me start and love to read PNR romance.So, yup Her decent series like this one still enjoyable than many other authors s books out there for me Lol.Try it, you probably will like it too. Growing Up Mostly Human In A Lycan Pack Has Been Hard For Shay Shunned And Distrusted By Most, She Wouldn T Have Survived Without The Support Of Her Foster Family And Alpha She S Had A Longtime Secret Crush On Trayis, Her Alpha S VampLycan Half Brother Shay Thinks He S Hot And Finds The Courage To Approach Trayis During One Of His Infrequent Visits She S Hoping For Just One Night Of Ecstasy Before She Spends Her Life Alone, Unwanted Trayis Is Stunned When He Realizes The Sweet, Timid Shay Is Interested In Bedding Him He S Also Furious When Some Pack Women Attempt To Humiliate Her In Front Of Him He S Than Happy To Pick Her Over One Of Them She Might Not Be His Type But It S Just Sex He S Up For That What He Doesn T Plan On Is How She Makes Him Feel So Much For A Simple Vacation And A One Night Stand

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