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Vertical Mind In Vertical Mind, Don McGrath And Jeff Elison Teach Rock Climbers How To Improve Their Mental Game So They Can Climb Better And Have Fun They Teach How The Latest Research In Brain Science And Psychology Can Help You Retrain Your Mind And Body For Higher Levels Of Rock Climbing Performance, While Also Demonstrating How To Train And Overcome Fears And Anxiety That Hold You Back Finally, They Teach Climbing Partners How To Engage In Co Creative Coaching And Help Each Other Improve As Climbers With Numerous And Practical Step By Step Drills And Exercises, In A Simple To Follow Training Framework, Your Path To Harder Climbing Has Never Been Clearer If You Are A Climber Who Wants To Climb Harder And Have Fun Climbing, Then Vertical Mind Is Required Reading Well, What S Stopping You Pick It Up And Get Training Today

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    Very insight read into the psychology of climbing and fear I think this will be a very useful tool in upping my game, and honestly helping to replace negative scripts in my head The section on co creative coaching was interesting with how talking can help or hinder progress, and really could be useful in any type of relationship Now to apply it to my cl

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    This book is incredibly thought provoking and a stellar read If you have any desire to improve your climbing ability this is an absolute must read We focus so much on the physical component of training, but this sheds light on the mental capacities that must be developed to further your progress On top of aiding my climbing mind, I feel like it has also brou

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    Great read that I would recommend to pretty much everyone who is willing to improve their lives or athletic performance Sure this is a climbing book so most examples are focused on climbing and most issues discussed are climbing related, but almost everything can be translated to any other althletic activity or life in general.Climbing is a strange For me it is p

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    The best book on climbing I have read The authors are highly entertaining I honestly laughed out loud while reading it and they offer tons of ways to think about the way you climb as well as activities to train and reinforce new ways of thinking and perceiving I have already started implementing many of the activities and thought processes into my climbing training, a

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    Pretty good, but I liked

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    This was not a cover to cover read for me, but I ve picked it up a couple times to read certain chapters that are applicable to struggles I ve been having It s a really useful read The climbing rope coil brain on the cover is really cool, too Too bad it isn t shown here on Goodreads p

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    missed a good summary at the end of the bookotherwise great insights

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    I haven t read a book on mental training for climbing before I found this book to be so refreshing for targeting the non physical things that have been holding me back fear of failure fear of falling ego, etc I highlighted a bunch, but probably should have highlighted So much of this is applicable to my sport I just hope I stick to some of the suggestions for how to change my scripts ov

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    Another good entry into the improving mental performance subset of rock climbing books Focuses on recognizing and changing maladaptive scripts that are holding climbers back.Oddly enough it also encourages some non mental improvements, such as backstepping, which seemed out of place with the books main topic.

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    Part psychology textbook part platitude Not nearly as good as Espresso Lessons or Maximum Climbing.

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