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Walks Away Woman Ki Longfellow, Acclaimed Author Of Flow Down Like Silver Hypatia Of Alexandria, The Secret Magdalene, And Houdini Heart Has Penned Walks Away Woman, A Remarkable Story Of An Ordinary Woman Driven To An Extraordinary Decision Overwhelmed, Overwrought, And Overweight, An Everyday Housewife Walks Into The Sonoran Desert To Die But There S To A Desert Than Sand Or Death There S Thorns, Venom, Claws, Heat, Thirst, Other People And Unexpected AdventureAs She Says, It S Because Your Gums Are Receding And Your Hair Is Thinning And Your Neckline Is Sagging It S Because All You Ever Had Was Your Youth, And You Spent That So Long Ago Now It S Hard To Remember What You Bought With It Mrs Warner Shuddered In Her Loosening Skin, Was Almost Running Now It S Because You Re Scared Lately You Re So Scared And So Aimless And So Useless You Sleep Half The Day And Panic Half The Night In Between, You Watch TV To Ward Off The Evil Of Watching Yourself So If Not Death, Then What When She Tripped Over A Rock And In Tripping, Plunged Over The Edge Of A Cliff Mrs Warner Had Forgotten The Desert, The Cacti, The Heat, The Hunger, The Thirst All That Was Left Was An Ever Increasing Panic And An Ever Deepening Desperation And Then There Was The Shock Of Falling And The Screaming Inside Here We Go, Here We Go But Don T Hurt, Don T Hurt Oh God, Please Don T Hurt After That, There Was Nothing Until She Woke Up At The Bottom Of An Arroyo With A Lot Of Surviving To Do And All She Had Was Her Purse It Wasn T Much To Face A Desert With, But Mrs Warner, Born Molly Brock, Was In A Fight For Her Life, The Life She Didn T Want Until She Was Just About To Lose ItWhat S An Everyday Housewife To Do In Molly S Case, A Lot And Every Bit Of It Changing Her From Ordinary To Extraordinary I read Stephen King s Joyland at the same time Being a fan, I was eager to live in his head for awhile But as I just wrote on Joyland s page, it was oddly flat ride, dull really And then I read Walks Away Woman and everything amped up about 200% The energy, the feel of the desert, the voice of the woman tramping about with her purse and then her donkey, was alive and witty I couldn t wait to be done with Joyland I set Walks Away Woman aside with a sigh Maybe in a few months or so, I can read it again I sure want to. Lucky me I got this as a proof because of my blog I can t believe this writer She can handle any genre This one is right up to date and covers one of my favorite things a person against the elements And this person is a wimp you d think, and so does she , a bullied wife, an unappreciated mother, a Valium addict, a telly watcher, nobody really So she decides, what the hell, why keep on living What for So she walks out of one of those mega grocery stores and into the desert around Tucson, Arizona, to end it all How could she miss Illegal aliens die there all the time But not Mrs Warner Mrs Warner discovers once she stops whining that she sthan equal to a desert She becomes Molly Brock again, the girl she would have been if she hadn t made chickenshit choices Now, this would make some terrific movie for an aging Hollywood leading lady Susan Sarandon, you listening Because it was a new one by Longfellow, I had to get it right away You never know what you re getting with this writer, but I always wind up with something I savor to the last page This time it s about a lonely housewife not my thing at the end of her rope not my thing who just gives up not my thing so does as the title says, walks away to die not my thing Since she lives in some burb in Tucson, Arizona, what she walks into is the Sonoran desert, the one with the really tall armed cactus plants And the spiders and snakes and gila monsters and hot hot hot The desert is my thing so I walked with her I am so glad I did As I already said, I savored it to the last page A great last page, by the way Great. I d walk through thorns and around rattlers for another 300 pages LOVE THIS. I m crazy for books about people surviving against the odds Just saw Redford s new movie Great So of course, I had to read this one Plus it s by one of my favorite writers This one was especially fun because the woman could barely make it in suburbia, what was she going to do in a desert full of creepy crawly things Molly Brock is now my hero. Longfellow writes books that are not only great books, they d make terrific movies. A zinger Loved this book. You can find any number of books about men matching their wits against nature Sailing, climbing, hiking, running, whatever I can t think of any book where a woman matches her wits against nature And certainly not a normal American soap opera watching, pill popping, aging housewife kind of woman It s a simple tale and it isn t To outline it is to spoil the absolute delight in following this woman out beyond the trash line her great description of approaching human settlements as she tries to die, and then, of course tries not to die Along the way, she does not do as most men trying to survive do which is discover or rediscover what we ve lost our connection to nature And in a man s case, our attempt to dominate it This woman discovers nature, true, but she really discovers herself Or perhaps she reinvents herself This is a total page turner I went to bed reading it And then I kept reading it straight through the night Big Thumbs Up. Well, what did I think I ve taken to reading best sellers lately I want to know why they sell So far, I haven t a clue Maybe it s nothingthan genre We went through our vampire years And then came that wizard kid Or the other way round, I forget These were followed by zombies But as I already know what to expect from Longfellow, I thought I d try her latest Well, blow me down with a bellows, it wasn t what I expected at all This one was set in the present, it was about a normal American woman living a normal American life who does what so many wind up thinking they ll have to do They ll end it all A nice house, a nice car, an easy life, the kids grown and gone You d think it would be time to, I don t know what do normal people do at this stage of their life Buy a boat Sail the Caribbean But Mrs Warner s husband is having an affair Mrs Warner is watching TV and taking a lot of Valium Mrs Warner s husband and his father are planning to have Mrs Warner sent away to a nice rest home somewhere When Mrs Warner walks away before they can net her, she doesn t buy a plane ticket to Greece where she meets a good looking fisherman Mrs Warner walks out into the desert to die And there begins a tale I spent the night reading non stop It was simple, it was fast, it was honest, it was funny, it was wonderful God Bless Molly Brock Mrs Warner as was.

About the Author: Ki Longfellow

Ki Longfellow, born on Staten Island, New York, to a French Irish mother and an Iroquois father, grew up in Hawaii and Marin County, California, but ended up living in France and England for many years She is the widow of a British national treasure, the complete artist Vivian Stanshall.In England, she created and sailed the Thekla, a 180 foot Baltic Trader, to the port of Bristol where it became

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