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Warrior Women From Fantastic Legends And Science Fictional Futures Come Compelling Tales Of Powerful Women Or Those Who Discover Strength They Did Not Know They Possessed Who Fight Because They Must, For What They Believe In, For Those They Love, To Simply Survive, Or Who Glory In Battle Itself Fierce Or Fearful, They Are Courageous And Honorable Occasionally Unscrupulous And Tainted But All Warriors Worthy Of The Name CONTENTSwords Sorcery Northern Chess By Tanith Lee Anukazi S Daughter By Mary Gentle Become A Warrior By Jane Yollen The Sea Troll S Daughter By Caitlin R Kiernan Joenna S Axe By Elaine Isaak Love Among The Talus By Elizabeth Bear Soul Case By Nalo HopkinsonJust Yesterday The Girls From Avenger By Carrie Vaughn In The Loop By Ken Liu Dying With Her Cheer Pants On By Seanan McGuire Prayer By Robert ReedSomewhere Between Myth Possibility England Under The White Witch By Theodora Goss The Lonely Songs Of Laren Dorr By George RR Martin The Knight Of Chains, The Deuce Of Stars By Yoon Ha LeeSpace Aria Boy Twelve By Jessica Reisman The Application Of Hope By Kristine Rusch Not That Kind Of War By Tanya Huff Naratha S Shadow By Sharon Lee Steve MillerWill No War End All War Eaters By Nancy Kress And Wash Out By Tides Of Ware By An Owomoyela Hand To Hand By Elizabeth Moon They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain By Rachael Acks Wonder Maul Doll By Kameron Hurley The Days Of The War, As Red As Blood, As Dark As Bile By Aliette De Bodard

About the Author: Paula Guran

Paula Guran is senior editor for Prime Books She edited the Juno fantasy imprint from its small press inception through its incarnation as an imprint of Pocket Books She is also senior editor of Prime s soon to launch digital imprint Masque Books Guran edits the annual Year s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series as well as a growing number of other anthologies In an earlier life she produced we

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    These were very good short stories about strong women in difficult situations Very well written by first class authors from many genres Some stories are from established universes, and others are standalone tales The only real disappointment is that almost all of

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    Esta antolog a para mi gusto ha sido muy irregular Por dos razones principales.Uno Desde mi gusto personal algunos relatos me han flipado, y otros me han resultado pesados Pero en s la mayor a me han dejado indiferentes Considero que es una lectura que ha merecido mucho l

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    This review is based only on the following stories.The Girls from Avenger by Carrie Vaughn This one made me sad, mostly because a man s ego caused great harm I was glad that Em found out what happened, just wish the guy was punished.Dying with her Cheer Pants On by Seanan McGuire

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    So I only really liked about three stories in the entire anthology The very first one I read Northern Chess by Paula Guran I loved the ending I can t help but chuckle view spoiler even if it s a total trope now that a woman can succeed where a man can t due to the wording of a curse Or you

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    An anthology of various genres fantasy, sci fi, space opera, etc, showcasing females in combat many reviewers have commented on how sad most of these stories are these stories chronicle the personal repercussions of war on the individual, both physical and spiritual Even the most memorable one, bas

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    A lot of hits, a couple misses, and a few I wish I had liked , but a well curated anthology nonetheless

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    Overall ImpressionA mixed bag, as anthologies so often are I much preferred the later sections to the beginning I wonder if I just don t much like sword and sorcery I will say that I found the collection to be a little scattered, a little unfocused I think it was trying to do too many things at once It also had an o

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    This felt like an older anthology, but I recognized a lot of the authors in it, and I was excited to see a sci fi anthology centered on war but starring women The book is divided into five sections Swords Spears Arrows Axes and Sorcery focuses on the standard fantasy warriors knights, and mages, and the like in fantasy worl

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    Quick notes on individual stories as I read them Northern Chess by Tanith Lee this is well written, of course, being from Tanith Lee, but the plot turns on a fairly hoary line dating back to Macbeth Still, a scenic ride Anukazi s Daughter by Mary Gentle Become a Warrior by Jane Yolen The Sea Troll s Daughter by Caitlin R Kiernan I ki

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    Find my full review of all the short stories in this collection on my blogWarrior Women is an anthology edited by Paula Guran that puts women front and center There are many ways to be a warrior and many ways to tell the story of one This anthology collects a variety of stories, arranged around five different themes Swords SpearsArrowsAxes So

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