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Wes Denial (Tease and Denial, #2) Novel , Words PagesGenre S Gay, Erotica, BDSMWes Has Spent His Life Looking For That One Special Guy Who Will Understand And Love Him All Of Him From His Tender Vanilla Side, To His Darker Debauched SideThroughout High School, His Successful Career In The Marines, And As A BDSM Dom, He S Remained Confident His Partner Is Out There Waiting To Be FoundHowever, Several Events Shake His Normally Unflappable Self AssuranceAnd, Even After He Finds Grif, Will His Past Catch Up With Him And Possibly Drive His Soul Mate Away Tags GAY, EROTICA, BDSM, D S, DEGRADATION, SPH, BITTERSWEETLinks Smashwords Lulu Google Play Regular Paperback Signed Paperback USA ONLY Hardcover

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    5 Stars Although I ve had some reservations with Grif s Toy ref a character who already left the plot , Wes Denial was a much anticipated story to me I finished book 1 totally invested in Wes and Grif s story.So, I have to confess that I felt a bit disappointed when the story barely started and Grif decided to disappear for two bloody months It made m

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    Goodreads M M Romance Member Choice Nominations All Time Favorite M M Series Tease and Denial All Time Favorite M M RomanceBest BDSMBest Book of the YearBest Contemporary MainstreamBest Dark ThemeBest Established Couple Wes and Grif Best Kink FetishBest Main Character Wes Diverse Reader Top Pick 2016Paranormal Romance Guild 2016 Reviewer s Choice Nominee Bests

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    Reread in April 2019 I can t believe I made my way through this yet again And before you ask I did NOT reread the epilogue As I said before once in a lifetime is than enough But the rest is positively riveting The dynamics between Wes and Grif are beautifully explained and explored, and it is amazing to see how their relationship evolves over the years How their kink

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    Disclaimer Editor s review Sniffles I love Wes he walks such a delicate balance between brutal decadence and that finely tuned tender side Both whisper in Grif s ear, calling out everything in him the lover, the sub, the businessman, and in his own unique and ultimate way the master of all of Wes s kink and control Take Grif away, Wes wouldn t be the same, take Wes awayOh maaaa

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    This is one of those ratings that s an average of the book s highs and lows The problem I often have with reviewing in this situation is that I end up in a diatribe about its flaws, when the truth is that I recommend it and I loved reading it.In an effort to avoid that, I ll just say that I had many of the same issues with this volume as I had with the first The dialogue and character d

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    I loved this book so much Especially the ending and the epilogue Yes, it had some sadness, but also so much love Grif and Wes are one of my favorite couples Both books in this series were very well written, especially the characters.

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    5 EPIC journey The openings chapter was one that shakes you and keeps you right in..amazing My God.Wes and Grif The way they treat each other..so delicateso deeply imbued with love..Now and then a little crack of uncertainty which has to be confirmed..so openvulnerable..The storyline is one of high level.everything was right.flawless And then the humor.sometimes subtle sometimes prominent.I loved it allA

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    Some books shouldn t be allowed to end But because stories invariably must come to a conclusion and I really didn t want to say goodbye to Wes and Grif I did something I almost never do and rationed my reading In fact, it would be safe to say that, in keeping with one of Wes and Grif s preferred kinks, I denied myself the pleasure of reaching the end as quickly as I could have And still I m sorry I didn t manage to make t

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    Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsInitially dropping the reader into Wes s past for a shocking opening chapter, the story quickly picks up where Grif s Toy left off and you really must read that before this one Wes Denial is similar in style to the first book, taking us back in forth in time to tell Wes story and continue moving his relationship with Grif forward, but there is of a darkness to this tale We already kne

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