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What Your Teacher Didnt Tell You (Vol. 1) Farish A Noor Might Just Be Malaysia S Hippest Intellectual His Gifts Are On Full Display In These Expanded Versions Of Public Lectures That He Delivered At The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Kuala Lumpur In And Find Out How Racial Difference Became Such A Big Deal In Malaysia, And Contrast This Against The Way Our Distant Ancestors Lived Discover The Hidden Stories Of The Keris, Hang Tuah And PAS There S Also Quite A Bit Of Sex Erudite, Impassioned And Sometimes Plain Naughty, What Your Teacher Didn T Tell You Is A Stimulating Plunge Into Aspects Of Our Past That Have Been Kept From Us There S Even A Bonus Chapter Illustrated With Dozens Of Sepia Toned Photographs, Many From The Author S Collection Of Antiques

About the Author: Farish A. Noor

www.othermalaysia.org along with Dr Yusseri Yusoff, which looks at the history of Malaysia from an alternative, deconstructive angle and which attempts to demonstrate the constructiveness and contingency behind historical development, particularly of nation states from the pre colonial to post colonial era.Over the past ten years he has also been researching the phenomenon of transnational and translocal religio political movements, including missionary movements such as the Tablighi Jama at and its networks from South to Southeast Asia as well as the development of religio politics in South and Southeast Asia, looking at the rise of Muslim, Christian and Hindu political religious revivalism in particular.His other interests include antiques and material history, and he has written about the plastic arts of Southeast Asia, focusing on things such as the Indonesian Malaysian keris to the development of woodcarving and architecture.Farish has also appeared in the semi documentary film The Big Durian film , directed by Amir Muhammad.

10 thoughts on “What Your Teacher Didnt Tell You (Vol. 1)

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    Impressive Itu yang aku mahu katakan Farish Noor membuka minda kita pada hal hal yang kontroversi keris, perkauman, seksualiti orang Asia, sosialisme PAS, dan a

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    Finished this book yesterday and I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the chapter lecture entitled From Pigafetta to Panji and Hang Tuah The Pacifist A must have for eve

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    Encountered a lot of Never knew that moments in reading this book, providing for some useful knowledge.The author desires to make true history accessible to the Malaysian publ

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    berjaya habiskan dalam masa dua hari saja Simply tak boleh nak berhenti daripada membacanya Dr Farish Noor, permata Malaysia paling berharga

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    This review will be titled, What your Daughter didn t Tell you because if my Mom or anyone else who knows me for that matter is aware of what I was reading, there will certainly be raised eyeb

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    I first heard about Farish Noor when I was procrastinating from my uni work Browsing through articles of anti incumbent government sentiments which are mostly gibberish and unsubstantiated, reading hi

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    4 5 stars.WYTDTY comprises a series of lectures on history of the Southeast Asia Keris, sexuality, politics and Hang Tuah Basically, it revolves on how Malaysia has lost its racial inheritance due to British

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    The ending, in my opinion, was a bit too abrupt I wanted to read about Hang Tuah but I guess this means I ll have to read the hikayat now Oh, and the keris chapter just completely blew my mind And the chapter regard

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    Buku ini sangat mengagumkan Sesuai dengan tajuknya What Your Teacher Didn t Tell You Kisah kisah dalam buku ni memang tidak dijumpai dalam buku sejarah mainstream Isu isu seperti isu keris, konsep feudal, politik bangsa, hom

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    Frankly this is quite a tedious and slow read to me I personally think that readers need to be equipped with some basics in discourse analysis to comprehend a few chapters especially the deconstruction of Hang Tuah s history as Fari

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