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Wild Ride description

ARC provided by Juliette Jones in exchange for an honest review.
**May Contain Spoilers**

Story Rating 4 Stars
Hero Rating 4 Stars
Heroine Rating 4 Stars
Romance Rating 3 Stars
Heat Level 5 Stars
Overall Rating 4 Stars


I received this ARC from Juliette Jones. My first ever directly from an author. I was excited and nervous…I was in quite a state to say the least.
Anyway, I digress. Normally, I’m not a big fan of novella’s, but I really enjoyed Wild Ride. It was a fun and quick read, even if it did leaving me wanting more.


First, what I didn’t like…
Honestly, my only complaint is that I wish the story was a bit longer.
I would have loved to get to know the characters more.
But, since it was a novella, I didn’t get that chance.
*le sigh* I wish there were more Nate and Riley to enjoy is all really…


What I did like...
Ah! All of it.
So much so, I didn’t want it to end.
Lacey was sexy and a fairly realistic character.
Nate and Riley were perfection. They’re exactly what you would want in two sexy Alpha men, who just so happened to pick Lacey up after her car broke down.
And, although the story was short and I would have LOVED to read more about each character and their relationship, the ending was wrapped up very nicely and made me smile.
It was quite cute actually.
And sexy.


I loved it.
Would I have liked for there to be more?
But, I think keeping it short is what made it so memorable, sexy and at the end, sweet.
Recommended to anyone wanting a quick, fun and sexy read.

Oh, and it also made me want to move to Texas.
So, brava for that!


Here’s my casting for Nate and Riley…



Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance

Story Rating ~ 5 Stars
Hero Rating ~ 5 Stars
Heroine Rating ~ 5 Stars
Romance Level ~ 5 Stars
Heat Level ~ 5 Stars SCORCHING STARS
Ending ~ 5 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 5 Stars

Wild Ride was an excellent read for me and I REALLY enjoyed it. It has been a while since I’ve read a HOT ménage, but this book was SO much more than that.

Lacey was working a dead end job and had a dead end boyfriend too. She was working double shifts and hiding some of her tips from her boyfriend in hopes of leaving someday soon to start on a new and better life. One day she went to her secret money stash and notice that it was all almost gone. She confronted her boyfriend and asked him where her money was and then proceeded to tell him that she wanted it all back. This is when he did it; he struck her in the face which knocked her into a wall and she bangs her head. Lacey immediately knows it time for her to leave before he can catch her. She runs out of the house with the rest of her money, jumps in her junk pile of a car and sets off for Texas.
Just as she passes the border into Texas, her car dies. She pulls her suitcase out of the car, takes a seat on it and waits for a car to come by so she can hitch a ride. Not too long afterwards she spots a car coming. It pull over, but she gets a really bad vibe from the driver and realizes that there was NO WAY she was getting in the car with him. All of a sudden a sleek new red Mustang pulls up with two gorgeous guys in it. Of course they offer her a ride and she jumps in.

I’m not going to go more into the story except that what happens shortly afterwards is a SCORCHING HOT SCENE. The scenes with Lacey, Nate and Riley were some of the HOTTEST scenes that I have read in a long time.

Somewhere during their shared time, Nate and Lacey became more. OMG, Nate was SO PERFECT! He was so kind, considerate, caring, tender and very attentive towards Lacey. I swear I swooned over the way he treated her. I also LOVED Lacey, she was smart and never once did she expect that things were going to continue as they were. She knew Nate had money and it never crossed her mind to even try and get something out of him. They made an excellent couple and I definitely felt the connection between them.

The ending was VERY GOOD, and left me sighing and smiling. The ending also included an epilogue that ended this novella in the best possible way.

My overall thoughts on Wild Ride are that for a novella of only 112 pages, there was a full story with well developed characters. Yes, this book was a ménage and it was extremely steamy, but it also turned out to be a tender love story too. I find myself hoping that Juliette Jones has plans to write a book or two from some of the secondary characters that were in this book. I would DEFINITELY read them! It seems I have found myself another fantastic must read author...LUCKY ME!

*A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review* What's better than a sexy Cowboy?
TWO sexy cowboys!

I felt like a different person entirely. Like I'd woken up this morning as a wayward, drifting, downtrodden wretch and somehow through the course of the day been reborn, again and again, as a lucktouched angel, flying, riding high,
As a reviewer, there are moments when you just want to shout some excited expletives, then throw a book at someone hoping that they'll read it. It's hard to speak in coherent sentences when you're drooling and squirming in your seat...

All I really want is to say "Holy MotherFUCKER this is a HOT book", but I'm supposed to be more articulate than that...

So I took several cold showers and sat down to write this review, because on top of the pantymelting hotness of this book, it also surprised and delighted me with its characters and storyline.

Lacey Callihan
I wanted to live, laugh and have an adventure like nothing I'd ever known. Hell yeah: I was young, free and ready for anything. No more ties or weights. Just open road and possibilities.
It's time for Lacey to start over. She wakes on her twentyfirst birthday to discover that her deadbeat boyfriend has stolen her life savings. When she confronts him about it, he lashes out with violence.

Time to leave her shitty waitressing job in her small Oklahoma town and take a chance at a new life. Her plan to drive down to Austin comes to a smoking halt when her car breaks down on the side of the road.

She has nothing but the cash in her pocket, a small suitcase, and a bottle of whiskey... She's not turning back, and she has no idea what's about to happen next when two gorgeous cowboys save her from the side of the road.

Nate Walker
...I had no plans aside from making my way down to Austin to find myself a very necessary job, As soon as our gilded moment sputtered out. Tonight, I would stick close to Nate, and give him whatever he asked of me. Because I wanted to, with a dedication that could have disarmed me a little, if I'd let it.
Nate is the tall, dark, handsome, strong, silent type. He pulls his red Mustang convertible over to the side of the road to pick up the damsel in distress.

He and his cousin Riley are driving to Dallas and agree to take Lacey with them.

Riley Walker
"...For a girl who never came before tonight, you sure are a hot little thing," he murmured into my ear, nibbling my earlobe. "You want it all, don't you, sugar? You want us both. We'll give you what you want. Everything you want. And only what you want."
I liked the sound of that.
Riley is Nate's polar oppositeFriendly, flirtatious, blonde, and talkative. He gets Lacy to open up on how she wound up on the side of the road and about her crummy relationship with her exboyfriend.

As the miles drag on and the whiskey bottle is drained, their flirtatious banter has Lacey hotter than the Texas sun. Nate and Riley are determined to make sure that her birthday is one she'll never forget.

Lacy has never done anything like this before, but she's ready to take a chance on a wild ride with these two cowboys. It's all fun and games when they make it to their Dallas hotel, but Lacy has some choices to make once the morning comes...

This book went from sexy to sweet as the story progressed. Lacy doesn't want to come between two cousinswell, not in the same way she did last night ;) but she's falling hard and fast for one of them...

Alright so now that the fun plot stuff is out of the way...

Can we all appreciate the fact that I'm a professional reader of Eroticawho reads a metric ton of sex scenes each and every yearand I was wildly turned on by this book... Not a little aroused... Great big lady boner...

This is what we call a onehanded read.
make sure you have fresh batteriesfor your Kindle, of course ;)
don't try to read this in public,
& enjoy some alone time...

Me while reading this book:

3.5 young wild & free stars
I wanted to live, laugh and have an adventure like nothing I’d never known. Hell, yeah: I was young, free and ready for anything. No more ties or weights. Just open road and possibilities.

It’s Lacey’s 21st birthday, and her asshole of a (ex)boyfriend has finally gone too far; (1) He forgets her birthday, (2) He steals the money she’s been saving up and (3) He puts his hands on her...

Leaving everything behind with only a hundred dollars to her name, she jumps into her car and heads to Texas; hoping to reconnect with an old friend and go back to college. Her day only gets better when her pieceofshit car breaks down at the state border leaving her no choice but to hitchhike...Her luck turns around when a convertible mustang with two hot men pull over to help her out. She doesn’t know if it’s the whiskey or her new sense of freedom but she lets loose and decides to enjoy the rest of her day, taking advantage of the amenities, Nate and Riley are offering...throwing caution to the wind, after all after tonight she might never see these two hotties again.

Wild Ride was a short fun HOT read, it was all about being young, happy & free. Lacey was a sweet young girl who may have been sexually naïve, but was smart enough to understand the dynamics of this night. Riley was the outgoing sweet talker of the bunch, calming her nerves and bringing everyone to ease. Nate on the other hand, was the quiet intense hero, who was more reserved but just as sexy. (Guess which one I wanted more, lol) It was one night of passion, one night where it was about the three of them with no promises of tomorrow. The sex scenes were pretty damn HOT, making me jealous of Lacey. This is a standalone read, perfect bedtime story and has a nice epilogue that wraps the story up nicely.

ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.
Well, well, well... what a WILD RIDE!!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I sat down to read this today and I was very pleasantly pleased. I was hooked from page one. I could relate to Lacey's situation with the selfcentered, nasty, abusive, exboyfriend. Of course I never met up with two hunky Texans, but this is fantasy after all.

joy ride

This was a fantastically erotic story about a girl in a bad relationship, stuck at a dead end job in a nowhere town. After a heated argument with her boyfriend... who hits her, she bolts and never looks back. She barley crossed the border into Texas when a couple of good looking Texans pick her up. They all get to know each other very, very well and this is their story.

joy ride

This has some really well written sex scenes! LAWD its hot! I need a cold shower and about an hour alone with my husband. Lacey, Riley and Nate are molten together. Not only is the sex scorching, but the story is really, good too. I didn't want it to end. With that being said, we do get a very sweet HEA.

holding hands

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
3.5 Hitchhiking Stars!

It's Lacey's birthday and so far it isn't going great. She wakes up to find her boyfriend has stolen some of her money that she has been saving forever and he didn't even get her anything unless you count a slap across the face a present. She jumps in her old junker car and decides to get as far away from him as she can. She makes it as far as the Texas border before her car finally gives up and dies. She decides to hitchhike.

Two very sexy cowboys, cousins, Nate and Riley, pull up in a red Mustang convertible.

 photo Moldiv1396620300133zpsjrxkq1ap.jpg

What starts out as a horrible day, ends up very steamy with Lacey being in the middle of two very frisky cowboys.

This was a hot novella, perfect for when you are in between books.

ARC provided by author, Juliette Jones, in exchange for an honest review *** 3.5 "WILD RIDEindeed" STARS**

..... Full review or come. WoW...what a ride!!! :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is a very hot and steamy read. It is short, sweet and I will say that Juliette did a fabulous job in telling the whole story. The epilogue was perfect!!!

Lace leaves her ex in a rush after she had enough. His abusive, stealing ways was enough. She jumps in clunker of a car (that the jerk wouldnt fix) and headed straight to Texas. Lacey only gets across the boarder before the car finally dies. She meets two cowboys in a convertible that change her life and take her on a wild ride!!~

***This is my honest opinion based on ARC from Juliette Jones. (Thanks so much!!!) Lacey lives with her loser boyfriend, and works as a waitress in a trashy bar in Tulsa. She is beautiful with a flawless and perfect body, with cute freckles, waist long whiteblond hair (curly at the ends which she hates), and too big tits (according to her).

After a fight with her boyfriend she cuts and runs. Her likewise trashy car breaks down, and she decides to hitchhike.

What comes after that probably is most girls’ ultimate fantasy. Who doesn’t want two stunning, gorgeous, loaded, attentive cowboys?

One of them is blond, “sunlightened with strawcolored flicks”, cheerful and funny, with an “easygoing extrovert manner”.

The other one is dark, silent type (but only at the beginning, later he turns out to be practically a poet), brooding, and sensitive with violetblue eyes.

Riley and Nate have “Adonislike features and wide shoulders”. Their bodies are sculpted, pieces of art. Their manner is gentlemanly and caring, and they are “exceedingly gifted in the ways and means of pleasing a woman”. They are “virile, alluring, and magnetic”.

Especially Nate. He drives a red Mustang, and books the presidential suite. He buys Lacey a spectacular red dress, and gives her an unforgettable oral in the pool.

Evidently, all of this leads to a “bond forged in steel.”

I was annoyed by all those words in italics. I don’t like being told what to think, or what to consider important. But at least I can give you a very throughout collection of adjectives about Nate’s (view spoiler)

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