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Winner Takes All I prefer my master slave fantasies to be dub con non con, especially if they involve humiliation degradation, so this book didn t really work for me since all but two stories were very much consensual with extremely eager to please slaves And one of those two non con stories switched so fast from resistant top to ultra submissive slave that I didn t find it believable enough.If you love very submissive slaves, dialogue you d hear in porn, and lots of consensual watersports, this is the book for you. Every now and then I read something that reminds me that M M romance and gay erotica are seriously different genres I dislike essentialist sounding explanations, but there are times, most often after I ve spent than four and a half minutes watching pornography when I just feel like shouting out men and women are turned on by very different kinds of stories I enjoyed reading these stories they are well written and inventive but I liked them because they gave me a window into a world that felt truly exotic and weird than because I felt they got at the heart of my own experience The only chapter I can say that about was David Stein s smart and incisive Editor s Note, Value Added Porn, on the difference between porn and erotica, which I plan on quoting in some blog post if I ever get my act together For me, the world of the stories was interesting but not appealing It wasn t just the dog bowls and the piss play I found the mentality of the slaves impossible to identify with I felt full and complete being used by this totally hot stud, used like the dog slave I am, used to bring him pleasure Worshipping men like him and my Master is why I was born My pain or pleasure wasn t important All that mattered was serving him That level of abjection and selflessness is just too much for me I find it alienating However, I think my distaste is exactly that, a matter of taste I don t usually like most Club novels that purport to depict people in the BDSM lifestyle Any story in which characters eagerly adopt an established role leaves out most of the inner conflict and ambivalence that is the most erotically charged part of D s for me As slave fics go, I find Yhalen s inner torments over his attraction to his master lover rapist both fascinating and intensely erotic, though in other ways Bloodraven is far too brutally sadistic for my taste The genre of Winner Takes All Master Slave Fantasies by Christopher Pierce doesn t help matters With a few notable exceptions, the book offers erotic teases, ficlets, which are little than a hot scenario or exchange in a fantasy version of gay slave life Some stories are better than others hotter than others but there was not enough characterization or complexity for them to truly be erotic for me Every character in this collection is essentially interchangeable and virtually all of them wholeheartedly embrace their situation And that I think is the key difference It s not enough that a book describes a kinky scenario unless I feel involved with the characters, and to some extent challenged by what they are experiencing, then it s not very different than watching porn or looking at explicit photos, neither of which I find particularly arousing There were a few exceptions I really admired The Executioner s Boy It was imaginative and moody and dark It also surprised me usually I can t tolerate any erotic fiction that includes serious threats of death as part of the domination, but this one made that work The title story, the last in the collection, was the longest and the most developed, with a strong story arc and compelling character development, though the narrator s personality or mentality didn t differ noticeably from that of the slaves in the other stories As I said above, I was very interested reading this In some instances, you can learn about yourself your imagination and your desires from well written fictions that don t quite work for you than from ones that fit your kinks dead on I suspect that M M romance will always have a somewhat uneasy relationship with gay erotica and speaking from the M M camp, I think it s worthwhile to be both aware and respectful of how these genres and their authors and audiences differ There s no question that these stories are arousing for the right audience, and echoing editor David Stein, I am firmly of the opinion that such fiction has value drastically underrated value I admire Pierce for his achievement, even when I can t totally experience it as it was intended. The Prolific Author Christopher Pierce Christopherpierceerotica Has Appeared In Practically Every Gay Magazine And Than Three Dozen Story Anthologies WINNER TAKES ALL, His Newest Collection, Offers The Title Novella And Shorter Stories About Gay Master Slave Relationships, Ranging From The Edgiest To The Most Romantic With Every Variation In Between While Only A Few Stories Are Set In Other Times Or Other Worlds Than Our Own, They Are All Sex Fantasies, Not Slices Of Life Their Aim Is To Entertain, Which They Do Splendidly Advance Readers Of WINNER TAKES ALL Have Said That Masters And Slaves Pop Off The Pages Like Heroic Figures From The Leather Underworld Jay Starre In Lip Smackingly Kinky Tales Jeff Mann Featuring Beautiful Language, Touching Characterization, Poignant Plotting, And A Full Bodied Eroticism M Christian, In His Foreword The Stunning Original Cover Images Are By Thom Magister, Himself A Perfectbound Press Author THE SLAVE JOURNALS AND OTHER TALES OF THE OLD GUARD The first time I tried the stories in the book I cherry picked the ones other readers seemed to have enjoyed the best, but they weren t really for me But now that I ve checked out the rest of the stories I found the ones I thought would be second stringers actually had of the emotional connection I was looking for I enjoyed those much , particularly the longer multi part final story, the eponymous Winner Takes All.3.5 stars You should definitely go and read Kynthos the Archer s glowing review of this book For me, it didn t work I couldn t get emotionally involved in the stories I only read a cherry picked five of them, and they were so similar in tone that I quit and this is technically a dnf The Executioner s Boy was the best of those I read I liked the set up immensely, but the way the story is told, and some of the events, just don t do it for me.For example, view spoiler to break his will, the Executioner sends his new virginal captive into the pit of the lost boys, filled with animal like wretches who are the boys that have failed to please the executioner They rape him orally and anally over and over and over But this is the opposite of what I wanted to happen I wanted the Executioner to be the one who raped his slave for the first time And so because there is no connection between the pit of swarming boys, and the new guy, I don t care I get that the point is inhuman degradation, but I don t feel it hide spoiler This is a collection of 17 short stories 231 pages.1 Collared at the Dog PoundSub s POVA young man wishing to find a master goes to the bar Dog Pound, where the subs are gathered at a central place the pound in the bar for the masters to look at them and choose the ones they want But the MC never goes with the other potential slaves He stays at a table in the back, looking at what s happening in the bar because a soothsayer told him that it would be the master who would go looking for him, not the other way round And one day, the bar s owner chooses him.2 Hard day s rewardSub s POVA young slave who is tortured by his master who strokes regularly his cock but forbids him to come is rewarded by his master for being a good slave His master brings at home another beautiful but cocky slave for his boy to play with The MC was a Dom before, and he loved to tame the cocky slaves His master knows that.3 Goodnight my slaveboysSub s POVA master who has five slaves goes around the house to give a goodnight fuck to everyone of his slaves, who are all different in the way he treats them.4 First time slaveSub s POVA young man who has been curious about slavery for a long time goes to meet Master Steve and his boy Robert Master Steve greets the MC at the door of his house and began to ask him to remove his clothes, puts a hood on his head and a gag in his mouth and goes to chain him to the ground of his underground Later, when Robert has come home from his job, Master Steve asks the MC to perform many chores with his hands and legs still in chains.5 The piss mummySub s POVA young sub comes to a master s place to be all wrapped up in plastic sheet and to be pissed on His mouth is uncovered, so the master could piss in it.6 Five bucks a swatSub s POVA master brings his blindfolded slave to a place where a fundraising activity takes place Guys in the room could pay 5 dollars to give a swat to the boy s ass.7 The executioner s boySub s POV, dystopiaSince he was a little boy, the MC went to every execution, not to see the execution itself but to see the executioner for which he felt a mix of fear and attraction Now he is a young man When he is falsely accused to have stolen the royal treasury and brought to the executioner s dungeon, he discovers that it s the executioner himself who framed him, to own him as his slave.8 Fucking Master s loverSub s POVA young sub, who is in the ban to cum or even to touch his cock, can t take it any A day his master invites Will, his lover, at his place Will is going to tease the sub into fucking him.9 Home made LubeSub s POVA sub, which is loaned to another master Master Troy , is waiting, nearly suspended, ass in the air, to be fucked, but Master Troy can t find the lube Then Master Troy asks Blaine, his own slave, to prepare home made lube And it isn t melted butter.10 The horny houseguestSub s pup POVA master loan his sub for the night to his friend, another master, with a bag full of erotic toys that he could use at will.11 Isle of chainsDom s POVLagan, the friend of Conga, the MC, went to an island whose is spoken about only in whispers and where it is forbidden to go Since they say that no one who went there came back and that Lagan has not came back after traveling for months, the MC decides to go and see what happened to him Of course, on this island, slavery is the norm and his friend Lagan became a slave.12 Fucked by a strangerSub s POVAfter a hard day at the job, a slave comes back home, eat some fast late dinner and go to the room where he falls asleep on the bed His master comes a little later, binds, gags and blindfolds his slave and let a stranger fuck him how he wants.13 Two slaveboy wrap upSub s POVA master mummifies his two slaves together, one slave s cock in the ass of the other.14 Sold to the highest bidderSub s POVA slaveboy, who thinks that his relationship with is master is fake, that he is not really a slave and his master does not really own him, argue with his master about something unimportant until, angry, he howls that his master doesn t own him and he won t do what he asks Then his master shows him who owns who He ties, binds, blindfolds him and brings him to a place where people deal with slave with an attitude problem and they are auctioned.15 Master s new toySub s POVA slave is authorized to assist to the training of a new slave by his master Then the master offers the new slave to the MC as a reward for having been a good boy.16 Scent slaveDom s POVA Dom MC spots a sub named Brian at the gym The Dom doesn t know if Brian is kinky or not, but he decides that he d make Brian craving for him He thinks I had to make him want me so badly that he d do anything for me Then he d be mine for keeps The Dom believes that the less he comes, the cum he has in his balls, and the seductive he is So he stops fucking and masturbating to be sure to seduce Brian.17 Winner takes allSub s POVMaster Bill wagers Josh, his slave, that he will win the arm wrestling match against another big man master Max , but he loses The boy has to go with master Max for the rest of the week end Master Max brings Josh to his car inside a big duffel bag, so he can t see where they are going Then Josh s week end as Max s slave begins.COMMENTThroughout my reading, I remembered how much I had fun reading my very first BDSM novels They were not complicated stories, they did not seek to remake the world they were just stories of domination and submission with a good dose of BDSM I liked that very much Reading this collection of short stories, I experienced a similar good old time pleasure.All stories have a little something different from each others There is some gradation in intensity to one another Several of the stories rang true, view spoiler like the one about the sub who fucks with his master s lover without permission and keeps it secret hide spoiler Sometimes you just want a leather daddy Interesting mix with a couple really unique ones Nice Thanks to Helle for the lovely Christmas gift. This is one of the most authentic BDSM books I ve ever read It s an anthology of several stories They are extremely erotic, very graphic, and incredibly well written and well edited My intention was to give this book five stars, and I would have done so if not for the very last story Although I understand the perspective of this first person narrative, the story itself was beyond disturbing to me It accounted for 30% of the book and it included scenes which were horrifyingly sadistic The protag repeatedly stated he was not a pain slut, yet the Master continued torturing him.In all honestly, this story will give me nightmares and it brought tears to my eyes.Overall, I loved the anthology I plan to read everything I can get my hands on by this author and will quickly recommend his books to other readers who appreciate authentic BDSM One added note this should be required reading for the wannabe BDSM authors in the mm romance genre, particularly those who are squeamish about the realities of a 24 7 BDSM relationship. I ll rate review as I go alongReadCollared at the Dog Pound 3.75 stars a boy who wants to be owned finally gets collared A Master to buy a dog bowl and take care of him and treat him the way a dog slave needs to be There was breath piss play Also rough sex A little SM Pretty good Enjoyed the Master slave dynamic in this oneso much so I didn t mind the piss.Need to ReadHard Day s Reward Goodnight, My Slaveboys First Time Slave The Piss Mummy Five Bucks a Swat The Executioner s Boy Fucking Master s Lover Home Made Lube The Horny Houseguest Isle of Chains Fucked by a Stranger Two Slaveboy Wrap Up Sold to the Highest Bidder Master s New Toy Scent Slave Winner Takes All Friday Night Saturday Afternoon Saturday Night Sunday Morning Sunday Afternoon If I have a soaking wet panties shelf here on GR, this book would definitely be on it.Therefore 5 Brilliant Lip Smacking Stars for this high quality collection of BDSM erotica.It s a must read for all TPE Total Power Exchange fans Especially those who loves good doses of manhandling and masculinity in their BDSM stories.Contained within its pages are Master Slave Fantasies that shows us how consensual slavery could be a very fulfilling and erotic experience Apart from that it also enlightens us on what makes a dom or a sub tick STORY 1 Collared at the Dog Pound Sub s POVAn exciting lost pup finds a master story Said pup quickly found himself in a hot mess of pain and pleasure under the firm hands of his new found master The ending plastered a wide smile on my face.Story codes tags D S, Dog Slave, Watersports, Rough Sex, Masturbation, Anal Sex, Hot Manhandling, BreathplayRATING 4 stars STORY 2 Hard Day s Reward Sub s POVA master kept his slave under stringent orgasm control and denied him release even when he was mercilessly stimulated The master then rewarded his obedient slave with a fresh juicy boy It s the best reward for the slave as he used to be a Top before submitting as a full time slave now He especially enjoys breaking boys with attitude issue.This story made me want to crawl into the book to play along with the guys I wanted to own that juicy ass It was such a pleasure watching a slave turned into a full fledged master displaying his prowess at owning a cocky young slave s ass Expertly turning him into true boymeat, whimpering and begging to be fucked The boy moans so sweetly and so eagerly it s like music to my ears.I would give this story a 10 stars if I could It s one of the hottest story in this sexy anthology Story codes tags D S, Anal Sex, Slave vs Slave, Collar leash, Manhandling, Blowjob, Humiliation degradationRATING 10 rewarding stars STORY 3 Goodnight, My Slaveboys Dom s POVA master who owns a total of 5 slaves Every night he would tenderly tucks each one of his securely bound slaves to bed They are all perfectly well trained loyal slaveboys who eats cums like ice cream and live to serve.This story is rather tender and soft I liked it but it wasn t as hot as the other stories here.Story codes tags Various Bondage, Dog Slave, Handjob, Blowjob, Anal SexRATING 3 stars STORY 4 First Time Slave Sub s POVA submissive guy first foray into master slave relationship He gets a taste of it at the hands of a non nonsense master He was put into strict bondage with a touch of sensory deprivation Robbed of sight and ability to communicate, the sub found himself at total mercy of his master and loving the mingling of fear and excitement.The emotions and feelings of the first time slave experiencing his first bondage experience was clearly translated I appreciate that very much That hooding scene got me so hot and bothered due the the level of anxiety the new slave exuded It was electrifying to me.Story codes tags Bondage, Hooding, Gag, Chains, D S, Partial Sensory Deprivation, Anal Sex, Orgasm DenialRATING 4 stars STORY 5 The Piss Mummy Dom s POVStory number 5 involved a submissive piss worshiping boy and a master who gets off on bestowing his golden streams on deserving boys.We would get tight bondage and some manhandling and of course jets and jets of warm you know what on you know where Basically, there isn t much happening here just someone drowning in piss and some jacking off Of course if you have golden shower kink, then it s a different thing altogether.Story codes tags Bondage, Watersports, Anal Sex, Handjob, Masturbation RATING 3 stars STORY 6 Five Bucks a Swat Sub s POVMC s master loves tight bubble butts for his spanking kink Slave boy Spanky is fortunate his prized butt received ample attention from his master One night master decided to flaunt Spanky s delicious tight buns for the benefit of charity Story codes tags Bondage, Spanking, HandjobRATING 3 stars STORY 7 The Executioner s Boy Medieval times Sub s POVA farm boy was obsessed with an executioner and kept going into town just to ogle the man even if it means having to watch the executions of unfortunate souls The boy was drawn to the power held by the executioner He was also fascinated with fear itself He is very much like a fearless little moth fluttering closer and closer to the burning hot flame until self immolation When the boy finally caught the eyes of his idol things took a nasty turn and the boy found himself under the full domination of the man he had worshiped all this while He was steadily broken down by this demanding man who now selfishly calls himself his master This is another story I am happy to give 10 shiny stars You need dark and gritty in your erotica to enhance your sexual excitement This is it This is the story for you It would drown you in pleasure of total domination over a man and also offer sexual ignition of full submission The epic twisted love in this one makes me tingle all over Stockholm was out to play The man in the black hood became the focus of my existence He was my captor, my kidnapper, my king, my god, and my family all at once the one human being I had contact with and therefore the one on which I lavished all my emotions I hated him, despised him yet loved him, too The Executioner s Boy has a psychological appeal to it The reconditioning of the farm boy was fascinating to follow yet quite disturbing to watch The executioner is an extremely harsh master Consider yourself warned.Story codes tags Bondage, Chastity device, Orgasm denial, Piercings, Rapes, Gangbanging, Blowjob, Flogging, Watersports, Anal Sex, TortureRATING 10 friggin stars NOTE CLICK THIS SPOILER TO CONTINUE with the rest of the mini reviews 8 to 16 hidden under this cut view spoiler STORY 8 Fucking Master s Lover Sub s POVAnother orgasm denial master who loves to sexually torture his slave boy by fucking and jerking him off constantly but not letting him come This slave boy is a bit of a switch He has a dominant side strong enough to top With balls bursting full of mancream, there s no chance of him ever saying no to a sexy man proffering himself so wantonly even if it was his master s lover This is fucking with the element of danger and guilt An added thrill to the adulterous, sexually frustrated pair.Story codes tags Bondage, Blowjob, Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Adultery, Orgasm denialRATING 3 stars STORY 9 Home Made Lube Sub s POVAn on loan slave is about to be stuffed turkey A meaty foot long sausage stuffed turkey And it isn t even Thanksgiving yet Thing is one important ingredient for preparation was missing and the master was getting really annoyed What would happen to this poor slave Uhmm that home made lube is very organic But doesn t that defeat the purpose of having the latex on Story codes tags Bondage, Butt rimming, Handjob, Anal SexRATING 3 stars STORY 10 The Horny Houseguest Sub s POVHorny dog boy looking forward to being plowed by an equally horny guest with the blessings of his owner The owner even graciously offered a selective of toys for his guest to play with his dog boy.I like how pet boy behaves much like a real domesticated doggy He was frisky and ready to play Such a lovable pup I want one.Story codes tags Dog slave, Blowjob, Toys, Sexy manhandling, Bondage, Anal SexRATING 4 stars STORY 11 Isle of Chains alternate world Sub s POVConga was on a quest to find and retrieve his best friend Lagan who was missing for half a year already He felt a mysterious pull from the Isle of Chains a forbidden island where not one returns once they step ashore Conga was surprised, amazed and shocked by what he found on that island Will he be able to save his friend and return home safely Would he want to return now that he had found what he has been missing all these years Something he didn t know he needed to complete his life with.The premise of the story was quite interesting and original The world building was steady and debaucheries of all kinds was found within that mysterious island Yet I only find this story to be satisfactory but not wow although it does have the most elaborated setup compared with the rest of the stories in this anthology Story codes tags D S, Bondage, Flogging, Watersports, Blowjob, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Orgasm denial, Rough Sex, Rape, Collaring RATING 3 stars STORY 12 Fucked by a Stranger Sub s POVThe MC was a bondage slave and he s very much an exhibitionist He gets all aroused with others watching him being plowed While I am aroused watching from the other end.We get to see slaveboy MC submitting to an anonymous fuck while in full bondage in effort to please his Master Not much of a submission on his part since he is loving every seconds of it Hehehe I liked that the MC puts on a show of defiance for his Master because he knew his Master likes his boy spirited I have to agree with his Master that a bound, struggling and squirming slave is much fun to watch than a dead fish The MC is such a good boy to try to heighten the pleasure of this voyeuristic Master the best of his ability.Story codes tags Bondage, Anal Sex, Fingering, Ass playing, PaddlingRATING 3 stars STORY 13 Two Slaveboy, Wrap up Sub s POVA story of creative slaveboys mummification Double the mummy, double the fun Mummy fucking mummy is hot But when you re mummi ed you re like a shrink wrapped product on a store shelf you can t move except to breathe Story codes tags Bondage, Mummification, Anal Sex, HandjobRATING 3.5 stars STORY 14 Sold to the Highest Bidder Sub s POVA very exciting scenario where a slaveboy got himself unceremoniously sold off for pissing off his master by questioning his ownership of him Looks like he is going to have to learn his lessons the hard way What went on during the slave processing and auctioning was what gave this story a strong 5 stars The hot manhandling alone was already the dizzying aspect of this story which I love love to bits Story codes tags Bondage, Blindfold, Forced Blowjob, Flogging and Whipping corporal punishments , Anal Sex, Gangbanging, Rapes, Lots of manhandling, Slave AuctionRATING 5 Satisfied Stars STORY 15 Master s New Toy Sub s POVA 24 7 slaveboy was excited to watch his master train a new boy and was surprised his Master s generosity towards the end Yup, I love this one too Loving all the hot domination and the total submission by the slave boys was highly arousing Picking the kid up, I slung him over my shoulder I love carrying guys Something about the weight of their bodies on me, their submission to me and my will it s totally fucking erotic Hear, hear Story codes tags Bondage, Blindfold, Flogging, Blowjob, Sex Toys, Spit roastingRATING 4 stars STORY 16 Scent Slave a touch of magic Dom s POVThe MC of this story found that he had an uncanny sexual power the semen he accumulates in his sack, the appealing he would be to others It s like having strong pheromones and everyone would want a piece of you.Ever since the MC saw Bryan a fellow gym mate, he was smitten and driven to own him Hence he started his full cum sack seduction plan Would Bryan be able to resist the MC s compelling scent Or would he start begging to be owned and used It was sexy in some part but parts of it made me laughed PStory codes tags Self Orgasm Denial, Masturbation, Seduction, D SRATING 3 stars hide spoiler WellThere are enough Warnings EVERYWHERE not to attract the false readers to the book So, if you will be shocked by an extremely graphical presentation full of taboos, you can blame ONLY yourself, it is really only your OWN fault.Because before you can dive into this collection out of 17 VERY SMUTTY short novels you have to pass first through the warnings of publisher, then through the author s foreword that explains you the meaning of TPE Total Power Exchangeand at last through the editor s note You still didn t get it Then let ME warn you IT IS A PORN A VERY KINKY PORN You re looking for a sweet romance Skip this one.You re looking for something that makes you think Skip this one.You re looking for very good quotes Skip this one.You re a vanilla girl boy Skip this one.You want something toermasturbate WELLalready better, but you should get first at least a sample.Just to let you know we need different books for theerintimate time with ourselves If you prefer something very romantic, skip this one That s all see WARNINGS above My reserved rating I can explain 1 I am just not a HUGE fan of BDSM.2 I can t understand the fascination of view spoiler golden shower kink hide spoiler

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