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Witches Abroad Best in Witches series so far I won t bother with review instead here are some of my favorite quotes People think that stories are shaped by people In fact, it s the other way around People whose wishes get granted often don t turn out to be very nice people. Wisdom is one of the few things that looks bigger the further away it is. You can t go around building a better world for people Only people can build a better world for people Otherwise it s just a cage. Humanity s a nice place to visit, but you wouldn t want to live there. Good and bad is tricky, she said I ain t too certain about where people stand P raps what matters is which way you face. Re read 5 24 18 Second read And MORE WITCHES Well, voodoo, too What happens when stories just INSIST that witches come over and to the other side What, with all the wolves misunderstanding that they re not men and dwarves trying to steal Nanny Og s shoes and ALL THOSE MAGIC MIRRORS And in the end, it s just family rivalry Weatherwax really stole the show Yeah Eventhan that damn cat Greebo The novel is a great mish mash of fairy tails with proper Discworld attitude Better than most of the Witches novels, IMHO, but I m just biding time till Aching comes along. Woo hoo Witches on a roadtrip The gals go on an adventure to stop a wedding, and end up learning what a pain in the posterior it is to travel by broomstick.Along the way, they indulge in bananana flavored cocktails and some riverboat gambling, enjoy the running of the bulls, and hop into some fairy tales where they proceed to right wrongs, fix obvious mistakes, and threaten woodcutters.The three enchantresses may just be able to stop Emberella from attending the ball IF they can avoid the falling farmhouses and communal sing a longs of the Ding dong song, BUT FIRST, they ll need to stop squabbling over who gets to hold the magic wand and begin to work together.And Magrat simply HAS to stop turning EVERYTHING into pumpkins This is the 3rd adventure with my favourite witches starring a colourful cast of characters such as the here introduced Mrs Gogol as well as Mr Casanunda yes, it is who you fear in addition to the almost always cheerful Nanny, the always grumpy but ultimately good Granny and the always dishevelled Magrat And my favourite cat, of course A fairy godmother dies without having organized a successor so she wills Magrat her wand This duty compells her to seek out her fairy godchild and ensure her safety As usual, where Magrat goes, so do Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax And a good thing, too, because those two sure are the best though the combination of all three is hilarious as well They travel abroad to Genua where Magrat s fairy godchild lives and discover that wishes are not fishes but something fardangerous especially if the other fairy godmother has a soft spot for happily ever afters and is willing to do whatever it takes to enforce one on her fairy godchild and the entire population of Genua The three witches travel through some strange places, inspired by tales such as Wizard of OzYou know, Greebo, I don t think we re in Lancre, Baba Yaga, Red Riding Hood, Hansel Gretel and Sleeping Beauty before the end game that is a lot like Cinderella with nods to Count of Monte Cristo thrown in for good measure until it is its own thing And then there is the whole fairy realm mirror world theme, of course.The merry runaround showcases yet another adversary the other fairy godmother isn t the only problem because stories want to be told and this one got started so it also wants to play out Yep, stories, here, are a character in their own right.Highlights in this particular book were Greebo with the vampire Granny playing cards Greebo being turned into a human and what he does while being in a man s body As is typical for the Discworld and Sir Terry at large, this book not only delivers silly fun and fast paced action including not one but TWO witches duels , but also contemplations on some very deep matters Nothing as broad and corny as good vs evil , not exactly, but about wishes and what happens when they are fulfilled, what fairy tales really mean, gender roles, courage vs cruelty, not losing sight of oneself and .What makes this so special is how in one second Sir Terry slips in incredibly funny puns such as Nanny s translation skills silver plate which any French speaker should recognize as the word for please or she had a dire rear for example , before delivering a mighty punch in the gut such as view spoiler when the wolf begged Granny to be killed hide spoiler This is the third book in the Witches subseries of Discworld The last time I enjoyed a Discworld book this much was when I read the second Witches book, Wyrd Sisters I m not sure if I m far enough into Discworld to proclaim my favorite subseries yet, but Witches is the top contender As with the previous Witches book, this story focuses primarily on the characters of Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat Through a series of events, the three are led to journey to a distant country to deal with an evil fairy godmother who, among other things, is trying to make a girl marry a prince of questionable origin There are a lot of references to familiar fairy tales, but they re usually twisted around in an amusing way I thought the overall plot in this book was farcoherent than that of most of the other Discworld books.Although Magrat can be annoying sometimes, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are just hilarious and some of their reactions as they traveled through foreign parts made me laugh One minor complaint I have is that, in Wyrd Sisters, the same characters referred to other places as forn parts They seem to have inexplicably learned how to pronounce foreign since then, and for some reason I missed the forn parts.Happily, there s another Witches book only two books away on my Discworld list, so I ll get the chance to revisit this subseries in the near future. Oh I forgot how much fun this book was Traveling with the witches had me laughing nonstop while thinking about how travelers behave and appear to others And all the things about stories and their desire to happen and end So good Be Careful What You Wish ForOnce Upon A Time There Was A Fairy Godmother Named Desiderata Who Had A Good Heart, A Wise Head, And Poor Planning Skills Which Unfortunately Left The Princess Emberella In The Care Of Her Other Not Quite So Good And Wise Godmother When DEATH Came For Desiderata So Now It S Up To Magrat Garlick, Granny Weatherwax, And Nanny Ogg To Hop On Broomsticks And Make For Far Distant Genua To Ensure The Servant Girl Doesn T Marry The PrinceBut The Road To Genua Is Bumpy, And Along The Way The Trio Of Witches Encounters The Occasional Vampire, Werewolf, And Falling House Well This Is A Fairy Tale, After All The Trouble Really Begins Once These Reluctant Foster Godmothers Arrive In Genua And Must Outwit Their Power Hungry Counterpart Who Ll Stop At Nothing To Achieve A Proper Happy Ending Even If It Means Destroying A Kingdom That was fun I really like the witches and I especially like the rather sweet look at women s companionship I would love to have a Gytha let s be honest, I m going to turn into a Granny Weatherwax well before I can achieve Nanny Ogg in my golden years.Check this out, unless you re super sensitive to certain forms of misogyny like slut shaming or the use of voodoo in stories, I have no content warnings It s about as un objectionable as you can get in a book withthan 5 sentences in it Things to love The humor I think he s really honed in on what works by now There s wit, pratfalls, puns, silliness, sex jokes and all the other types of humor you could list, but none that felt especially forced It was lovingly ridiculous and so fun The concept Actually a really, really good job talking about story creations and ur myths I love how they all interwove, and how he purposefully kicked open the door for non European myths, too I m not sure he did the best job in the world with Afro Caribbean mythology, but he did a lot better than many current, woke settings I ve seen done so that s something The characters I just defy you not to giggle along with Nanny, Granny, Magrat and the people they meet They re such caricatures you instantly identify with them This is your gran That s your memere And they ve just gone on holiday The world As ever I m amazed at how many things Pratchett packed into his world and how well thought out it is For a series that doesn t take itself very seriously, like the consummate comedian, the author put a loooot of work into the construction of his jokes, this one replete with mountains, bogs, magic and zombies.Things I did not love I don t really have anything to detract from it, other than nitpicks about being careful in representation While everyone is entitled to disagree, I was pretty impressed with even those sensitive waters The people of color are human, they have flaws, motives, and redeeming qualities, the white characters respect them, and the author takes time to remind us of the sorts of people not usually found in our stories Brilliant stuff, I thought, actually.The missing star is that while it s super clever and I think did what it intended to do, I have no heartfelt connection I really, really liked it I m not in love, though A fun installment in a great subseries, of which I will definitely be reading This is also one of my favorites in all of Discworld, I think Nanny and Granny are at their height in this book as far as their back and forth dialogue The two play so well off of each other in this one it still tickled me even though this must be my 20th re read of this particular novel.This book opens with the death of Desiderata Hollow, an older witch who like most witches, had predicted her own demise and knew exactly when she was going to die This is handy most especially in her case because it allowed her to set in motion plans that would continue post mortem She made certain, using headology, that Esme, Nanny, and Magrat would make their way to Genua Esmerelda s sister, Lilith, has gone mad with power, and Desiderata was no match for her in the end She s running the entire city and forcing them into stories of her own wishing, whether or not they wanted to be a part of the story She s currently manipulating a young girl into marrying a frog prince, except she s disguised him to look like a regular prince The disguise isn t perfect however, and the young bride to be, Emberella, wants nothing to do with him she thinks he s slimy and is concerned by the whispers of the townsfolk about his eyes.Desiderata hooks the three Lancre witches into this by sending Magrat the fairy godmother wand, along with a letter stating that she s now the second Fairy Godmother to Emberella and that she s to go to Genua to stop the wedding There are always two fairy godmothers, the good one and the bad one of course So, off go Granny, Nanny and Magrat several thousand miles across the Discworld to Genua, a completely foreign land.On their way to Genua they encounter some dwarves who ve been trapped in a cave in, Nanny has a house dropped on her, and find a half human half wolf creature that s in absolute misery and a victim of Lilith s meddling Throughout this journey Magrat tries her best to help with her magic wand, but all she can manage to do is turn things into pumpkins The three witches atepumpkin than they ever wanted to on this journey to foreign parts The letters home that Nanny sends are some of the best parts of this book, the three witches are amazed at things like garlic, and food that hasn t been boiled.We had some stuff it was chewy you ll never guess it was snails, and not bad and Esme had three helpins before she found out and then had a Row with the cook and Magrat was sick all night just at the thought of it and had the dire rear Thinking of you your loving MUM PS the privies here are DESGUSTING, they have them INDORES, so much for HIGEINE.Once they get to Genua they encounter Mrs Gogol a voodoo witch She s also displeased with what s going on in Genua as well, and her magic isn t to be trifled with At some point her and Granny both want to take care of Lilith , Esme insists it s a family matter which pushes Mrs Gogol s buttons enough for her to perform voodoo on Esme Oh, and Greebo makes his first appearance as a human So there s that Favorite Quotes What was supposed to be so special about a full moon It was only a big circle of light And the dark of the moon was only darkness But halfway between the two, when the moon was between the worlds of light and dark, when even the moon lived on the edge maybe then a witch could believe in the moon Granny disapproved of magic for domestic purposes, but she was annoyed She also wanted her tea She threw a couple of logs into the fireplace and glared at them until they burst into flame out of sheer embarrassment Most people, on waking up, accelerate through a quick panicky pre consciousness check up who am I, where am I, who is he she, good god, why am I cuddling a policeman s helmet, what happened last night And this is because people are riddled by Doubt It is the engine that drives them through their lives It is the elastic band in the little model aeroplane of their soul, and they spend their time winding it up until it knots Early morning is the worst time there s that little moment of panic in case you have drifted away in the night and something else has moved in This never happened to Granny Weatherwax She went straight from asleep to instant operation on all six cylinders She never needed to find herself because she always knew who was doing the looking You can t go around building a better world for people Only people can build a better world for people Otherwise it s just a cage Besides you don t build a better world by choppin heads off and giving decent girls away to frogs Dedicated to all those people and why not who, after the publication of Wyrd Sister, deluged the author with their version of the words of The Hedgehog Song Deary deary me Audience comic fantasywitchesfairy tales storiesdwarvesfairy god mothersshort light readsRatings Plot 12.5 15Characters 15 15World Building 13.5 15Writing 15 15Pacing 14 15Originality 13.5 15Personal Enjoyment 10 10Final Score 93.5 100 5 Stars highly recommended We re her godmothers, said Granny That s right, said Nanny Ogg We ve got a wand, too, said Magrat But you hate godmothers, Mistress Weatherwax, said Mrs Gogol We re the other kind, said Granny We re the kind that gives people what they know they really need, not what we think they ought to want The witches Granny, Nanny, and Magrat are being sent on a mission the ward of Desidarata needs help to free herself from the malevolent influence of a mysterious force it s to do with mirrors and frogs and glas slippers, and zombies.None of the witches have ever been abroad, and as they make their way across the Discworld, mayham lies in their wake, but what is worse.some people have no respect for witchesThey treated us as if we was ordinary people, said Granny, in a shocked voice.Witches Abroad was a lot of fun but there was something missing for me in this one It was funny and cute, and at times dark, really dark view spoiler they killed a wolf out of mercy hide spoiler

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