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Would You WOULD YOU RATHER Know What S Going To Happen Or Not Know A Summer Night A Saturday For Natalie S Amazing Older Sister, Claire, This Summer Is Fantastic, Because She S Zooming Off To College In The Fall For Natalie, It S A Fun Summer With Her Friends Nothing Special When Claire Is Hit By A Car, The World Changes In A Heartbeat Over The Next Four Days, Moment By Moment, Natalie, Her Parents, And Their Friends Wait To Learn If Claire Will Ever Recover From The Hardcover Edition

About the Author: Marthe Jocelyn

Canadian born22 books published for young readers

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    Truly, life is so short and borrowed When you thought you had everything, suddenly, the world turns upside down and all is lost in a blink of an eye.For sisters Natalie Claire, they had each other, against all odds. When they re together, they share almost everything they share room, secrets, cl

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    Would you rather know what s going to happen or not know Would You by Marthe Jocelyn takes place in a summer night where two sisters, Claire and Natalie have different perspectives towards their summer Claire is excited for the summer, because she ll be going to college in the fall Her younger sister, Na

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    I ve seen this game played a ton of times Would you rather give up books for 10 years or never hear music again Would you rather or But this book is no game, in Would you, the main character is faced with the question of Would you rather know what s going to happen or not know Would you by Marthe Jocelyn t

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    Good book, short, sad, but well written.

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    I recently read Would You by Marthe Jocelyn for a school project Marthe was born and raised in Canada In tenth grade, she moved to Great Britain to attend a boarding school She has had many jobs, but later decided to settle down in New York After raising her two daughters, and reading children s books with them often, she was insp

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    Personal Response I really enjoyed reading this book, and can not relate to it very well I like that the character is my age and has a sister, but her sister is older and mine is younger I have not had a family member get into an accident and get into the situation that she did, and I hope I never am in her place I liked that right when yo

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    Personal Response I thought that this book was alright I didn t think that that it was super good, but it was enjoyable I thought that it was a little slow moving and lacked depth The main character, Natalie, was not a very deep character She had a very flat personality and that made it hard for me to like her Overall, I wasn t really blown away by

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    The plot of this book is one I ve seen many, many times in youth fiction Natalie s beloved older sister is rendered comatose in a car accident the rest of the family is left behind to cope But Jocelyn handles this story with such deft characterization and with intense humanity that it s a significant cut above the rest None of the characters are particularl

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    I read Jocelyn s How it happened in Peach Hill and enjoyed it, so I was happy to read Would You The book has a very different feel and premise The style is short paragraphs that go from day to day, in a span of about a week or so Natalie Nat is enjoying her summer before her 11th grade year Her older sister Claire is 18 and about to head off to college Claire has al

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    This very short 165 pages novel written for young adults is tight, spare and very moving Natalie is spending the summer before grade eleven working as a lifeguard and hanging out with her friends She and her older sister Claire are that storybook pair of siblings who actually like each other The story is a snapshot of the week Claire is hit by a car and Natalie has to face u

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