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Dein perfektes Jahr A Man Consumed By A Meaningless Life Is Going To Do Something He S Never Considered Doing Before He S Going To Enjoy The Day For Hyper Particular Publishing Heir Jonathan Grief, The Day Starts Like Any Other With A Strict Morning Fitness Regimen That Ll Keep His Divorced, Easily Irritated, Cynical, Forty Two Year Old Self In Absolutely Flawless Physical Condition But All It Takes To Put A Crimp In His Routine Is One Small Annoyance Someone Has Left A Leather Bound Day Planner With The Handwritten Title Your Perfect Year In His Spot On His Mountain Bike At His Fitness Course Determined To Discover Its Owner, Jonathan Opens The Calendar To Find That Someone Known Only As H Has Filled It In With Suggestions, Tasks, And Affirmative Actions For Each Day The He Devotes Himself To Locating The Elusive H The Deeper Jonathan Is Drawn Into Someone Else S Rich And Generous Narrative And Into An Attitude Adjustment He Desperately NeedsHe May Have Ended Up With A Perfect Year By Accident, But It Seems Fate Has Set Jonathan On A Path Toward Healing, Feeling, And Maybe Even Loving Again If Only He Can Meet The Stranger Who S Changing His Life One Day At A Time

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    Another dnf at 80%.I tried, guys Theme of the book was really intresting, but delivery Maybe it was lost in translation but for some reason everything that was in german and then translated to russian is painful to read Hope that book actually good in native language and it s all translator s fault

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    2,5 starsI had high hopes for this book Unfortunately it didn t live up to my expectations I disliked Hannah and the story was very predictable Lucas writing style however is okay, I did manage to finish the book But the story was too weak and too chick lit y for my liking.

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    Perfect book, ironic, comic and easy to read But it leaves you with some things you have to think about, so the books has done it s job..

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    There is something weird about it Two stories in one, which flow independently and a steep final So, there are some questions asked, some you only presume and not even an answer, all depends on your ability or will to solve them Interesting

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    3.5 stars I liked that it was quite unconventional for a chicklit There were quite some heavy topics alcoholism, cancer, suicide, dementia etc and the focus was way less on romance than I expected As I m not big on romance, this was a pleasant surprise However, towards the end, the inevitable romance is rushed in using a sort of montage sequence that reall

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    A wonderful journey in a year But I think the ending can be described , it s a bit simple.

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    4,5 stars

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    The English translation Your Perfect Year was available via First Couldn t put it down

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    Loved it

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    Amazing book I couldn t get enough of it While reading I had strong feeling that I have to share this fabulous book with a friend And I did Strongly recommend

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