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禅、シンプル生活のすすめ Kaunis pieni kirja Tiivist kaiken oleellisen. I felt a little bit betrayed by this book I felt like some of the lessons were differently worded versions of previous lessons earlier in the book.But, nonetheless, I did note down the following as most important these one spoke straight to my heart don t leave what you can do today for tomorrow don t think of unpleasant things before you go to bed don t be troubled by things that have not yet happened take pleasure in your work cast away greed, anger and ignorance the three poisons I would probably list through this book again, but reading it in one sitting was not satisfying Simple one pages chapters with surprising insight Sure there s a lot of basic stuff but quite a few nuggets in there as well Worth the quick read and even a reread. Be Kind, and Un wind Shunmy Masuno s terse, and straight to the point book is densely packed with beginner level lessons or like power points on the simple living of a Zen lifestyle I found some talking points as real solutions to life s stressful problems while others seemed far too much into the Monk lifestyle walking barefoot in the snow, lining your shoes, holding hands together to prevent angry inclinations, etc for my liking as a non monk I would say there is enough here to chew on for the average reader, but be wary of expectations. One hundred little practices from a Japanese monk, including going barefoot, lining up your shoes when you take them off, pausing after each bite while eating. Viel Weisheit auch f r den Alltag bertragbar enth lt dieses so schnell gelesene Buch Sehr gut 2019 POP Sugar Challenge A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover Zen Is The Perfect Antidote To The Chaos Of Modern Life In Clear, Practical And Easy To Follow Lessons One A Day For Days Renowned Buddhist Monk Shunmyo Masuno Draws On Centuries Of Wisdom To Show You How To Apply The Essence Of Zen To Modern LifeYou Will Learn How To Exhale Deeply To Eliminate Negative Emotions, To Arrange Your House Simply To Clear Your Thinking, To Line Up Your Shoes At Night To Bring Order To Your Mind, To Plant A Single Flower And Watch It Grow, To Worry Less About What You Cannot Control, And So MuchYou Will Even Make Time To Think About Nothing At AllSimplify Your Life With The Art Of Zen, And Learn How To Feel Relaxed, Fulfilled, And With A Renewed Sense Of Peace Oh the world would be a very calm and peaceful place if everyone could follow these simple suggestions. Not really my way to view zen, but good Shunmy Masuno.

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